Part by Part: Think Thank’s Methods of Predictions


As it has been receiving rave reviews on social media, I was obviously extremely excited when Think Thank’s latest, “Methods of Predictions,” arrived at my doorstep in analog form. It’s not just a DVD, though. The movie also comes with a zine full of things every snowboarder loves to read (ahem, mostly pictures) and FREE stickers! How did I get so lucky? I’ll never tell. But over the next several weeks I’ll be reviewing the latest releases for Yobeat and MOP is the first up!


Traffic cones, barricades, corrugated tubes, shovels, and the occasional rail/box, mixed with a surplus of creative minds at work makes for a good intro. I’m already digging the art in the transition parts, sponsor list, and openings for parts. So far, so good.
Overall: 8/10

Nial Romanek
Before I even watched this, I thought Nial was a boss. He goes on to blow my mind with some nuts rail tricks such as a switch back lip through the down-to-rail. Add in Nial’s insane creativity and the mix of urban spots and backcountry jumps to makes for a part that exceeded all my expectations. Not to mention his style is always on point… Also, he was my Windells coach… 9/10.

Erik Karlsson/Freddy Perry
First off, a railroad gap… what? And Freddy kicks the orange face mask, which is tight and matched the ubiquitous traffic cones Think Thank loves so much. The urban spots they hit are sick, Europe, man. I dig Erik’s style, and I get a Dan Brisse vibe. Pretty good part. 7/10.

Parker Duke
This dude’s hair is metal. Respect. The Hex Dispensers’ H.D. Local 23 goes well with his fast, aggressive style. He had superior rail riding maneuvers and even two jump shots which were insanely stylish, which I wouldn’t have expected from that kind of rider. Solid 8/10




Sammy Spiteri/Brandon Hammid
I’m a huge fan of urban lines, and that’s the first shot of this shared part. At this point, I find it hard to critique this movie…It’s hard to find anything negative to say other than the traffic cones may be a bit excessive. The creeper rails are real in this movie, and so is Brandon’s beard. Also, the board tap front board was insane. Like, what?! I love the dance party at the end, 9/10.

Jesse Burtner
This may actually be Jesse’s 100th video part, and the OG Think Thank Mastermind, has some sweet one footed clips, and also ollies a baby, that is in fact named Ollie. Based off his intro clip, he likes pizza and good times.. His creativity, one-footed, and no-footed shots make this movie that much better. I’m a huge fan,and kickflips on snowboards are messed up. 8.5/10

The Big Mess
The obligatory mashup section is appropriately named. There were zero lame tricks and even more traffic cones. Even a skate shot. My expectations were matched and then some. Wow, would watch multiple times. 10/10

Brandon Reis
This guy has cool pants, good style and clearly a lot of humor/creativity. Urban jumps are sick, more people need to do that. At this point this movie has officially made me want to go snowboarding, brutal seeing as it’s September. 8.5/10

Max Warbington/Sam Hubert
Max unlocked the swag this year, and now he’s mastered it. LTC is sick, and so is he. Most his tricks I would classify as insane, and the ones that weren’t were still way too good. I’m surprised at the amount of helmets I’ve seen, which is good, safety first kids! Max’s unbinded tricks are a highlight, and the lines were real af. 9/10

Justin Keniston
Ok, now I have to ask, where do they get all these traffic cones? Did they rob a highway crew? Also, where did they find two old TVs? Justin’s urban lines had me bouncing in my chair. His clear no-care attitude towards traffic cones improves his part all the more. He’ll hit em, grind em, ollie em… savage. 7/10

Desiree Melancon
Personally, Des is my favorite girl rider, and she did not disappoint, but snot rockets are disgusting. She really shows girl snowboarding isn’t nearly as weak as some people make it out to be, and honestly I wouldn’t want to be the guy who had to follow her part. 7/10

Ryan Paul
If you watch RP’s intro, you will find out finally how they acquired all those traffic cones. I grew up watching RP ride, so I knew to expect some crazy flips, and he came through. Also, he shows us that you don’t even need snow to snowboard anymore.(P.S his banger is sick.) 8.5/10

Mitch Richmond
His name kind of rhymes, and his song selection is sick. I also wonder how many trash can tops that s thing took. I mean, he is singlehandedly keeping the trash-can lid business afloat with his homemade S-rails. His part has only added to my respect for this movie. I also have no idea where it snows right next to a sandy beach, but I’d love to go there. The variety of spots throughout the movie makes it so much better. 8/10

Ted Borland
So far every part of this movie has been a solid reason to watch this movie. This is just like the other parts in the best way possible. I don’t want to spoil any tricks, but a lot of the tricks so far have been pretty spoilable and you should see them for yourself. Ted had the final part, and it was well deserved. 8.5/10

Final Review
This movie was non stop, from start to finish, and not once did I feel like reviewing it was a chore. A lot of creative ideas, good music, and traffic cones went into it , and they got a lot out of it. I would highly recommend buying this movie, it was among the top 45ish minutes I’ve spent in my basement this summer! Get a copy before it’s gone at

  • terry

    you lost me at “even two jump shots which were insanely stylish, which I wouldn’t have expected from that kind of rider”

    parker has been double flipping into pow longer than you’ve had pubes

    • blow

      Yeah I was confused by that too. Darker Puke has been around for a minute and this read like this was his first part.

  • nut sweat

    i hate the word urban

  • “such as a switch back lip through the down to rail”

  • Mackdawg

    Got this movie in the mail 4 days ago. Already watched it 6 times. So down with everything in it. Lucey’s editing style/song choice is perfect for a creative masterpiece like this. Nials part is absolutely fucked, buffmoose is the man, burtners spot is fire, and Ted borland drops a hammer of an ender. Not to mention I love the last call shots and loon clips just because I’m a fuckboi that way #looneveryday

  • The Most Core

    Fuck yeah Ted! Send me a copy Gnar!

  • Ned

    DVDs aren’t analog you mark

  • Schteeve Shmith

    Yeah but what was with the song durring the credits? My ears bled twice.

    • GnarSideMilitia

      What were any of these songs? no budget for music.