Yobeat Roundtable: Getting Political


With both Canada and the US on the brink of major elections, voting and politics are as important as ever. While we can all do our part as individuals, it’s government policies that police the world for the greater good… or bad. Despite what Donald Trump may say, climate change is real and I think we can all agree this past season was a scary reminder that we do in fact live in the real world, and that this shit actually matters. So that said, do you feel that riders/brands/media should use their elevated status as influencers to promote certain politicians and political views— or are there already enough politics in snowboarding? Follow up: Who would you endorse in the upcoming elections?


Dave Lee

Hell yeah, if you’re passionate about a policy, political view or candidate you should definitely speak up. You have no obligation to do so, but if something truly moves you, sure let people know. Policies aren’t like that cool band or bar you won’t share with people because you don’t want it to get blown out. The only way to move ideas forward is to share them in a thoughtful an intelligent way so they inspire. Just remember not everyone’s going to agree with you and that’s okay. Be stoked that you actually give a shit 😉

I’m not interested in Hillary or Bush for the record. Dynastic politics are not my vibe. Term limits are there for a reason, it’s important to get new people into the system. I have no endorsements as it’s too early for me. I’m an Independent. I’ll choose once I get to know all these knuckleheads and what they stand for over the coming months and year.


Marie France Roy

I personally think that we definitely should talk about politics more, especially right from a young age in school. But even if someone isn’t really following politics, it doesn’t take long to do some research and determine who is representing our values the most appropriately. Running a country definitely isn’t an easy task for any leaders but the last few years have been very scary indeed as far as climate change issues. We need to elect leaders who consider that matter just as important as economics, health and development as they are all directly dependent on a healthy environment. Protect Our Winters is making some efforts right now to educate people that voting is one of the easiest way for someone to #actonclimate. Some of the leaders running in both the US and Canadian Campaigns obviously don’t hold climate change as a part of their fight and plans so at least if we can make sure they aren’t in power, we are already one step ahead.


Sean Genovese

I think riders/brands should use their influence to remind their fanbase to keep informed on important issues. Everyone needs to educate themselves on (all sides of) matters that will affect their lives and then make their own decisions. If a rider/brand feels strongly about a certain topic, I don’t think they should hold back. There’s to many people/brands that try to be politically correct by staying out of it entirely. If it’s important to you, get involved… and as you mentioned in the question, after the past few seasons there are a few political topics that are important to everyone of us that love to snowboard.

As a Canadian, I’m not sure who I would endorse in our upcoming elections, but I know who I wouldn’t endorse. Canada needs a change from the current political party that is leading the country. I want to be apart of a country that thinks about the well being of it’s future generations beyond the power/status that it will have on the global stage.

Educate yourself, ask questions, and vote!

Chris Larson

Tough one, I wipe my ass with the newspaper so I recycle and stay green. And Donald Trump’s face eats a mean dump. I’m pushing for the Self Made Billionaire to come in and clean things up.

Madison Blackley

I think that if there are things that you feel the snowboard community should be aware of then yeah you should be able to voice those issues. Companies and brands though not so much for specific representatives, but issues that directly effect them they should absolutely ask for public support to resolve the issue. At this point early in the election, Bernie sanders has my vote!


Mike Ranquet

I would never endorse a politician as I truly believe behind closed doors democrats and republicans are one in the same. I have a hard time believing that humans have any effect on the climate. The positive effect on people being led to believe that they’re destroying the planet just by being alive is that pollution isn’t tolerated and a plethora of new, reusable, sustainable materials and products have emerged.

To me pollution is tangible, everyone can effect pollution and the reversal of it can be seen in cleaner air in city’s or a small lake that was polluted can sustain life after a few years of concentrated effort. But the conceit of humans believing that they are somehow going to change the planets evolutionary cycles is almost a laughable absurdity to me. When it comes down to it, people that claim to be environmentalist out to save the planet only really care about a nice little clean environment for themselves to live in.

The general consensus seems to be that everything we do as humans is ruining the planet for future generations, so if our generation doesn’t do anything about it then the future of the human race is it stake. Really? People really fucking believe that? That is crazy to me, the most simple reality of all of this is the planet isn’t going anywhere and it has survived much worse calamities than the human race. So we have a couple small-yields of snow in certain corners of the world and everyone’s up in arms and ready to fight.

