Donna and Jake Respond to the “Anonymous Letter”

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions regarding the letter posted earlier this week. We still don’t know who wrote it, and we don’t care, but this morning we (anonymously) received the following letter written by Jake and Donna Carpenter, which was sent to all Burton Employees & Global Reps. Given the incredible response on this site and our social media, we’ve also decided to post it in its entirety.


The anonymous letter published earlier this week at Yobeat got at least one thing right: there are two names more responsible than anyone for Burton’s decisions and results: Jake and Donna Carpenter.

We’ve never paid much attention to people throwing rocks from the sidelines. But this letter demands a response. It’s mean-spirited, it’s cowardly, and it’s wrong. The writer wants to scapegoat others for the decisions we are making as Burton’s owners. That’s not something we’re going to let stand.

So, let us be clear. It’s our name that goes on the boards and the bank loans. We sign off on the budgets and we pay out the bonuses. And when Burton sponsors an event, builds a new collaboration, or launches an employee survey, we—Jake and Donna—are deeply involved in the decisions and fully accountable to the results. We are not absentee owners.

Burton is no longer just a small, core snowboarding company and some people don’t like that. Fine. But don’t question our commitment to the sport we love. No one does more for snowboarding than Burton. No one sponsors more riders, hosts more events and competitions, or invests more in product innovation. No one welcomes more riders into the sport. No one else was there when we were fighting to get snowboarders access to the mountain in the first place.

So we think we’ve earned the right to expand Burton’s reach. We’ve built a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the mountain. We’ve designed product with quality that stands up to anything you can buy from much larger competitors, and style that could only be Burton.

We’ve done that under the leadership of an extraordinary senior team. That team has never been stronger or more aligned. Each and every one of these individuals are skilled, creative and committed to Burton’s success.

This has been a tough year for us with Jake’s illness, and honestly the last thing we needed right now was this cowardly, bullshit letter. But our leadership team—and all of you—have been incredible. We have felt your love and support, and we’ve been blown away by your work. This community means it when we say “We ride together.”

The internet can be a toxic place full of rumors and anonymous trolls. Don’t confuse their rants with facts. And don’t lose sight of this: It’s a good time to be at Burton. We are so excited about the future, about our direction, and about this great team. The rest is noise.

Jake and Donna

If you missed the original letter, read it here. 


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    • Myth Busters
      Myth Busters says:

      Leaving here this here so it’s at the top as well:
      Burton does not sponsor the most riders. Here’s the actual tally of pro +am teams…

      Red Bull: 45
      Rome: 33
      Burton: 26
      Monster: 25
      Gnu: 23
      Lib: 23
      Ride: 20
      Salomon: 20
      NEFF: 16
      Capita: 13
      K2: 10
      Technine: 6
      Target: 1
      Never Summer: no one cares

    • Ranquet
      Ranquet says:

      The snowboard industry is evolving and growing and in many ways its simply outside the grasp of the people who view themselves as the most hardcore riders. Burton is a company who realizes that in order to grow and or at least maintain, they have to branch out. Especially as a warming world decreases their revenues.
      Jake did an amazing amount for snowboarding to help grow it….but this letter is garbage insinuating that it was Burton out there when no one sense was. WTF about Tom Sims? At the World Championships in the mid to early 80s Burton fought against having a 1/2 pipe competition….they though snowboarding was about racing for fucks sake! When it was absolutely obvious that it was skating and surfing which represented the true path that snowboarding ought to take. Later he realized the error of his was and grabbed Craig Kelly from Sims and the rest is history. How dare Donna act as if Sims, Barfoot, Milosevich and other pioneers were not out there pushing the sport. That part is a joke.
      Burton will, over time, mean less and less to the industry. Wo cares? There will be others to step p nod make great product..there will always be a market for quality gear. If it turns out that Burton’s #s and market share are lost to Lib or Ride or D-Day for that matter….so be it. Go ride, enjoy the fresh air and sun, stop worrying about the shit show.

  1. penis wrinkle
    penis wrinkle says:

    The snowboarding drama is real. Say what you want about Burton, but everything said in that letter is true.

    • yahhk
      yahhk says:

      This is exactly the response we all wanted.

      Burton pushed snowboarding to new heights and in doing so became the company to “capitalize” on snowboarding. It was inevitable that someone takes the route our economy preaches by following the $$ to growth and expansion. Being core is not giving into the capitalist business practices that present themselves as a business develops.

      But if Burton didn’t take the classic self interested / fiduciary duty to the corporation, where would the snowboard industry be today. Companies like Rome, Lib, Smoking, & NeverSummer etc. would have never had the demand to make it blow up into a legit company who can afford a real staff and team of riders. Fact is, Burton is engrained in this bitch, and it is good for snowboarding, because who else would we hate? The hate shifts demand, & that shift is what will keep the real essence of keeping it core alive.

      What we need to do is start supporting our industry and not let it be dominated by the wallets of 12yr olds parents at Christmas time. We need to stop buying year old, new boards for half off because we are crushing our own industry and undercutting our local retailers. It was the saddest thing to see SnoCon go down after all that it did for me growing up in Washington, in what seems like the last real days of pure boarding (2000-2010)

      Bottom line, stop hating on Burton and start supporting the real companies, or else this industry will forever be dominated by those with the weight to make big moves and we might as well just have Vail Resorts just come out with their own line of gear, chain of shops and force feed us into whatever they determine is necessary for the industry.

      • the way it is
        the way it is says:

        The only people who can buy brand new boards are the people who do not ride that much.

        I fucking trash boards, but because I am not good enough to get free stuff and not cool enough to be in the industry I have to buy year old or two year old boards for cheap so I can ride.

        There is no way I can be the only person out there like this. We are not represented in the snowboard world at all, yet we are the ones who truly do it for the love.

        Anyways, if companies want us to buy brand new boards then make the prices fucking realistic. That way I can shop locally and not have to resort to buying clearance.

  2. Straw Man
    Straw Man says:

    A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument which was not advanced by that opponent.

  3. shawn powers
    shawn powers says:

    “No one does more for snowboarding than Burton”
    yeah right… and no one does more for skateboarding than nike sb

  4. Bullshit
    Bullshit says:

    “No one sponsors more riders” HA! Yeah Right! “Knowbuddy” has cut more riders from their team than Burton. “Knowbuddy” has bought out and dismantled more core brands than Burton. I love burton for what they (he) had done for our sport, and I’m a big fan of Danny D and Frendly G, but covering for this piece of shit glamour lifestyle, fashionista, piece of crap pair is going too far. We get that your in bed with snakes here, but grow a pair Jake and don’t go to your grave with this on your shoulders.

    • Japan
      Japan says:

      ^^ This guy definitely wrote the anonymous letter.

      Geez… How did the hernia and stroke feel after you wrote that?

