An Open Letter to Jake and Donna Burton Carpenter


The following letter arrived at the Yobeat Home Offices today. It was sent anonymously, and from the postage mark appears to be mailed from Portland, Oregon and not Burlington, Vermont. Regardless, it has no shortage of valid points, so we’ve decided to publish it in full. Since half of Portland is ex-Burton staff, it’s not a surprising origin, however we personally have no idea who wrote it. The transcribed version includes a few grammatical tweaks, but is basically the same as the below image.


Dear Jake and Donna,

There is a growing group of voices gaining volume and strength and it’s time to listen. We’re here to tell you what no one else will. There is a poison inside your company that has driven away countless amazing employees, derailed years of financial success and threatens the core structure and business you have spent an entire lifetime building. All you have to do is look at all the amazing people who have left your organization and what they have accomplished to see all the amazing talent you have lost.

You have two senior “leaders” working for you that have undermined you, your company, and the entire snowboarding industry for close to 15 years. The damage is deepening, and unless you take action soon, the situation will go from bad to dire.

They don’t snowboard, flaunt their wealth in the face of your modestly compensated organization, lead by intimidation and fear, and pursue countless failed projects under the guide of “being core” and “building a lifestyle business,” which benefits no one besides themselves.

Everything they do is to further their own personal agenda and undermine you. There is an old trope in the industry that these people must have some horrendous dirt on you or they would have been walked out the door a long time ago. We don’t believe that, we just believe they have deceived you in plain sight. One of the greatest cons in the history of action sports is going on right inside 80 Industrial Ave. It seems to be obvious to every person in the company and the industry as a whole. We hope you will finally see this for yourselves and make the right decision for your amazing company and the dedicated people that work for you.

Some obvious examples:

  • Open Drug use: One of these people allegedly drinks and does drugs in the office, and openly promotes drug use on social media.
  • Financial Mismanagement: Multiple reports of a party they threw at the US Open, where damage at a rented condo of over $150,000, was billed back to Burton.
  • ‘In’ or ‘Out’ Leadership: People who party with them are ‘in’ and those who don’t are ‘out.’ The ‘out’ people are routinely demoted, marginalized or fired at will. Those that actually have a real legal complaint against them have been swept under the rug with NDA’s and payouts.
  • Coachella. One of the dozens of pointless marketing initiatives that have moved Burton further and further away from its core business. These moves have cost Burton millions of dollars, yet have only fueled this duo’s vanity and ego. Have any of these programs been successful or moved the needle for your brand?
  • Failed Collaborations: How many “cool guy” product collabs have failed over the years and who lead them?
  • Internal facts: An “anonymous” HR survey from two years ago was conducted where employees were afraid to answer honestly for fear of retribution from these two people. When asked offline, the number one problem inside Burton given: “These two people are the single biggest reason Burton is failing.”
  • Entourage Syndrome: Their lifestyle has enabled your own vices under the guise of staying core. When you surround yourself by these people you are distanced from the reality on the ground. They only give you information you want to hear by distracting you with “coolness.”

What is at risk?

  • Industry leadership: Jake and Donna, you created an entire movement and an industry. Not many people in the world can make that claim. Burton shrinking and/or imploding threatens the entire snowboarding industry.
  • Employee Livelihood: As one of the largest employers and economic drivers in Vermont and Burlington, Burton is massively important. The ripple effct of losing your jobs in Vermont would be felt by many businesses and other industries.
  • Your personal health: It is obvious that there has been a physical and psychological toll on both of you, and your family.

All of these things make it harder to recruit and retain top talent and will continue to undermine success and profits. Profitability and growth is not only nice, it’s mandatory to keep any company going in the right direction.

Your challenge is to make the change the no one inside your company has had the guts to do. Not previous presidents, not the current CEO, not anyone, because these two people are “untouchable” inside Burton. Only you, Jake and Donna, can make this change, and the time is now. They are ruining your brand, threatening your loyal employees and putting your health at risk.

Get rid of these people immediately. They don’t care about snowboarding, or you. It’s obvious and has been for years. You will see an immediate improvement in morale and productivity the second they are walked out the door.




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  1. Hmmm
    Hmmm says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who these two people are? And could someone please inform me. Let the downvotes rain in.

