Technine Euro Boot Camp 2015 Official Recap


all photos: Oreli.B Photography 

The first annual Technine Europe summer happened in Les Deux Alpes Glacier on  August 1-8, 2015. Ten riders from all over Europe : 2 French, 1 Italian, 2 Austriana, 1 Belgian, 1 German, 1 Bret and 2 Czech Tech9 riders gathered on the glacier, and here are the pictures and videos to prove it.

Riders: Giacomo G B Errichiello, Benno Bauer, Biša Michal, Thomas Löttl, Isabella Groenestein, Laure Bertière, Celine Glachant, Robert Butscher, Thomas De Laet, Jordy ‘t Gilde, and Jacob Roberts

water slide contest 2

water slide contest

thomas frt blunt


thomas frtboard

ulysse cork 7

robert  olie

robert beno thomas and jordy

robert beno

robert slash

shooting time 2

shooting time

thomas and bisa sledge time

lift time

meeting riders

riders and campers party time

céline nosepress

giacomo bck 1

isabella back side air

jacob frt 3

jordy back 5

la team 2

la team

laure frtboard

adrien bck lip

adrien bck nose blunt

beno giacomo

beno kevin

bisa drinking time

bisa nose bretzel

camper back tail


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