      “I feel bad for you son.” Jay-Z

  5. Neeko
    Neeko says:

    This was your crowning achievement. A few years back you sold product to shops knowing they wouldn’t be able to sell it and you knew it because of your next move. After delivering to shops you unloaded everything you had left to and for pennies and made it impossible for the core retailer to sell any pair of bindings from any brand because they could buy your last years model for 60% off at some dumb website. In my opinion this lead to more companies and shops getting into financial trouble and closing more than anything else. So yeah you did lots of other stuff for snowboarding also. Then you fucked the one fucking us because they thought they were getting fucked. what a mess, Read about it.

    • Concerned retailer
      Concerned retailer says:

      So true!
      The overproduction and being in bed with the evil online people have done major damage to the specialty world!

  6. Burnonymous
    Burnonymous says:

    Way to not address the actual problem. Want to know why this has been such a big deal? Because EVERYONE that has or currently does work at Burton said “YES! FINALLY!!” when this letter came out. My phone has been buzzing nonstop with people so excited that they have been called out, and the hope that change might come out of it. For years and years everyone has whispered how bad they are for the brand and that they will be the end of it someday if allowed to continue as such. Address the fucking problem already and stop writing it off as “hate” like you always do. For the benefit of the employees you have that can’t fucking stand them (and can’t speak up because even HR is corrupt) and what they are doing, and all of the people that have been “laid off” or forced to quit because their bullshit ways. Once again, just letting it blow over. If you do not, prepare for the confessions to begin. All of the money you spent to keep people quite…they don’t owe you shit anymore. Think about it.

  7. Ego maniacs
    Ego maniacs says:

    Their arrogance never ceases to amaze me! Who claims “no one has done more for snowboarding” ?

  8. Duh
    Duh says:

    Bring back the Knowbuddy program as a group, but make them all ride a reissued Uninc boards. Sell the Uninc boards – make money and cover Knowbuddy costs. Realistically price your non-winter months gear – sell more, make money. Quit making Burton team movies with contest riders, and just back your riders in movie projects – save money. Quit with the tents and stuff – save money. Get rid of the nug – save money.

    And most of all, show your reps out in the field some love because that’s the only reason I still support you guys

    BURTCAST says:

    Burton has done as much for snowboarding as Comcast has done for TV and Interweb…ruined it for everybody.

  10. bigballs
    bigballs says:

    but when are they gonna say why they can drop thousands on trashed hotels, “VIP” parties, and “swag” to the kardashians, but can’t afford to keep good people on staff? they have to do yearly lay offs. im sorry, but it doesnt pay off, and you can tell by riding the goods each season.

  11. The best part is...
    The best part is... says:

    Greg and Anne-Marie still have their Instagrams set to public, despite the hoards of hate being spewed on their pics. This is because they are so full of themselves that they are just psyched at all of the “new followers” they are getting. More followers = must be cool. News flash…90% of the people are following you for a laugh, no one takes you seriously. In fashion, snowboarding, or life.

  12. WashingtonCountryShredder
    WashingtonCountryShredder says:

    “No one does more for snowboarding than Burton”. Ha! Yeah right. You really helped the local scene here in VT when you moved the US Open to VAIL! You guys both suck tremendously, and VERY CLEARY don’t care about the local culture here in Vermont.

    • uuhhmmm
      uuhhmmm says:

      Stratton never supported the US Open, and didn’t allow it to expand to the vision that Burton apparently has. They could have moved it to Killington but there were too many inbred New Jersey park rats hot lapping everything while throwing snowballs at old people and smoking shitty weed

  13. bruce
    bruce says:

    People are bummed on Burton because they want it to be awesome. It used to be awesome. Nobody would give two shits about an “open letter” to Flow because it’s never been great, and people don’t expect it to be. Burton should be psyched that people care enough to be upset about the dismal state of their brand in the eyes of dedicated snowboarders.

    • Maybe...
      Maybe... says:

      Nah, in the past few years they’ve hired and fired 2 PR interns, 3 or 4 PR assistants, a few PR Managers, but the Director has stayed the same don’t worry.

    • nicky shits
      nicky shits says:

      yah like it still sounded like a burton ad at the end saying when theyre the best on the market (its not) and its really sounded vague like they werent getting to the real problem

  14. bleu gerard
    bleu gerard says:

    It hurts seeeing a big company like Burton that helped foster snowboarding into what it is today go down this road because two people needed to live the lifestyle. I know business isn’t easy, and I know that there are hard financial decisions to make. Is it cheap to supply a handful of riders 5+ boards and full gear/outerwear every season? No.
    Are there other places within the budget you can cut back? yes

    The knowbuddy team did more for Burton’s marketing and sales to the core snowboarder and family owned shop, something Burton can’t stop harping on. So why add in these bullshit spring summer and fall lines of clothes, which are gonna take so much money to produce and market, when you could put some guys in a van, give em a place to go, and make everybody happy.

    Greg Dacyshyn is just some washed up old dude trying to cling to any semblance of youth he can. All his partying shit and expense accounts can’t change the fact that you’re ruining the biggest brand in snowboarding. Go read Greg’s interview in “Bitchslap” mag… ugh I think I just puked

  15. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    Wow… just wow. I cannot believe Burton feels they “deserve” anything. They’ve made their fair share of money and then some, but they feel entitled to “deserve” expansion? You know what, FUCK Burton. I’m never buying your shit again. This whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. Leave Burton to all the wannabes and newcomers who know nothing.

    • Zimmerman
      Zimmerman says:

      If she starts putting up instagram photos of cocaine mountains on mirrors and Louis Vitton handbags we’ll know it’s true.

    • anybody
      anybody says:

      I was just thinking that.

      “Are you a current or former Burton employee with a real story you’d like to share about working at the Big B? Please email them to [email protected]

      Milk it for all you can Brooke!

      • Good Flicker
        Good Flicker says:

        I figured Brooke wrote the letter, anyone can write anything about anyone, who’s the source here? Winnie The Fucking Poo? Please people, you are honestly getting sucked into something very stupid with only one source making out. Next time you attack decent people who are not feeling well at the moment to boot, have the guts to prove your gossip. Goodbye Yobeat, you suck!

  16. meth
    meth says:

    burtons dead to me, you had your couple years of “core acceptance” then u cancelled the knowbuddy program, now this shiut, fuck you, and your plush stowe mercedes lifestyle, get the fuck out of vermont, well be fine with out u, burlington might not be, but fuck burlington anyway

  17. Drake's Relaxed Fit Jeans
    Drake's Relaxed Fit Jeans says:

    Damn, Meek’s diss track had more heat than this. #soft #weakAF #youjustgotbodiedbyasinginingnigga

  18. Forrest Gladding
    Forrest Gladding says:

    I will say this about Jake Burton some of you may not know. I am heavily involved in the fight to allow snowboarding at Alta, which operates on public land and currently bans snowboarding. Jake wrote a personal check to help fund the legal case against Alta. The check wasnt from Burton, but from him. He believes in snowboarding. Not sure what goes on at the company, but I do know he is committed to the sport. While the rest of the snowboard world likes to hate on the cause of opening up snowboarding at Alta and saying stupid things like “just ride Brighton, etc..” He took a stand while so many other “core” snowboarders just laughed at us and disrespected us. Say what you want about Burton, but truth is they actually do more for the sport than any other company out there.