    • headytopper
      headytopper says:

      I live in burlington, and have an idea as to who these people may be, but I am not going to name names on the internet. It is interesting, though, as it seems to explain a lot of Burton’s failed marketing initiatives over the years…

    • fellow industry worker
      fellow industry worker says:

      Jake Burton is the founder and developer of the company Burton. His last name IS Burton. Donna is his lovely wife. They have created a monumental brand that has impacted the world of the snowboarding industry in a light that now may not seem like the right one but had a great idea and heart from the beginning. It is strong enough to shine through if they can set boundaries and lines. As for the collaborations, companies need to expand. Especially since their industry relies on if it’ll snow or not.

  2. Ex-Employee
    Ex-Employee says:

    This is literally perfect. There are incredibly talented people who care nothing more than to make snowboarding amazing at Burton. And most of their efforts get shut down by the 2 people mentioned above. I know because I was one of them. They created a clique of terrible people that don’t care about snowboarding, and are using the company to “look cool” meanwhile everyone just makes fun of them and what kooks they are. They even fired an assistant who tried to report them to HR for spending company money on drugs and personal things like $2500 chairs for their house, and expensing it. She was one doing the expense reports.

    If Burton doesn’t get rid of these 2, it’s quickly shrinking business will be looking real scary in the next 2-3 years.

    Air em out.

    • Ex-Employee
      Ex-Employee says:

      There are so many people that feel the exact same way the person who wrote this letter feel. The problem is, they are either currently working for Burton, collecting severance from Burton, or scared it may affect future job prospects. Burton is #1 when it comes to secretly firing people and paying them to keep their mouths shut. They must have a $500,000 annual “hush money” budget.

    • for real tho i work there
      for real tho i work there says:

      current work there, can pretty much confirm this. I mean you can’t exclude people from being hired because they don’t ride, but upper management should have a really good grasp on the culture. GD/AMD are pushing this weird LA fashion lifestyle/glamping vibe that no one really likes. But you gotta understand too that expanding to an all-season brand is a way to counter-balance the risk of shitty winters wrecking your entire years profits. After all, Burton is a business.

  3. duh
    duh says:

    Whatever, when Burton started they wanted snowboarding to be about alpine racing contests. Also Believe* people seem to take you more serious when you can spell properly.

    • The 2 in question are...
      The 2 in question are... says:

      Greg and Anne-Marie Daschyn. The Chief Creative Officer and his wife, the President of Marketing, who reports directly to him. Greg is second to Jake and makes most of the calls. Well, the bad ones at least.

      • Sexy Janitor
        Sexy Janitor says:

        They even make me, Sexy Janitor, wear strictly #DurableGoods. They also made me go to 3 different Grateful Dead shows looking for heady pins for ‘the 2019 line’

      • for real tho i work there
        for real tho i work there says:

        when your husband is your manager do you really think unbiased business decisions are going to take place? This “partnership” has been dissolved by the new CEO but still.

      • Elite150
        Elite150 says:

        Interesting. Googling Greg Dacyshyn turns up this interview:
        He certainly does a good job making himself sound legit, and clearly he does snowboard. However I am always skeptical of people who dress up in a costume every day, and I keep them at arm’s length.

        This is all very sad because right now more than ever Burton needs to be real about who they are and what they want to do. A “right-sizing” is probably in order. Snowboarding is in decline because skiing is cool again and it’s easier thanks to all the technology that snowboarders invented. Most little kids start out skiing and then they don’t have any incentive to try snowboarding because so few snowboarders make skiers think “that looks cool, I want to do THAT.” It does not matter how cool the softgoods are, most snowboarders cannot turn gracefully, therefore they cannot surf the mountain in any way that sells the sport.

          • nope
            nope says:

            It’s not about skiing being “cooler” it’s about $120 lift tickets. Skiing has the highest average per capita income than any other sport. Almost double second place. Snowboarding has never been the rich mans sport, sure you need to have disposable income to snowboard but it’s not for the elite like skiing is. In tough times like this, what young snowboarding family can afford to go to the mountain?? No young families going = no new snowboarders. This is the actual truth you ignorant fuck. Not about looking cooler. That’s the uninformed view on it.