Again, for people to think that they’re actually going change the environment/weather patterns thereby saving the earth for future generations takes an ego bigger than the earth itself. So in short, don’t feel bad about throwing the empty roadie out the window on your way home from work. It’s a lot smarter as an individual human to protect yourself from getting an open container ticket then it is to think you’re going to save the fucking planet.

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  1. basshole
    basshole says:

    wowwwww, i just lost so much respect for ranquet. his argument is basically “dude, the earth is like, huge, so it’s totally not us.” are you fucking kidding me? clearly he doesn’t need data, or numbers, or scientists and long-term studies, because he has so much common sense that, duh, it’s not us causing climate change. and he thinks the people who believe in it are the conceited ones? unbelievable. and then he tops it off by advocating littering when you drink and drive to avoid open container tickets. just, wow.

    • Zimmerman
      Zimmerman says:

      I’m a little shocked at how dumb that rant was.

      Then again, asking a snowboard hero about global warming and what it’s doing to winter feels a little like asking a dishwasher at Olive Garden about Italian food.

      • Lance
        Lance says:

        Yeah haha.. I skimmed thru this for entertainment. Not that there was nothing worthwhile in here. It’s just fun to read! But unless I know someone well enough to be able to put their opinion into perspective, then I can’t pay too much heed.

        These are snowboarders… although I feel like I know Dave Lee well enough, he’s extremely smart and doesn’t leave a negative taste in your mouth after having a ‘real live political conversation’. Which is tight.

    • .
      . says:

      The only thing Ranquet said that made any sense was that Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. All politicians are puppets of who funds them and the $ does not have a political affiliation. The whole two party system does work great to keep the sheeple of this country arguing sides like its a cowboys vs redskins football game.

      I’d say based on the data we currently have, Climate change is real. However, it is debatable on how much of it is man made. I think it is caused by both man, and natural climate oscillation of the earth (fuck we were in an ice age 10,000 years ago which is a split second in geological time, who says we still are not climbing out of that?).

  2. ricky
    ricky says:

    Fuck Yeah Mike Ranquet! so sick of hearing about this global warming bullshit. goddamn fuckin hippie zombies, keep it.

  3. He$h
    He$h says:

    Ranquet is such a rebel. Also funny how Larson would support Trump, because he would fucking support Trump. Then nobody except Blackley even knows the candidates yet. Snowboarders are so fucking stupid sometimes. You know there is a primary election to pick who represents each party for the final election? And that election is not far away?

  4. kail
    kail says:

    Is it possible Ranquet is being a sarcastic asshole? I’m not familiar enough with him to know whether thats the way he might try to get his message across.

    That being said, I don’t feel like anyone here directly answered the question of whether brands or individuals should be able to use their status in the snowboard industry to promote certain political agendas. This is an important question because snowboarding’s target market (14-24 year olds) is a market comprised of people that are at a very impressionable age. The way certain brands and individuals in snowboarding are idolized gives them considerable clout in terms of shaping the views of the kids that look up to them.

    So, my two cents: If a brand or individual wants to promote a certain agenda to the snowboarding community, they should have the freedom to do so. Simple free speech. But, this might not always make sense from a business perspective because political issues come with a lot of strong sentiments and promoting certain ideas or people could mar a brand’s image. For example, see the numerous people that boycott Chic Fil A because of their support for “pro-family” groups. Supporting certain ideas may also garner support for a brand though. For example, see american apparel’s efforts to fight against the norm of sweat shop type labor in the garment industry.

    Back to my initial point. Though brands and individuals should, theoretically have the freedom to promote any ideas that they wish, that freedom also comes with a big load of responsibility given the power that they have in terms of influencing a young segment of the population and in terms of keeping a solid image within the industry.

  5. B_Web
    B_Web says:

    The REAL question: Do the riders themselves actually carry that much influence?… or will they just appear to be jumping on the Rant-wagon?

    And I don’t think companies in the industry will risk endorsing a candidate and turning off their prospective customers if they disagree…Fear of bad PR.

    They’re better off connecting to a cause or issue and associating with a candidate who is for the same issue.

  6. Mackdawg
    Mackdawg says:

    This post was pointless. First off the snowboard industry as a whole is wayyyy to small to have any profound effect on the political landscape or any specific candidates chances. Secondly, based on the nature of the industry any support would be inherently liberal. The general public and average American could name probably name only one snowboarder, and we all know what a kook that Rockstar is.