    • Gerry Garcia
      Gerry Garcia says:

      There’s a difference between the responsibility of consumers (snowboarders) and producers (companies). I don’t doubt Jake’s commitment to snowboarding as a consumer, but I do think he has allowed others to abandon, or at least unalign, his company’s commitment to snowboarding in a foolhearted pursuit of revenue expansion.

      Clearly Burton has the ability to tell consumers to fuck off, but that attitude in business catches up to everyone. Their core business (producing and selling snowboards/outerwear) has been declining for years now, and some of that is due to factors outside of their control (bad winters, low participation, bad economic conditions), but instead of trying to directly address their problem, they have decided to run away from it and try for mainstream fashion acceptance. They aren’t a fashion brand, they aren’t a camping brand, they aren’t Nike, the North Face or even K2, they are a snowboard company, and the further they move away from that, their problems will continue to be compounded.

    • bleu gerard
      bleu gerard says:

      truu, I wanna stop using them but everything else feels like 10 years in the past compared to the B’s binding’s

    • BF
      BF says:

      Its impossible, they lost me on boards years ago when they discoed the malolo and t6 but their bindings are light years ahead of everyone but NOW….

        • Strog-ish
          Strog-ish says:

          You are a victim of perpetual marketing messages. They are not Stronger. They are cheap to make and have a nice paint job. Simpleton bindings. Shitty buckles.

          • lou
            lou says:

            you’re the fucked one, ride whatever. fuck you competitive fuck farts. die and lay in your river with competitive jabs.

        • dude
          dude says:

          Dude, Bindings 10 years ago were more advanced than Union bindings these days. Burton calls their bindings “bindings”. Union uses pretty much the same materials but decided to name every single part of the binding with a fancy name. And also, you don’t need “magnesium” buckles for fucking snowboarding. Snowboarding isn’t fucking rocket science. Union uses fucking plastic straps. What they really need to work on is updating their buckles and straps. My bindings from 2001 are more comfortable and advanced than Union’s. While Union makes their bindings with very little R&D and very little production costs, Burton actually invests a shitload of money into Binding design. Have you tried the new Malavitas or Genesis bindings? You’ll want to burn your collection of Union collabs that you spent shitloads of money on.

          Just because Scott Stevens or Travis Rice uses it, it doesn’t mean you’ll become them.

          • blubb
            blubb says:

            My pair of Unions broke in the first week. My Burtons broke in the second week.

            Union < Burton

            I need to be a more responsible rider lol.

    • Neverriddenburtonnevergonn
      Neverriddenburtonnevergonn says:

      Uh Union bindings? Hello? And Union actually last, and guaranteed baseplates for life!

  19. do u even ride bro?
    do u even ride bro? says:

    im really disappointed in this letter. donna is a fucking pioneer for women in this industry, yet here she is making excuses for why they “deserve” to lay people off and choose two fuck heads as the front runners of their company. such a major bummer. also, are jake and donna expecting their employees to rise up and get pumped from this response of hers? just guessing, but im pretty sure 100% of the people that work their agree with the original letter that was sent to yobeat.

  20. bruce
    bruce says:

    Burton has done more good stuff for snowboarding than anybody else, but also more bad stuff.

    PS I’ve never met him, but I love Jake.

  21. The D-Bags
    The D-Bags says:

    The letter (which is 100% on point and really barely scratches the surface of what these two fuckups are up to.) is no more cowardly then the way Burton shuns and fires anyone who steps out of line to try and move the company forward in a positive manner. It’s the reason people have to do this shit in the dark. It’s hard to speak up when Burton pays out to so much of the industry. Donna’s right though, no reason to scapegoat the Dacyshyn’s. They both suck hard, but J&D keep them well paid at the company they own 100% of. Right now a lot of talented people, myself included, are leaving or have left the company because of shitty mismanagement, back-stabbing dealings, off-target initiatives, and bogus culture.

    Intelligent people don’t throw hate at Burton because they aren’t a “core” brand or even because they’re smartly chasing year-round business, but because of the WAY they’re doing it. We care because this is a brand we all grew up with and we want it to be awesome! It hurts seeing it get so shitty.

    Burtons company motto is “We Ride Together.” 90% of the company does ride together and I got nothing but love for my friends in Vermont holding it down. But the Dacyshyns and they’re crew in marketing don’t ride.. with anyone…ever. They’re an embarrassment to snowboarding. But really if you don’t like it don’t buy their product and go work for someone else.

    • Stowe guy
      Stowe guy says:

      This reminds me of when I saw G and AM in the Stowe lodge drinking before spending the night at the Stone Hut with everyone. G was buying a fuck load of drinks, and obviously messed up on other things.. It was a crazy good day on the hill but he was the lodge alllllll day, not once went riding and when it was time to take the last chair up to the Stone Hut, they wouldn’t even take the lift, they just said “nah, but we’ll meet you up there” and proceeded to pay ski patol/snow maker cash to do ferry them up. So Lame. (misnus the $ the poor-god-bless-these-men snow makers recieved)

  22. beentheredonethat
    beentheredonethat says:

    AMD, Abby & Donna(because we all know Abby responded to this letter while AMD was breathing down her neck) We love Burton. We back you and Jake.We even understand business. What snowboarding is trying to address are the two married members of your senior management team. They have expired. Their personal “brand image” is disgusting and is a “bad look” not only for your company but for snowboarding. Thank you for your letter, but I think you missed the point.

  23. dontaskdonttell
    dontaskdonttell says:

    if the company was ran by jg, evan, and doyle these letters wouldnt need to exist. think about it….

  24. fBurton
    fBurton says:

    I’m confused. The first four paragraphs of this letter were justifying why it’s okay that burton has grown to become a giant multimillion dollar company, then they briefly hint that their success is due to the team they have (thereby subtly implying that their creative director and president of marketing are included in their amazing team). Then they talk about how they are a family, and the internet is lying.

    They never mention/ justify the following:

    -Drug use

    -Financial mismanagement

    -All the people that have been driven away due to the shitty senior managers

    -The fact that the Gandalf guy and Pamela Anderson don’t fucking snowboard (this really irks me)

    They totally evaded the issues addressed in the initial letter/ comments. Saying the internet is full of shit is in and of itself full of shit. This is the most nothing response letter I’ve ever read.

    • Birdrider
      Birdrider says:

      LOL Gandalf and Pamela. PERFECT.

      Quick google image search proves these people have no right running a McDonnalds let alone a semi successful multi million dollar business

  25. ofset
    ofset says:

    OMG that was such a BS response. I work in this “action sports” business, and I would be running if the CEO of a company ever sent a letter like that. Who actually says “bullshit” in a corporate wide email? obv. thats one of the problems right there!!!

    • yep
      yep says:

      that was the carefully crafted “edgy” moment in the letter where you’re supposed to say “WHOA, These guys mean business”

  26. Sierra extracts
    Sierra extracts says:

    At least make sure your weed you post on instagram isn’t Bunk bammer weed .like your company now is .. buck furton. Thanks for the scrub hooks good idea you should of held onto. I’m glad t9 has it tho . I rather ride there shit anyways.