          • Elite150
            Elite150 says:

            nope, I didn’t say skiing was cooler. I said it’s cool again. Snowboarding got its massive jump-start in the 80s and early 90s because skiing was stagnant (i.e., uncool) and snowboarding was fresh, alternative, and counter-culture. The point is, Snowboarding no longer has that advantage. It is no longer any cooler than skiing and so it has lost the rebel appeal. Therefore snowboarding must attract new riders on its own merit, that is, how fun it looks to do it. Not many snowboarders make it look good anywhere outside of a park/pipe. As for your economics argument, I don’t see how skiers and snowboarders are any different in that regard. A young family is a young family no matter what is on their feet. It takes significant money to use chairlifts and sleep in hotels either way. It’s not like snowboarding allows poorer people to participate and skiing doesn’t.

          • BK
            BK says:

            If it’s about the expensive lift tickets, then why did places like Northstar have a great year last year, in spite of drought and higher prices for everything? I think this is the bullshit excuse of the industry, the sport has always been expensive. I think kids are choosing skiing because there is less peer judgment. Snowboarders have said for years that it is all about freedom of individual expression and as long as you have fun, who cares how you do it……then everyone decided racers were gay, boardercrossers are jocks and you aren’t a snowboarder unless you hit rails, kickers or Xavier DeLaRue fall and die lines. You have to wear the right clothes and fit a very specific stereotype that is very exclusive and likely a huge turn off to a 12 year old kid. Skiers have been the “lame” people on the hill for the last 20 years, so I think they are less judgmental of each other, although that’s changing with the tall tee geeks in the parks. But who gives a shit, just go ride and do what you want.

          • Anecdotal
            Anecdotal says:

            BK, that’s great about Norsthar…But, you get that that’s just one resort right? That’s anecdotal evidence. It’s about how the resort industry is doing as a whole. And, if you’re not Vail, it’s not really going that well. Sure, there are some rich people out there that will keep going on expensive ski vacations regardless of how much tix and other prices go up. But, what the industry is losing is bringing in the new people…I was one of them. My parents never skied or snowboarded. I got in to it on my own in college. And, now live in a ski town because I fell in love with snowboarding so much. But, how are 20-somethings that don’t have families that are rich and ski going to get in to the sport now? They likely aren’t. Long-term, the industry is killing itself. But, really, the Vails of the world (ok, there’s just one Vail) doesn’t care. For them, it’s all about Real Estate anyway.

        • tierarzt
          tierarzt says:

          About time somebody said this.
          The vast majority of riders I see in the Alps are able to skid turns at best. You never see actual carving (I don’t mean full-on eurocarves, just carving through the whole side cut). If I was a young skier, I wouldn’t be attracted to snowboarding.

        • yo man
          yo man says:

          The rise in skiing is exposure and the time. You guys gotta remember the late 90’s boom in snowboarding. I started boarding in 92′. There were roughly 100 riders on the mountain at any given time. Late 90’s – Early 2000’s was huge. X-Games, marketing and commercials. Everyone and their mom wanted to ride. It was the cool thing to do. If the theme of any ad or commercial was snow, you can bet a snowboarder was somehow incorporated in that ad. If you were a kid in those days, you saw snowboarding as the cool thing to do. Not skiing. Video games? Cool Boarders, ESPN X-Games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. You couldn’t get away if you tried.

          That boom is long over and today’s kids aren’t getting punched in the face at every avenue with snowboard related marketing. Skiing bit snowboarding’s style; both in outerwear and tricks making it much more appealing than it was in 99′.

          • Sad man
            Sad man says:

            I guess the real solution is to hit them before they reach the hill. I live in Southern California and 1 in 100 people have seen snow and 1 in 300 have gone snowboarding or skiing. 1 in 500 own their own boards and the rest use rentals. I think proper marketing would be placing ads at the rental shop or ski instructor hut. I say this out of personal experience. When I went to a hill for the first time with my family, we were all planning on skiing because “snowboarding looked too dangerous”. Marketing should have changed that image. I know many kids who are afraid to go snowboarding because it looks more dangerous than skiing does. Your average snowboarder doesn’t plan on doing 1080’s on 100 footers. Snowboarding’s image should look appealing and fun like skiing does. You don’t have to be a park rat to be a snowboarder; just ride and have fun. Anyways, it was Burton’s old marketing strategy that got me into snowboarding. I remember that exact day, walking into the rental shop and seeing a huge fucking burton ad that said something about snowboarding being cooler, easier, and more fun. I told my dad that I wanted to try snowboarding, he first didn’t like the idea, but he let me try it. I was a snowboarder from that day on. The first 5 years, I didn’t think about going even near a jump, box, rail, etc. No, I thought following my family around the mountain was way more fun than constantly scaring myself. Snowboarding should share this image with skiing. Snowboarding shouldn’t always mean backflips, rails, corks, butters, and pretzels. For average people, a few good carves can make their whole day.