  7. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Dave Lees wife is Kennedy on Fox Business and Fox News. She is awesome by the way. She is a libertarian.

    Should pro snowboarders and companies endorse politics is how this all starts….. Hmmm Not really…..politics and snowboarding, shouldn’t matter but it does….

    Brooke really ought to let me write a real debate able piece about politics and snowboarding. Most of us who started this whole shred scene are getting older. Topics we didn’t care about or thought was grown up stuff is now on our minds, in our wallet, dictating our freedoms and affecting our country/planet.

    I absolutely found Peter Lines endorsement of Obama to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever read in a snowboard publication. That being said all snowboard publications lean Democrat/Socialist that are owned by Primedia. Yup I said it.

    Always so hypocritical of our sport to get all squishy about “climate change” with so much of our gear utilizing petroleum based chemistry and derivatives, the travel, the money earned to be able to partake in such an affluent sport, the carbon footprint of a ski resort staff….I switched from a V8 to a 4cylinder, What have you done? It’s gonna keep snowing everybody stay calm.

    There are like 30 different topics I’d love to ask fellow shredders about and hear their responses based on facts not SNL comedy skits or the Onion or what Peter Lines presidential endorsements are. (Forum2013rip) must not have gotta a boost from the 2009 stimulus.


  8. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Pat “the eye ” Bridges wrote a whole page on why we shouldn’t vote for Romney. One he is a skier. Two he was in charge of the Salt Lake City Olympic venue. That’s his reasoning. Well Pat, aren’t we all just so impressed by your foresight.

    I know I’m not the first snowboarder after watching this dismal recovery and amassing of huge debt by Obama to ponder what our economy might be like with a different president. You can say what you want about Bush….. Obama out spent him too. 🙂

    Read folks…..read

  9. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Thank god for Ranquet. Yer idiots. The guy is so core as far as snowboard history goes and the melding of skateboarding and shredding. He owns a small snowboard company with Roach. I thought everybody loved small business. Yes yes, pressed by Never Summer but who owns them. Snowboarders.

    It’s so weird on this issue. People attack others for having a different thought or opinion on “global warming” “climate change” “solar cycles”. It’s either you believe or you are a flat earther, and yer stupid. It’s really quite fascinating. I get it some of you believe 1000% in global warming…….science is still not settled. It really isn’t.sorry

    To the true believers of anthropogenic global warming please go kill yourself. You will only add more CO2 no matter what. Hey you guys smoke weed? Ever add CO2 to your grow? Why? Ahhhh. Ok well let’s plug the volcanoes, turn off China and India and ban all air travel…..if you truly believe then we must make drastic changes.

  10. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Why is it ok for some people to create CO2 and not others? Why should I use one square of toilet paper to lessen my impact on the world while the Addidas snowboard team fucktards through Siberia so Keegan can be different.

    Glass blowing causes global warming.
    Fashion causes global warming
    Flower delivery causes global warming
    Dog clothing causes global warming
    Art causes global warming

    All truly unnecessary to live yet I’ve heard a peep on banning any of that shit. Oh so artsy, look Peter Line has a scarf on. So Artsy

  11. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Seems lately things are more about “firsts” so I was a bit disappointed to not see a first Transgendered Jib Award

    I know. It’s a shoe in for Gooner but like I was mentioning it’s more about being the first.

    Gooner, the snowboard communities version of Rachel Dolezal.

    • Zimmerman
      Zimmerman says:

      Which corner do you rant on in Huntington Beach? I’m just about to get into the incessant political ranting game but going live seems to be the most effective way. Do you recommend a certain brand of megaphone? Should I polish my combat boots before I get on the soapbox? Does HB have a maximum height I’m allowed to fly my political signs at? Please let me know, I’m very eager to let everyone know how they should think about these important topics.

  12. Tweet
    Tweet says:

    How do snowboarders get a voice? By doing rad shit. How do they do rad shit? By getting good at snowboarding. Hoe do they get good at snowboarding? By snowboarding a lot. How do they snowboard a lot? That’s a good question with lots of different answers for different people, but none of this requires the type of reasoning used in informed political debate, so no, a snowboarder has no place guiding politics. You want good government? Think!

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