  27. Shredder
    Shredder says:

    Jake and Donna:
    If u sponsor so many people..where my sponsor at? Conspiracy. Lies. #BushDidBurton

  28. hahaha WTF
    hahaha WTF says:

    “As the VP of Marketing reporting to the Chief Creative Officer,[INSERT YOUR SPOUSE] ****** was responsible for the strategy, tactics and programs to drive Demand, Recognition and Sales for Burton and its products, through the use of Product Marketing, PR, Advertising, Strategic Partnerships, Direct, Event, Channel and Online Marketing. In addition, ****** was also responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training, and managing all brand marketing functions, to achieve company objectives of sales, growth, visibility and consistent global positioning.”

    translation: As the VP of marketing, I reported to MY SPOUSE???!!!?!?!??!?!



    • LinkedIn
      LinkedIn says:

      Seriously though…who A) writes their Linkedin profile in third person like its a fucking article about them and B) is in such a high position and writes so much on their LinkedIn page. Hey, idiot, we know what Marketing is, you don’t have to list it all out.

      • 3RD PERSON
        3RD PERSON says:

        Yea im here thinking ive been writing my resume descriptions wrong this whole time!!!

        “while reporting to my spouse, i got to do what ever the fack I wanted, and still continue to do so….

    • says:

      If they ran that letter, the employees and mag would be half the size. Don’t bite the hand that feedz you ya.

  29. jamaica vermont
    jamaica vermont says:

    moving the US open from vermont was the last straw for me. i could give 2 shits about their marketing team or whatever. If it wasn’t team grey bush, it would be some other dipshit im sure..

    thumbulator at mount snow is my new US open

    @yobeat, please bring back the thumbs up and thumbs down so I can gauge how cool my comment is.

    thank you

  30. Trollolol
    Trollolol says:

    Those “anonymous trolls” are current and former employees of yours that are too scared to actually just talk about issues with you (in charge of HR, correct?) or anyone else in “senior” management because they have seen what happens. They’ve seen the people leave suddenly as part of a “mutual agreement” or people come back from medical leave who’s positions “weren’t necessary” when they returned. But hey, keep calling them names Donna! The “trolls” are the ones that care more about your name than 2 people that are supposed to be in charge of making it look good.

  31. Graeme Leathem
    Graeme Leathem says:

    Fuck the knowbuddy program. What the fuck did that program do for snowboarding, other than sponsor a few riders and produce some edits? You guys on here sound like a bunch of self richteous whiners who think Burton owes you something, and that the knowbuddy program was the future of snowboarding. You don’t like Burton, then don’t buy it. You don’t like working for burton, then don’t work for them.

    • bleu gerard
      bleu gerard says:

      knowbuddies aren’t anything special in snowboarding but within Burton they were certainly unique. For a while the Burton brand didn’t have any riders that appealed to the “core” snowboarder (zak hale you can get outta here). So with the knowbuddies there was finally some people who were generally stoked on riding, made a great community and gave all of us that warm and fuzzy feeling when you see a bunch of homies riding together. when the B cut that program, it felt like the last time we’d see something like that from Burton.

      Knowbuddies felt like the old Burton we know and love. Watching them get cut for no reason besides money is really painful, especially when G & AMD are throwing coke-laced salt in the wounds.

    • oldladyshred
      oldladyshred says:

      everyone that snowboards is over 35…younguns think snowboarding is for KOOKS, and it is now…thanks A & G for making sure my kids will ski forever

  32. 1994 US Open
    1994 US Open says:

    Nothing in the original letter was news to anyone with even the slightest of association with Burton. And while all of it is disheartening, the culture of fear within Burton facilitated by AMD/GD is by far the one that the Carpenters should be most concerned with. People with deep roots in snowboarding, who have proven themselves successful both on slope and in business, have left, be it by choice or not. Knox, Moran, and Anderson are huge losses, people that truly care about the sport and have background and vision to push it forward.

    It is fine to set a vision of your company and obviously not everyone in the community is going to support it. But when that vision is being driven by favoritism/fear and does not involve the input of those there on merit, that is a major problem. Worse yet, when those with opposing visions are pushed out by malice efforts, you have a problem

    From the tone of that response email, it may be time for Yobeat to lawyer up and get familiar with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, I am sure the defamation suit from big B and the D’s is in the works.

    Props for publishing this, it needed to be in the open.

  33. Beef Wellington
    Beef Wellington says:

    The first letter was likely written by some butt-hurt Knowbuddy..

    A more likely scenario- Both of the letters are a fake as fuck internet ploy. Smarten up world.

  34. Burton ?
    Burton ? says:

    Hurrr Durrr we found snowboarding!!! We can’t thank you enough for that Jake, but if you founded and pioneered the sport, shouldn’t you be more of a leader of the sport? Maybe like instead of sponsoring Coachella, a fuck fest for horny teenagers and wanna be trippy hippies, why not sponsor better parks for small time resorts, why not make the game bigger? I liked your company Jake. My father bought one of your first boards while you were selling them out of your van, and I learned how to snowboard on a Burton board. But now, Burton doesn’t deserve to say they do the most for snowboarding. I don’t see a single video showing any kind of progression in snowboarding. All I see is style and fashion. I don’t even see promotions on new boards! So if you wanna talk about bullshit in your response to the hate (truth), I’d say the only bullshit here is your new products you represent.

    • Andrius
      Andrius says:

      Not defending their actions, but if you want to grow snowboarding in total where are you going to get more results? Preaching to the choir at the little resort or going out to the general public and showing them how awesome snowboarding is?

      • Dongle
        Dongle says:

        Well, if you want the sport to grow you have to invest in the proficiency of the rider. Resorts should be pushing more free/cheap lessons, cheaper learn to ride + rental + lift ticket programs, etc.

        And there is work to be done, by resorts and mfgs alike to grow the sport to new users, but Coachella is not the place to be.

        • whacko dacko
          whacko dacko says:

          Wow! What a bunch of uneducated self serving assholes on this thread. No one has put more into snowboarding then Burton, from the beginning to present day. If you think there is nothing major going into the growth of the sport today, then tell me, who has a bigger LTR investment? from product development to creating method centers and now partnering on TBL. If you don’t know what LTR or TBL stand for, then you should look them up because they are the two most important components to the sports growth in todays world. No one in the industry is more committed to this then Jake.

