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The chances of being born an identical twin in a set of triplets is 1 in 60,000, but the chances of two of those triplets possessing exceptional snowboard skills, while not scientifically determined, is at least one in a billion. Finn and JJ Westbury are the identical brains and bodies behind the SRD edits and have been making waves in Canada for a few season. This past year they made it down south, and even the American critics agree they are something very special. Miraculous, even.

Interview William Fraser

So you so guys are identical twins but which one is older and which one picks up more babes?

JJ: I’m older by two minutes! Finn’s the little guy in the family.

F: Yeah JJ’s got two minutes on me. Our sister is actually the oldest, though–We’re triplets. She’s a minute older than JJ and three minutes older than me.

Your poor mother… Have you heard of the ATL Twins?

F: How could we not? Those guys are hilarious. A couple years ago lots of people would make jokes to me and JJ about those two. Real class acts

JJ: They are crazy. That’s all I have to say!

Do you guys sleep in the same bed like they do?

F: Unfortunately not. We aren’t nearly as exciting as those two. We have our own rooms. A lot of people ask if we sleep in bunk beds though, hahaha

JJ: Some people are pretty bummed to hear that we don’t sleep in bunks, actually. We did back in the day though. So people can’t get too disappointed.


Twin boardslides! Photo: Liam Glass

Have either of you thrown your brother under the bus with the old “twin swap” when talking with cops or a girl?

F: Definitely not with cops but maybe with a girl? I’m pretty sure I got JJ slapped once when we were younger.

JJ: The unintentional twin swap is more common. I’ve had girls think that I was Finn, but it weirds me out because I don’t think we look alike.

Haha. I dunno JJ, you must be using some weird identical twin sixth sense because you two look pretty indistinguishable…Who is the superior twin?

F: I’m pretty sure it’s me.

J: Yeah, probably Finn. He got the good looks for sure.

Where did your good looks take you this year while filming for SRD Sucks V.3? It looks like you touched down on the east coast for a while.

F: We were all over! Calgary had no snow so we mainly filmed in Montreal and Minnesota, even thought Minnesota was seriously lacking snow. We also managed to get down to California to ride Mammoth at the start and end of the year. Again, not much snow but it was still a good time.

JJ: We actually ended up in Montreal twice during the winter. We drove from Montreal to Whistler, then spent two weeks in Edmonton, and then drove back out to Montreal.

How long were you on the road?

JJ: We were basically on the road the entire winter. Although our longest time away was our first trip to Minnesota and Montreal, which ended up being around 5 weeks.

F: We ended up having a few down days in Calgary between all the trips, but we never stuck around for too long. Like I said, we barely got any snow in Calgary so it was a good time to ride some park, just take things easy.


19 years later. Photo: Ben McCabe

Does Kael Hill still snowboard?

F: The Calgary OG! Yeah I’m pretty sure he still does. We saw him down in Mammoth in the spring and he was riding in the PBRJ finals.

What happened during and after that insane filmer takeout in Montreal?

F: hahaha oh man. Solid question. We were in Montreal hitting that white flat down ledge. I was winching in to gap it and things went super wrong. The handle of the winch hit a nearby garbage can, came back, and hit me. I tried to stop because at that point I was sure the winch wrapped me and I was about to die… Ended up eating shit anyways but took my friend Josh Powell and our cam with us. The cam was a write off and he got knocked out and had to spend a night in the hospital. Good times!

Did Josh ever stand in front of the winch again?

F: Never again. Strictly long lens from now on.

JJ: We actually ended up back at that spot on JP’s first day back after he got messed up. Finn got redemption on the trick and Josh filmed it–long lens. hahaha.

What does SRD stand for and who is in it?

JJ: SRD stands for Ski Racer Die, or, Ski Race or Die. It’s kinda either one. Tom O’Reilly schemed that name up years ago. We all used to ride COP [Calgary Olympic Park ] during the night after school, and there would always be ski racers there. They would cut you off, cuss you out in the lift line and generally just do kooky things, so SRD came to be.

F: The main guys who we traveled and filmed with last year are Kyle Larson, Brett Mills, Brett Krasman, Jack Lawrence, Dylan Vachon, Lucio DM, Tom O’Reilly, Josh Powell and me and Jj. Kyle and Brett K got hurt and didn’t manage to get enough to put a part together unfortunately. It kinda includes all the homies too, just people we rip with who are down with it!


JJ. Photo: Liam Glass

Has CAT filed a lawsuit yet?

JJ: Not yet, thankfully! We aren’t selling anything with the CAT rip-off so it should be chill? We aren’t making money off it so maybe they would just be hyped on the free advertising.

F: Maybe soon hahaha who knows. We’re going to try and avoid that.

How was The Launch?

F: It was really fun! The setup was solid. Nothing really too crazy other than that big jump zone and the hip. Lot of good guys there to board with so it was definitely one of the funnest weeks of the year, just cruising. Looking forward to hopefully going back this spring!

JJ: Yeah, for sure a super good time! You saw someone doing something insane off the chair every run, kids are getting too good.

How did you Canadians even get into the launch?

F: JJ and I thought doing something like that would be a good time and we just pitched it to the Salomon rep from around here, Jordan (Hall). He did the rest of it and schemed it up with Salomon to let us board!

JJ: Yeah, they made it happen!! It was hype!


Finn. Photo: Liam Glass

Now, I know that you two are club kids, and that you rode in the club Jed Anderson’s parents set up, so what are your thoughts on club snowboarding?

F: That’s a tough question. I feel super mixed about clubs because I don’t view Riders on Board, the club we were part of, as a conventional snowboard “club”. We weren’t forced to compete or do doubles or anything. They weren’t training us for the Olympics. If we wanted to ride rails they totally got behind it. They gave us the chance to go and board cool places before we were old enough to do it ourselves. I have a hard time getting down with the clubs that are all about “training” but to each their own. Snowboarding is snowboarding!

JJ: All true! Rider’s is run by some legit people and they definitely know what’s up with snowboarding, so they dropped some of that knowledge on us when we were young. Also met a huge amount of the people we both board and hang out with everyday through it too, which is tight. I mean, you’re the perfect example of one of those people! I don’t remember the exact situation in which we met, but it was for sure through some rail jam or something they put on at Rab Lab in Edmonton.

We actually met on the way to High Cascade, I think. Speaking of boardin’ beyond borders, do you think Canada should take in more refugees?

F: I think so. I could go in details but it’s a massive world issue and we should do as much as we can to help.

JJ: True. I assume you brought this up after the picture of the kid from Syria. That stuff is heartbreaking! We got a pretty solid amount of open space up here so as long as they are ok with a little snow, for sure. Never hurts to help others!

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