            I ride mainly park now, but nowadays, whenever I try to introduce anyone to snowboarding, they refuse to even attempt it. They constantly fear being judged for falling or “being a pussy”. If they go anywhere near a park, they feel like all the snowboarders are giving them shit for not hitting anything. However, they think skiers are friendly advice giving people (lmao) who are always willing to laugh and help out.

            The culture and image has changed, and snowboarding has to too. Snowboarding shouldn’t stick with the skateboard culture style. Why? Skateboarding is cheaper, all the alternatives look fucking gay, and the trendy clothing revolves around it. Snowboarding isn’t like that anymore. With the economy and lack of snow in many places, snowboarding is expensive as fuck, and snowboarding companies should learn to adapt to these changes. Make lift tickets cheaper, maybe give a free set of lift tickets with a purchase of a snowboard, don’t make snowboarding’s image 100% freestyle, etc.
            I think one thing that could possibly revive snowboarding is making snowboard movies/edits with 20-30% creative or difficult tricks and the rest of the percentage with things that people can do with friends. Skateboard films and Surf Films often show tricks or activities that kids can try with their friends. This keeps that culture alive. Snowboarding movies like “Burton Presents” show people doing triple corks and double cripplers on fucking urban walls. No kid is going to try that. It’s like going to the circus. You watch it for fun, but you don’t really give a shit about it after.

          • not a snowboarder
            not a snowboarder says:

            You are correct! And the narrowing of age group to age 15-25 and the skater type attitude and drugs was actually the cause of burtons advertising. They turned snowboarding into something fun for every normal person into THAT. Uhg. No thanks! sad 🙁

        • Editor
          Editor says:

          We interviewed GD in Laax last year for this piece. There’s no hiding the fact that he’s a standout-character and enjoys a good time. Greg has always been legit with me and myself coming from a long snowboard and retail background it was clear he knew what he was talking about. That said I have no reason to disbelieve these claims but think now it’s public it should be pushed to Jake & Donna and the lynch mobbing should remain where it belongs in the hypebeast comments section.

        • editor
          editor says:

          We interviewed GD in Laax last year for this piece. There’s no hiding the fact that he’s a standout-character and enjoys a good time. Greg has always been legit with me and myself coming from a long snowboard and retail background it was clear he knew what he was talking about. That said I have no reason to disbelieve these claims but think now it’s public it should be pushed to Jake & Donna and the lynch mobbing should remain where it belongs in the hypebeast comments section.

        • LifetimeBoarder
          LifetimeBoarder says:

          You’re absolutely right. I worked for a tactical company that was acquired by a large company and this freak Apparel designer tried to change our tactical apparel into an L.A. fashion piece. We were all like WTF, who is this? And sure enough, she never got removed from the company or from wasting people’s time, because she worked at “corporate” along with all the other dipshits who knew nothing about military, LE or spec-ops.

    • aliwags
      aliwags says:

      That is some funny shit. Why is it that I feel like I need a shower after shopping in the factory store. Those kids working there are just really trying so hard to be cool. Its not a friendly shopping environment. Icky. This letter is brilliant. Exercise your freedom of speech. Beautiful

      • Dug
        Dug says:

        I’ve never had an issue shopping at the flagship, every single employee I have dealt with is not only knowledgeable but friendly too. Seems like you’re just throwing shade to be cool.

        • shredstoke
          shredstoke says:

          Seriously. Don’t hate on that crew. They work harder, ride harder, and live harder than anyone else at that company. Work starts at 9? Those guys are splitting in the morning, making it count. They’re the ones working on holidays, working on the days the office closes for pow turns, and they still manage to shred 100 plus days a year. Last I checked, that was the definition of core. Don’t hate on the people that drive snowboarding. Hate on the people that bring it to the level we were trying to disassociate with in the first place.

  4. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    I had no idea who this could be about. Found a clue in the comments of the Knowbuddy story. Googled them and they look like horrible people.

  5. Just sayin
    Just sayin says:

    Hope saving that $30k by dropping Knowbuddy was worth all of the backlash, present and future. Good move, way to think it through.