  35. Andrius
    Andrius says:

    I don’t have much interaction with Burton these days so I can’t really speak to what’s going on there now or anything about these two people I haven’t met. It doesn’t sound good (I mean who would fire Adam Moran and Billy Anderson?) and I hope they get their house in order, but I just want to share a little history for those doubting what Burton and Jake have done for snowboarding.
    Way back in the late ’80s, yes waaay back, there was a guy who popped up with a patent for the snowboard who was demanding money for every snowboard ever made. Enough to bankrupt half the companies at the time. The patent was legit in the eyes of the law, so everyone was about to get sued and would lose. Jake stepped up and bought the patent outright from the guy to stop this. Yes, it was in his own interest to protect his business but it saved everyone else’s ass too. He asked the other companies if they’d be willing to chip in and help defray the cost of putting this patent to bed so everyone could go on making boards without it hanging over their heads. They freaked out. Everyone accused Burton of trying to take over snowboarding by extorting royalties and there was a “Boycott Burton” campaign. Jake basically said “fuck it” and paid for the whole thing himself and tore up the patent so everyone from the little guys in their garage to Rossignol, K2, and all the much bigger ski companies could go on making snowboards. In the end Jake saved his competitors from having to pay back patent royalties they couldn’t afford, took a lot of undeserved heat, and probably lost some sales in the process.
    That’s just one story, but Burton did do a lot to make snowboarding big enough to support us all. Burton spends more and has always spent more on growing snowboarding than any of the other companies. Sure, they’re bigger than most, but they really believe in it and put their money where their mouth is when it comes to investing in snowboarding and not just investing in their own company. When other companies were going public to fund their expansion, Burton didn’t because as Jake told me “No shareholder board would let us spend as much on R&D, marketing the sport, and team riders as we do.”
    You can say what you want about the current managers there, even the product, but don’t talk shit about Jake’s commitment to the sport.

  36. Myth Busters
    Myth Busters says:

    Burton does not sponsor the most riders. Here’s the actual tally of pro +am teams…

    Red Bull: 45
    Rome: 33
    Burton: 26
    Monster: 25
    Gnu: 23
    Lib: 23
    Ride: 20
    Salomon: 20
    NEFF: 16
    Capita: 13
    K2: 10
    Technine: 6
    Target: 1
    Never Summer: no one cares

  37. Whitegirlslovecocaina
    Whitegirlslovecocaina says:

    Listen cocaine is not the end of the world. Look at any Fortune 500 company, investment bank whatever and they are shredding the white stuff. Heck I’m sure your favorite snowboarder has a few lines to their names. The problem with burton is they seem extremely short sighted. A company of that size might not realistically be able to manufacture all boards in instead of partially moving they moved 90% of manufacturing, then moved the U.S. Open to vail(Stratton may be ritzy but there was a history there) then moving away from snowboarding(forget the knowbuddys but cutting john Jackson, Gigi etc… Then you see the coachella posts and all that nonsense their trying to push. The only out of snowboarding thing they got right was frendly but that was very little of their doing. That what happens when you hire a bunch of Gucci and Chanel wannabes to turn your SNOWBOARD company cool again. What happened to the days where button literally set the trends instead of this wannabe mainstream shit

    • Andrius
      Andrius says:

      1. Cocaine is what pays for the cartels to kill 150,000 people in Mexico.
      2. The US Open should have stayed in VT, but not at Stratton. That place never supported it and never wanted it.
      3. Teams always get cut. If they didn’t it’d still be Mike Jacoby, Jeff Brushie, etc from the 80’s.
      4. Gucci and Chanel wannabees…yeah, I think you have a point there.

    • The internets
      The internets says:

      According to the internets, his position was eliminated in May. I am personally bummed by this. Mammoth fam 4 lyfe

  38. Satan
    Satan says:

    Way to sweep things under the rug. It wasn’t jake who wrote this unless he likes to talk 3rd person. I understand he’s really sick but if I was really sick and found out someone was concerned enough to write a letter to expose a big problem. He did put alot of work into making burton, if I was on my death bed and found out this shit, I’d kill myself, make the fuckers revive me, fix the problem, kick some ass then die peacefully. Calling the internet a toxic place is a bigger fuck you, these are your customer base and employees. Some of it can be harsh to read because the asshole BUT each comment in both articles should be seen by burton aswell. There was people supporting the letter as being true, accept that.

  39. You Can't Have Your Cake
    You Can't Have Your Cake says:

    …and eat it too.

    The more that Burton focuses on the lifestyle aspect of the brand, the more the snowboarding part of it will suffer. They need to pick one or the other because clearly they can’t do both.

    As a fan of the brand and snowboarding it’s been disappointing to see what they’ve done to small companies, riders, and their own community in Vermont.

    As someone mentioned, the only thing they probably got right in the Lifestyle section is sponsoring the Frendly Gathering but I have a distinct feeling that that may not have been entirely their idea (sup Jack & Danny).

  40. The Clap
    The Clap says:

    Being critical…. The facts from both perspectives make a strong case. Both letters lent too much to personal feelings/agendas and detracted from the strength of the facts.

    Because of that this amounts to little more than emotional drama and it will blow over and nothing will change.

    Burton is a sell out company with some awesome reps. We already knew that tho.

  41. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    what i got out of that:
    “We invented this shit, how dare you question us. However, the 90s are over and snowboards don’t sell like they used to. Thanks to the Dasychyns, we stay afloat by selling turquoise jewelry and holocaust cloaks. Get in where you fit in, fools.”

  42. Steamboat Local For Three Weeks
    Steamboat Local For Three Weeks says:

    Guess I’m just gonna get the regular mtn glo tent now fuck that up charge on the Burton collab

  43. JunkMonk
    JunkMonk says:

    Unless this story makes it main stream like the love boards did a few years back, nothing will happen. We need CNN, CBS, NBC, the big guns out there to feature the story or nothing will ever come of this letter. Its not cowardly the person who wrote this finally wrote what hundreds of people at Burton have been thinking. Burton has fired some of the best snowboarders in the world and for what to keep those who don’t know how to ride but keep them on because they party with the Dasychyns??? God forbid they’d actually keep the good riders like Jeremy Jones, Gigi Ruf, DCP, JP Solberg…. They really don’t care about bettering snowboarding. SUcks like with everything involving the Dasychyns they sweep it under the rug.

  44. Some Guy
    Some Guy says:

    Disappointed in Donna and all of the CORE! kids leaving comments for completely missing the point of “The Letter”.

    The letter’s purpose was not to question Burton as a brand and what they have done for snowboarding, if you question any of that please take the Arbor board that you bought at Zumiez and go fuck yourself.

    The purpose was to point out the toxic culture that currently exists within the brand hoping to provoke change.

    Probably wasn’t the best approach considering all it created was a bullshit PR response from Donna. At the very least I guess we can hope that it sends a message to Burton to not forget where they came from. Snowboarding would not be where it is today without them and it won’t continue to move forward without them. All of your precious little brands like Dinosaurs will Die and Smokin will cease to exist without the big brands like Burton keeping snowboarding alive. Now back to the hating.

    • Another Guy
      Another Guy says:

      Everyone in the company just needs to vote these two off the island. They’ll fire anyone who speaks up alone, but they can’t fire everyone right?
      Next company meeting all you Burton people just raise your hands all at once if you want them gone.

  45. ...
    ... says:

    They said it themselves, they’re not a true snowboard company anymore. So let it be. Yes Jake and Burton did amazing things, but its a new day. There is so many others doing things for snowboarding now that it doesn’t matter what Burton wants to be. They don’t need to be about snowboarding anymore, and really, we shouldn’t give a shit cause we don’t need them either in this day and age. About the employees they fuck over, and other shitty things, well that’s something that needs to be addressed.