      • Beardy McFancyhat
        Beardy McFancyhat says:

        My bae and I needed two designer hats for the festival scene this summer. At 15k a hat, it was a no-brainer, the KB program had to go.

    • Elite150
      Elite150 says:

      I wonder what would happen if I have my favorite custom board builder make me a board with Knowbuddy on the base.

      • lmao
        lmao says:

        you get sued. Designs are copyrighted. Don’t do it. After they sue the living life out of you, they will use the money to buy more cocaine and fire more employees.

    • Ex-Employee
      Ex-Employee says:

      Billy Andersen was “laid off” by them months ago. Coincidentally when Jake was in the hospital.

  6. CatsOutTheBox
    CatsOutTheBox says:

    someone fucking saying it like it is — precisely the type of content Yobeat exists for !! #GettemOut

  7. Clean Burton.
    Clean Burton. says:

    I came close to this a couple at numerous times at events in the US, Europe and Japan.

    Everything stated in the above letter is pure and plain truth. Just having a look at AM’s instagram ( ) would make any snowboarder sick.

    Fur coats and first class plane tickets, c*caine and bourbon bottles, is that what snowboarders’ money is meant to be spent at ?

    I always loved Burton, but since I met them, the image I have of the company changed. As a Burton Partner for more than 10 years, they destroyed everything Burton stands for.

    Getting those two kooks out of Burton would be the best move ever.

    • Insider
      Insider says:

      Nothing, that’s the problem. Nothing new has come out of marketing in almost a year with the exception of bad Instagram posts of Danny and Mark. There has been ZERO communication to the sales force, no sales meetings, and people jumping ship left and right. It’s sad to see it go from such great momentum and really being authentic again to these fucks (and their minions) literally just doing nothing and treating the company as a means to live one big vacation. Don’t believe me? Ask your local Burton rep. Oh wait…they’re getting rid of them too.

  8. Foundanswer
    Foundanswer says:

    Aww so i finally understand where all those horrible collabs come from.
    Just to name a few:
    – Whammy Bar x Pink Floyd. The people who used to ride that board were jib rats and they didnt give a fuck about Pink Floyd. But now i understand
    – The Lipstick x Salt’n’Pepa. Only for girls who hit the park and were born before 1980. But now i understand.
    – Burton boots x Diemme or Red Wings. Again… show me a teenager or a young adult who wears that and relate to it on the slopes. Now i understand.
    Anyway, what im sayin is that Burton has great products but really bad marketing choices for sure. On the opposite hand you have brands such as Capita or Union who capitalize (Too much?) on the core aspect and creates some crazy collabs. Collabs that kids relate to! Think Cobra Dogs or Changethattape.
    Well… we shall see what happens next !

    • Poopmonster
      Poopmonster says:

      Don’t forget those awful Frye Boots… That’s what snowboarding is, high fashion footwear.

      • cam
        cam says:

        are you kidding? You think it’s Burton or Nothing for that man? HAHAHA

        if he walked… SO MANY Companies would offer him a spot. Lib/Yes/Slash/Arbor/Volcom etc…

        I agree.Terje can chant core all he wants… yet he rides for the company that collabs with brands in vogue and shit

  9. SurfSnow3
    SurfSnow3 says:

    It’s Burton…what did you expect? They turned into the MTV of the snowboard scene like a decade back. Guess it all makes sense now.

  10. .
    . says:

    So as I said last week during the knowbuddys article…


    Cause I caught shit for it in the last few seasons, and I am hoping everyone is ok with it now.

      • Leader
        Leader says:

        U missed the joke there homie.

        It was more of a stab at the “I’m such a core-brah-snowboarder that I no longer hate Burton or Shawn White because too many people hate them now so I bitch at anyone who hates on them” snowboarder.

        Don’t worry I will continue to hate or like who ever I want. BTW I’m guessing I wouldn’t like you just for the fact that you used the word homie.

        • Lead
          Lead says:

          Sorry to offend you and miss your joke. You sounded like a kid trying to get the approval of the likes of YoBeat. Glad to hear you have ideas of your own and i totally agree with you on the “i’m so core i think burton is cool” shit. Homie.

  11. He's Jakes Coke Buddy
    He's Jakes Coke Buddy says:

    This tale of woe isn’t new, but hats off to the author of the letter. The trust between Jake and Mrs Daschene has been long out in the open. Maybe Donna doesn’t care, is in on it or they’re swingers. But who you sleep with shouldn’t undermine sman entire brand. Didn’t K2 do a dead collab in the 90’s? I hope Burton retains its former glory as it used to be fun, thorough and creative. Now it’s a shadow of its former self. Too bad. The tide of snowboarding is changing. Hopefully Greg and his Mrs move on to couture where coke is cool. The rad thing is that they are both terrific self promoters. Gotta give them that. How the fuck to you let Billy Anderson go? Pennywise. Brand and pound foolish.

      TRUTHKNOWER says:


      • Casey
        Casey says:

        @truthknower how do you know this? This story is blowing my mind! I’M NEVER BUYING A BURTON PRODUCT AGAIN!

  12. All my ex's live in Portland
    All my ex's live in Portland says:

    If you’re a past or present Burton employee and can vouch for everything in this letter, hit me with a thumbs up. No, they can’t see who clicks it. You won’t get fired. Do it.

    • for real tho i work there
      for real tho i work there says:

      Because it’s questionably true, do you really, really think that these people gave Jake Burton some exotic illness because of the stress that they’re causing? No really. Some of this letter is on point but it’s a lil over the top.

      • for real tho i used to work there
        for real tho i used to work there says:

        Nope, but forcing endless coke up his nose and partying for a week straight at the Open directly after knee surgery probably didnt help…

      • Hammertime
        Hammertime says:

        It wasn’t the stress they gave him it was all the shit drugs Greg pumped him with after cancer that put Jake in Dartmouth hospital all winter. I wonder what Craig Kelly would think of this cpl? He’s the one to make the big B what it was & is now losing. #helpjake

  13. !
    ! says:

    eh you know none of us were really gonna go out and buy some new Burton stuff anyways. they’ll keep making money off their crowd (people just getting into snowboarding or interested in “looking like a snowboarder”)

  14. SnowValley Janitor
    SnowValley Janitor says:

    As a previous rider for Burton, you could see cool people with drive and desire come in and change right in front of your eyes. Like a tumor they were taken over, by lameness and lack of innovation. I was stoked to see the ones that got out and are thriving and doing their own thing to beyond their own dreams!

  15. SoVT
    SoVT says:

    get it going #Burton #FiretheDaschyns use ’em everywhere, let them know we know. or get Stephen Colbert to do 20 minutes on it and that’ll get the ball rolling on some change.

  16. Steve I've built way too many Snowboards Coulter
    Steve I've built way too many Snowboards Coulter says:

    This breaks my heart that it’s gotten this bad. This was a company that I loved and busted my balls to make the best product that I could. In fact, all of us who got layed off are still great friends. It saddens me to think that 2 people could floor a company like this. I still have close friends who work there and don’t want to put them in danger of losing their jobs but shit man, stand up and say something. Oh well, I’ve moved on but still love Burton. Hopefully this letter will make something positive happen out of all of this. Love to all my Burton family!!!

  17. Shaun White
    Shaun White says:

    The leather pants and jacket… They made me do it!!!

    But they’ll never take away from my boot grabs and ego.

  18. Jake
    Jake says:

    haaay guizzee just saw not gonna happen..I’ve been brain washed by the coco lady and Santa haha but good luck evrywunnnnnn <3 <3 <3 8====D~

  19. Frankie's Ponytail
    Frankie's Ponytail says:

    SPOILER ALERT! Jake and Donna know, they simply don’t give a shit! Do you honestly think that they are blind to what 2 people, that they party with more than you poop, are doing? If they are, then they have to be as dumb as anyone who thought True Detective 2 was good. The D’s get paid to take the heat while Jake and Donna continue to play the Saints of Snowboarding, and they get paid well. Jake and Donna are dirty cops and they issue the orders. I love that no one wants to admit that. The problem will not get fixed because the 2 people that can fix the problem, are the fucking problem!!! Anyone who is smart leaves, or speaks up, and then gets asked to leave. Silence is golden and they pay a premium for it on the way out, but when all you are making is enemies, eventually the truth comes out. There are more people that used to work there, than do now, and they have no reason to lie. It’s genius to pin it all on 2 people that are really easy to hate but shit, no one else tells Jake how to run his company! The whole top layer needs to be vaporized because the only way you get there, is by playing a dirty, corrupt game. None of them are qualified to lead a marching band and that is why everyone leaves. Smart people can’t willingly follow morons. It’s fucking dumb, THE END!