  46. Redacted
    Redacted says:

    Enough of a storm for GD to delete his most recent insta of weed. Don’t have to go back too far before it’s all coke spoons and buds again though.

  47. Franny No's
    Franny No's says:

    I remember when partying to excess made snowboarding “cool” and “alternative”. You whiny bitches made snowboarding skiing. Nice work. Look in the mirror – you are to blame for snowboarding’s demise and not a corporation.

    Teach a kid to ride – convert a skier. Embrace winter. Smile on the lift and move it forward instead of dwelling on the rearview mirror.

    PS – it’s not 1994 anymore. You buy needless crap / gadgets on Amazon constantly yet complain about corpo behavior “ruining” you lifestyle. Get the fuck over it and do something real.

    • candle
      candle says:

      Thank you. Sad time for snowboarding all around. Bunch of whiney kids of means hiding behind a computer.

      Personally, I could not be more over the “industry” or the crowd it targets. The actual act of snowboarding is the only thing that matters. The rest of this is for the birds.

  48. Franny No's
    Franny No's says:

    I remember when partying to excess made snowboarding “cool” and “alternative”. You whiny bitches made snowboarding skiing. Nice work. Look in the mirror – you are to blame for snowboarding’s demise and not a corporation.

    Teach a kid to ride – convert a skier. Embrace winter. Smile on the lift and move it forward instead of dwelling on the rearview mirror.

    PS – it’s not 1994 anymore. You buy needless crap / gadgets on Amazon constantly yet complain about corpo behavior “ruining” you lifestyle. Get the fuck over yourselves.

  49. jimmy choo
    jimmy choo says:

    I feel like people are ignoring the fact that Jake and Donna have lost touch with an industry that has outgrown itself to a degree. Snowboarding was easy to be the master of whenever you’re the company that helped create the monster. Then the monster grows up, becomes infiltrated by outside sources and outside money and there’s stiff competition to deal with and the market/sport continuously changes.

    It’s not uncommon for people to lose touch with something that has outgrown its original owners. Happens all the time.

    People are trying to suggest that D&J are being ‘controlled’ by the 2 people that the last letter was about…just sounds like paranoia.

    Why not just admit that snowboarding isn’t the same sport it used to be, Jake Burton isn’t the same person he used to be and between those giant shifts and the fact that millions of dollars are involved, a lot can go wrong. And, in this case, seems to have gone wrong.

    There’s no need for this to get personal…companies are ruined by bad management and ownership all the time…certainly not unique to snowboarding. Why isn’t that the main consideration here…just people losing touch with a changing market, being extended with the amount of companies that Burton created (which have been since killed off) and bad management.

    Do the people on the lower rungs at Burton think they can do something that Jake (or upper management) can’t do? Because it’s way easy to be critical from down below when you’re not the one having to make the final decisions in a market/industry where the right decisions seem nearly impossible, given the hurdles that snowboarding has dealt with over the past decade….a changing climate just being ONE of the major issues that cannot be changed or controlled.
    This is just business gone bad. That’s all. As stated, happens to a ton of businesses whenever there is a changing market and an unstable industry with a sport that is still evolving and others are starting to take bigger pieces of something that was wholly owned by Burton for a very long time.

    • Yoboy
      Yoboy says:

      Just because he isn’t the same person anymore doesnt me he can’t be that same person or bing the company back to the way it use to be. To me it sounds like you’re just quitting and accepting a change even though you do not agree with it. Why not try to change something you dont agree with? Why let an amazing company with amazing potential be transformed into a corrupt and greedy company?

  50. J_deforge
    J_deforge says:

    Dang, I’ve been trying to stay up to speed on this ordeal. It’s tough keeping up with the KarDacyshyn’s.

  51. el durkadurka
    el durkadurka says:

    Conspiracy theory: Letter is a fake and this is Burton’s ploy to get us talking about them in August… just as the the 15/16 gear drops.

    Yobeat playing checkers, Burton playing 3-D chess.

    Your move Brooke.

  52. Sagesballsack
    Sagesballsack says:

    Burton ain’t hurting. Post fucking snowboard cowboy boot and fucking 6000 people loosing there mind over if they can get this horse shit for christmas

  53. Ben
    Ben says:

    My friend sent me a link to all this, and i’ve been watching and thinking about it. This is what was going through my mind…

    “thanks. I don’t know enough to adequately respond to the whole debacle, but Burton and I have been going seperate ways for a while now.”

    “Actually, after thinking about it, the whole thing seems kind of inevitable.
    The entire sport faces extintion within, what, 50 years because of global warming? yet people feel such emotional attachments to brands that they are willing to pen letters to keep their favorite brands “core”, as if businesses were democracies?

    With each reply, for or against, it just strengthens the illusion that such attachments ultimately matter.
    Snowboarding has not gotten any more “fun” in the past 30 years. Maybe a bit less painful (old bindings and boots), and a bit more waterproof, but the fun, if anything, has decreased in the same amount that people take fashion, money, and identity seriously.”

    “so with that amount of pressure, sure, why not employ a couple of douches to cater to those people and build an image in an branding industry that is ultimately hollow and douchy?

  54. Yoboy
    Yoboy says:

    This whole thing makes me laugh. Only sad thing is newcomers and dick heads who call themselves “snowboarders” are the ones who will be keeping this bullshit company in business.

  55. Zach Lefter's Dad
    Zach Lefter's Dad says:

    What. The. Fuck. is with my son. I mean, come-on. Have you seen his instagram lately? I just kept telling myself “It’s just a phase, he’ll grow out of it”, but WHEN? I seriously never thought I’d raise a white boy with dreads and, welp, here we are. But the real reason I’m here is to ask if GD could lend me some money. My son has the worst type of fancy health food habit, and I don’t know where I’m going to get even the next $10 to wire into his account for his next health food bar so he can post a snapchat of him eating it. I would tell him to get a job himself, but have you seen him? Who the fuck is going to take him seriously, let alone hire him. Anyways, just thought I’d ask. Namaste.

  56. BSKY
    BSKY says:

    You want to know what is BS? The fact that “being apart of the culture” is part of the Burton employee review. Just sayin.

    Totally agree with the statement made about promotions not being made on merit. It’s all about who you’re homies with. So many employees busting their asses to make up for premadona leadership that don’t know what the f they’re doing. Those employees are the ones that make Burton such a great brand.

  57. Powwowno
    Powwowno says:

    This is quite interesting. Years of abuse by Jake and Donna for many many talent people who have “left to explore other opportunities”. Shame on you.. the only people that have ever created “wealth” are the two of you despite people working doggedly for years while you travel the world, “indulge” and spend gobs of ridiculous money.

    Drug raid by police at 80 Industrial, AMD/GD and Moscow house would be worthy.

    Burton is no role model for youth.

    Company culture gets created by much more than giving people a pie (farce as the crappy pies come from Harvest, owned by Donna) and a holiday gift. It comes from care about people at a deep genuine level. Not just treating them as disposable as the poly from a board.

    Seems like its time for Jake to do one of his annual company standups right before the bash and do a little emotional crying “i love this company”… blah blah blah.