    • BK
      BK says:

      Classic. Fuck this stupid industry. And all the idiots pretending they are doing “amazing” things.

    • Elite150
      Elite150 says:

      So JBC created Burton and made it the most successful snowboard company in the world all while being a moron, interesting.

  20. Abigail's Hammer Pants
    Abigail's Hammer Pants says:

    The ego’s in Marketing need to be dealt with. I don’t know what everyone is so proud of. They literally have done nothing but hemorrhage talent for the last 3 years. They spend more time throwing parties for themselves than actually working. Everyone that did anything worth mentioning is gone now because they thought sundance and coachella were a terrible idea and it hurt their feelings to watch total dipshits get handed Director titles like ice cream cones.

  21. Paco's Ghost
    Paco's Ghost says:

    Call me crazy, but when you call something “Durable Goods”, shouldn’t it be both durable, and/or good? All the buttons popped off and everything fit like the Incredible Hulk after he got mad. I’m gonna open a restaurant and call it “Doesn’t Taste Like Shit” and guess what, it’s all gonna taste like shit! Just Give up.

  22. Mr Serious
    Mr Serious says:

    Seriously though, who gives a fuck?? They are cooperate assholes..I agree with Frankie’s the fuck would Jake not know about all this shit? They just want monayy..don’t give a butt fuck about snowboarding. Nike was the same way..they came into snowboarding..”hurr’s some dope shit kids..make us rich”..sponsored some of the best riders..including one of my all time favorite riders..and then left the game to go focus on sports medicine. But that’s a different story..the point is this: just because Burton..not even Burton Snowboards anymore..doesn’t give a shit about does not change the fucking game here people. Let them be a sell out. poof there out of buisness..they’re old news..your kids will be like WTF is burton? and you’ll tell teach them what bad money can do. but in the end here, just because they’re already gone..doesn’t mean you can’t ride at your local mountain. There are way better brands now..brands that keep and forever will keep snowboarding alive. that’s all that matters. RIP Burton Snowboards and Burton Knowbodys..but it’s the end of one era..and it’s time for a new era to begin.

    • Shitty Bill
      Shitty Bill says:

      Nobody likes it if you hate on Nike. There was a time when snowboard and skate cats would have been disgusted by Nike trying to buy out their sports, but then for some reason everyone jumped on it, and they don’t wanna admit that they bought into the sports worlds biggest corporate sham. And i must admit on the surface they did it right, sponsored the right people, put out some cool projects,but of course they were out as soon as the numbers told their board of execs that it was time. People will hate on Vail Resorts all day on here but ripping on Nike is for some reason an automatic downvote. At least Vail is still offering something to the industry where Nike took the money and ran. Sorry but if you believed in Nike snowboarding.. then you’re a dipshit trendy ass fuck and you’re part of the problem. Sixteen year old me hated on Nike trying to buy into my sports and now that Im almost 30 I look back and think that’s one thing my idiot teenage self actually had some wisdom on. Fuck Nike.

    • Mackdawg
      Mackdawg says:

      Burton isn’t going to go away anytime soon kids. Whether we like it or not us “core” dudes are the only ones who give a shit about this type of stuff. We’re not the ones who make burton the majority of their money…it’s the idiots and gaper fucks who think they’re rad because they snowboard twice a year and can 50-50 a flat box. Anyone who works at a shop can attest to this, but if I had a dollar for every kook who comes in the store with a heavy ass old camber board claiming it’s nice because “it’s a burton board” looking for bindings for under 50 bucks I’d be fucking rich. It’s the moms who recognize the brand and buy burton stuff for their kids xmas gifts. It’s not us.

      • Mackdawg
        Mackdawg says:

        I also wonder if this is ever going to even get around to them or if they are so oblivious to the scene that yobeat is something that goes right over their heads

        • lou
          lou says:

          oh anne knows.. i made a filthy comment on her instagram and it was deleted…. went to the tune of… pick up your curtains aka your pun flaps you cunt

      • Overheard in a Burton marketing meeting
        Overheard in a Burton marketing meeting says:

        “We actually don’t need a team, no one shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods cares about a team, they just want the product. We could save alot of money that way”

        -True Story

  23. peterfeltesnatch
    peterfeltesnatch says:

    I hope they stay around because if Terje doesn’t ride for Burton I don’t think he will care as much either and I enjoy the feel and response of Terjes ridding.