    You did good for many years… but its a gross culture, not worthy of the people come/gone and frankly, while the product is good… feels really tarnished.

  58. BK
    BK says:

    “No one else was there when we were fighting to get snowboarders access to the mountain in the first place.”
    How quickly we forget some people named Jeff Grell, Steve Link, Chris and Bev Sanders, Mike Chantry, Joel Gomez, Jimmy Sechrest, Evan Feen,, Terry Kidwell and I was writing letters, making phone calls, traveling with the above mentioned names to open up resorts. Yeah, I rode for Burton, but this is straight up bullshit. I was trying to get lift access on a Winterstick and I was involved in the first certification program, then Burton decided they were first……I love Jake and Donna, but the bullshit has to get called out. I gots nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Come buy a pizza from me, I won’t act like a coke freak.

  59. BK
    BK says:

    The original letter writer is a pussy. Not naming names and using “amazing” twice in one sentence. Fuck off.

    • Want to really make a difference?
      Want to really make a difference? says:

      Here’s what to do:

      – Dicks Sporting Goods is Burton’s #1 account. If they lose them, they are screwed. They have intentionally ignored Specialty, they will will only be left with a few other national accounts who will also back out once they see DSG do it.

      – Send links of this and the OG letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Bomb them with it. If you include screenshots of Greg D’s drug use from Instagram that’s +10 points

      – @dickssportinggoods on posts regarding this topic.

      – Tell them you do not want these kind of people setting the standards for a “family company”. That you do not want to see their products in DSG’s stores and will boycott until pulled.

      – Big retailers stay 100% clear of controversy. They will not ignore the problem like Burton is.

      – SHARE IT ALL.

      Show Donna that the internet isn’t just anonymous trolls and that your voice matters.

      • Betsy Shaw
        Betsy Shaw says:

        I’m confused. Are you trying to support Burton with constructive criticism, or take Burton down? And if it’s the latter, to what purpose and to what end, other than satisfying your– and many others’ by the looks of it– Schadenfreude.

  60. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Jake has been quoted saying that the future of snowboarding, and Burton Snowboards is “the youth.” Ok, so if Burton is truly focused on “the Youth” why would they ever shed the programs and riders that matter most to “the Youth?” while continuing to keep these two out of touch ego maniacs at the top of their company?

    Here’s something “the Youth” and frankly any of us who live for snowboarding can all connect on… Actually going snowboarding.

    Can someone please produce one shot of Greg sending it off a cliff or some sick wind lip? It can be a no grab straight air, just prove he actually gets it, or is willing to huck and slash something of any consequence. Is there even a photo of him riding a snowboard?

    Anne-Marie? God help us. Has this woman even dropped a real line in her life that didn’t involve a flat surface and twenty dollar bill? If she has, PLEASE, SOMEONE SHOW US.

    I’d love it if the Dasychun’s would step up and show us their bookmarks on their iPads or laptops.

    I’d be willing to bet the farm neither of them check resort webcams or snow forecasts on a regular basis, if ever. I bet neither of them could ever tell you where to look to get a current avalanche bulletin in their area, or have ever dug a pit.

    You know why? Because their lives revolve around the next big party or scene they can crash or borrow interest from. I bet neither of them have had to put chains on a car, or have shoveled a single jump in their life. These two are circling the drain of pop culture and high fashion and playing it off like they are bringing so much to the table at Burton.

    Those of you commenting on here, if you haven’t taken the time to really look at their Instagram accounts you should. Front row at Bieber concerts… Open drug use, and pathetic attempts to couple Burton with high fashion couture… WTF is going on?

    Jake? Donna? Is the Dasychun’s “vision” of snowboarding honestly what “the Youth” wants these days? Is their approach to collaborations and new product really in-line with what you and Jake have worked so hard for? Is this what you really want for Burton and future of snowboarding?

    Are we to believe that all young women starting to snowboard need a Frye boot and tight pants in order to make a J-turn on the bunny slopes? Does Kelly or Enni need high fashion boots and worthless outerwear to progress woman’s riding?

    No. All of this is just form over function. Well, actually it’s less than that. The latest collaborations are worthless to snowboarding and are nothing but repurposing flash-in-the- pan fashion in a sad “me too” attempt to make a quick buck for Burton.

    Someone please stop me if what I’m saying is simply not true. If someone at 80 Industrial Parkway can show us a dozen killer ideas Greg and Anne-Marie have brought to the table at Burton, that were fully executed and somehow rewrote snowboarding history for the better… I’ll shut the fuck up.

    But, I think we all know this isn’t the case… And we know these two lack ANY ideas of their own that have made snowboarding better for us and especially “the Youth.”

    Where there’s smoke… There’s fire. The mass exodus of product designers, managers, and pros? Simply put, if you stop listening to your team riders and your core audience and would rather develop “cute fashion” and junk gear you can push at Dicks Sporting Goods instead of beautiful, ahead-of-the trend, rider proven gear. Your blowing it.

    Burton used to actually lead and inspire a big part of our industry. Now what? We are supposed to believe their defensive lip service about supporting “the Youth” and doing more than any other company for snowboarding while we watch them hitch their wagon to silly things that have nothing to do with snowboarding and killing the programs that matter.

    Donna the real “mean-spirited and cowardly” thing is to not admit that there is blood in the water inside the walls of your company and to have HR bang out a Keep Calm and Carry on e-mail to all of your employees.

    Ziggy sang it best:

    Tomorrow people, where is your past?
    Tomorrow people, how long will you last?

    Don’t know your past, don’t know your future.

    Jake and Donna, if you care about “the Youth” and where snowboarding is going, then don’t forget your past. In order to go forward, go back and work with the folks that helped you get to 2015 /16. They might know a thing or two more than Greg and Anne-Marie. Instead of “throwing rocks from the sidelines” here’s some FREE, totally wild ideas that might make your brand stand for something again.

    Bring back Forum.

    No seriously. Bring in Peter Line, Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and Pat Moore to run it, along with as many of the original Forum 8 team as possible. Properly support it with R&D from Craig’s, and while you’re at it, bring back Forum Young Bloods and make that the Knowbuddy program. Make it a totally safe place for people to progress, design new gear, and try out crazy ideas, and see where that goes. If you pulled it off, I’d be willing to bet this move would be the biggest news in snowboarding in over 10 years.

    Burton Snowboards.

    Keep your current team and everything going. But please welcome home the people who gave your brand absolutely everything they had. Mend fences with the team riders you dumped, and make that shit right. Study what brands like Volcom have done with Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn, and go out create a legacy team, or “founding fathers” type role at Burton for the riders that still have so much to give back to snowboarding.

    Put Terje, JG at the helm of this program and call back riders like Ross Powers, Jussi, Brushie, Bryan Iguchi, Rippey, Billy Anderson, DCP, Jeremy Jones, Johan Olofsson and last but certainly not least… Victoria Jealouse.

    These industry veterans who made your brand what it is, might still know a thing or two about snowboarding, and could certainly help your company mentor your current team, refine new hard good tech, and help you gut check big decisions that could make your brand look like a joke.

    This legacy team would have what… about 300 years combined experience in snowboarding? I bet you could pay all of their consulting fees out of the money you dump annually on the Dasychun’s first class flights and bar tabs.

    Also, finally step up and do more to remember those we loved and lost that were on Burton’s roster.

    Jamil Khan, JLA, and Craig Kelly

    Those names need to bubble back up into the conversation, and mean something more than a footnote in snowboarding history. They gave their lives to our sport and did so on Burton’s watch. The kids coming up should really know about them. Their sacrifices for snowboarding should mean more. And Burton should be the one doing it.

    Durable Goods.
    Start practicing what you preach. Stop making most of your shit in China unless you can be transparent about your process over there. Maybe sit down with guys like Yvon Chouinard or GASP! collaborate with Patagonia on your clothing and outerwear if you want it to actually be durable and good. And as the “biggest brand in snowboarding” you might have to do a lot more than plant a vegetable garden at the office and recycle some Mountain Dew bottles into t-shirts before anyone believes that you actually give a shit about the environment or the future of snowboarding.

    Oh and for fucks sake. Bring the US Open home to Vermont.

      • Wilson
        Wilson says:

        @yeah right… Pretty sure Dave is still involved with Burton. Doing his thing with Family Tree / Analog and Anon. Shannon has also helped out with the woman’s team and their progression sessions.

    • BRAVO
      BRAVO says:

      I with I could post a clapping emoji. well said!, well written.

      Also, the last good board that burton made was the T6 & T7.

    • neeko
      neeko says:

      A clear and smart plan, holy shit. Do all of it Burton! I’ll add one thing, release the Craig Omen Fish that JG made. Iv seen it, I know its out there, make it so we can all have one!

    • yo man
      yo man says:

      Shit, Wilson. If Jake and Donna are smart, they’ll read this and hire you as their Chief Creative Officer. You couldn’t have articulated a more solid game plan for a true brand revival.

  61. Snowboarder
    Snowboarder says:

    Reason I love snowboarding: Snowboarding.
    Reason I hate snowboarding: Snowboarders

    What a bunch of too-cool-for-school posers.

  62. Not a soccer mom
    Not a soccer mom says:

    I appreciate that the Carpenters stand behind their people and company regardless of what is or isn’t going on behind closed doors.
    And I am tired of people begrudging others for earning money, good for Jake that he took his passion and made a living from it. And the guy has been through hell with his health.
    It’s obvious whomever wrote this letter doesn’t have Jake’s best interest in mind but an agenda to spit on the company’s reputation. Clearly a disgruntled toed employee. Were any facts checked before you published this rag? But hey, at least the writer didn’t take a gun a shoot former employers.

    • Been there....
      Been there.... says:

      Unfortunately, you are wrong in nearly every thing you just said. This has nothing to do with anybody begrudging anybody for making money. It has everything to do with people treating other hard-working people like total shit (which happens) and with people doing things that are harmful to Burton as a snowboarding company (and probably as a business of any kind).

      This was a letter written with the intent of making positive change. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but sometimes the truth hurts. This letter speaks the truth, and could immediately get you about another 60 people that would validate the same, because they have lived to tell the tale. Most of them don’t work there any more. Some of them still do. The Instagram feeds don’t lie about the values, the habits and the self-glorification and self promotion. Those things aren’t happening on accident.

      I wish I could tell you that this letter wasn’t factual, but it is. It would have been much easier to write had it not been true.

      A rising tide raises all boats. A sinking tide lowers all. If you think that what happens to Burton doesn’t impact the rest of the industry, you are mistaken. Burton leads the industry, for good and for bad. And if you think that the reputation of snowboarders being ape-like dirtbag idiots didn’t originate right at the heart of what this letter is trying to communicate, then you haven’t been paying attention.

      • It would have been much easier to write
        It would have been much easier to write says:

        Does that mean you’re one of the authors of this letter? You said “I wish I could tell you that this letter wasn’t factual, but it is. It would have been much easier to write had it not been true.”

  63. Sexual Advances
    Sexual Advances says:

    I don’t like, nor buy, Burton merchandise anyways so I really don’t care. Burn in hell!

  64. Rick
    Rick says:

    I still stand behind my comment about wanting them to re-release the Knowbuddys on Uninc boards.

    Jake and Donna, thank you for what you have done for snowboarding. And if anything, you guys should be stoked that this many people give a damn about what your company represents. But if you’re going to preach the core message of “for riders by riders”, then you have to stick to that or you deserve to get called out. Don’t blast the message of “we all take off on powder days and ride as one Burton family” and then you won’t get applications from people who genuinely care about where snowboarding ends up.

  65. LaCour's Labia
    LaCour's Labia says:

    Collabs/Heritage/Ethos/Synergy is what it’s all about fools. You need performance and innovation to perform in and innovative way. It’s in our DNA. Exclusive design. You fucks don’t know shit about how to market to the youth. We stand sideways as a team.

  66. Late to the game
    Late to the game says:

    They’re fucking up the snowboard cultrure BECAUSE THEY DONT FUCKIN SNOWBOARD. WHAT SNOWBOARDER YOU KNOW DRIVES A FUCKIN G WAGON? THIS AINT HATE THIS IS TRUTH. THE COMPANY IS BEING RUN BY A DRUG ADDICT – YOU THINK THIS IS THE VISION CRAIG WOULD HAVE HAD? How can you be this old and out of touch – you wouldn’t know style or passion if smacked you in the face. THIS SHITS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS. WENT FROM WO TO BLOW. Good luck – stay a float – keep treating people with disrespect – get your paper – and fuck off.

  67. foreverforum08
    foreverforum08 says:

    As snowboarders we still need Burton. They have a lot of money and sponsor/put up a lot of dough for events and parks. I live near Burlington, VT and they donated a shit ton of money to sponsor a local skatepark being made, and they do that kind of thing a lot in VT even though they literally have no stock in skateboarding (except maybe Gravis…). In my opinion if you snowboard you should skateboard (it’s also way cheaper!). The communities are super connected and progress off each other.

    With that said, Burton’s gear is super overpriced and appeals to kooks more than true riders but some of it is still quality…minus the bullshit ICS, seriously they should have just used a four-hole system and stuck with it instead of fucking around with the 3-D and then ICS. As someone who has done a lot of repairs on ICS boards, it is the first thing to break and the two screws are never tight enough to hold in bindings unless you take a fucking impact driver to it…

    Anyways I agree they don’t really address the issue in the letter here. They seem to take it as a really personal attack–even though the letter wasn’t criticizing Jake or Donna, but asking them to take action to remove that couple destroying Burton’s designs/products/company.

    It’s too bad, looks like those two kooks will be sticking around, making worthless design changes every few months. Stick to boards, bindings, boots, and some gear, make it affordable again. Drop the L.A glitz bullshit designs and crap appealing to people who ride Aspen or Stowe…

  68. Megan
    Megan says:

    So, can they explain why Burton is doing a collaboration with L.A.M.B? FYI – Love, Angel, Music, Baby by Gwen Stefani? I have a feeling that was the idea of AMD . . . .

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