    • Dude wtf
      Dude wtf says:

      Nah. they need Donald Trump to tell Santa Clause and his Stripper wife to fuck off to Mexico or some shit. Go run some other company that’s interested in tight leather jackets and metal rings on boots.


    • hahahah
      hahahah says:

      Except Bernie’s step son works for Burton. And he went to Nike for a bit when they were going to be that and a bag of chips, now he’s back at Burton…

  24. Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler says:

    If you snorted coke off Anne Marie’s dick you’d probably go blind too… It’s easy to lose track of things when you can’t see.

  25. Anne-Marie Daschyn
    Anne-Marie Daschyn says:

    Come on ladies, we all know this silly sport will only be able to reach it’s true potential when we can start incorporating high-fashion and the glamorous lifestyle that legends like Shaun White have paved the way for us today. Get with the times! #bootswiththefur


    Burton became a piece of shit around 2004. It would be great to see Burton disappear. It would be a big tidal wave effect for a year or two, but it would allow tremendous growth for actual core snowboard companies. Trust me, I know. I’m a corporate monstar! #GODIEBURTON

    • Dude wtf
      Dude wtf says:

      I don’t agree with you. Burton has done more for snowboarding than any other company has done. Actually, a burton ad is what got me to rent a snowboard instead of skis when I went to a mountain for the first time. It’s just sad to see that Santa Clause and his crack whore wife is slowly killing the company.

    • Elite150
      Elite150 says:

      The #2 and #3 biggest snowboard companies in the world are ski companies. I’m glad we have a snowboard company at #1. It’s a classic American success story. Or at least it was. It can and should be saved.

  27. KidsTheseDays
    KidsTheseDays says:

    At least AMD is familiar with the walk of shame so tomorrow shouldn’t be that tough for her.

  28. yobeet rulz
    yobeet rulz says:

    Wow. Excuse me while i vomit in my shoe. Dude those instagram accounts are unforgivable. Pictures of the grateful dead and shitty art? Bro your age and lack of general taste is showing.

    Burton just went from tolerable big bad industry/necessary evil to unforgivable/tasteless twats in my book.

    Props to yobeat.

  29. Jim
    Jim says:

    We all know they party. A lot. So what. So does everyone in the industry.
    The real question is who cares about burton and/or snowboarding anymore?

  30. Big Big Jizz
    Big Big Jizz says:

    I have worked a couple large corporations where I have had the opurtunity of being invited to party with the top. Burton is acting like a bank or an insurance company and it won’t last because they don’t take in that type of profit.

  31. JLo
    JLo says:

    Huh. Who’s surprised?
    My personal letter to Jake and Donna was dismissed in the ultimate “bro-shoff” last year, (by Jake), so I have a hard time losing sleep for this company’s future.

    This won’t “kill” the industry, just open it up more to folks that are truly down for the cause, like Capita/Union.

    Love the Insta pics! Duck lips and fur is the raddest! Slap some Black Flys on her and let’s party at the Hyatt lobby bar, 1993.

  32. Greg Dacyshyn
    Greg Dacyshyn says:

    Y’all niggas been naughty. No motherfucking presents for you. If you keep shitting on me, I will shut down the knowbuddies and kick half of the team off. Wait, I already did that. You know who’s been a good boy? Shaun White. He sits on my lap in his tight gimp suit and double corks my dick. My crack whore wife luvs shitty clothing, and she wants snowboarders to where it too. How lovely. Who gives a shit about the Knowbuddies when we have divas like Mark McMorris and Zak Hale. Anyways, let me go snort some more north pole cocaine and listen to shitty music like Grateful Dead.
    Later Babies!


    Dude wtf: you are obviously a bozo. By eliminating Burton you create a vast opening for the “small-may-never-make-it” companies. Sure you hit off on a Burton poster, nearly everyone has. But lezzzz be honest: you would have found your passion for snowboarding through a different poster. Snowboarding talks a lot of shit on “corporations.” THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND KICK THE DOUCHE BAGS OFF THE BUS!
    -mic drop

  34. toy robot
    toy robot says:

    An open letter to yobeat,
    I would like to apologies for complaining about the new comments system.
    Now that they are gone I realize that it was superior in many ways.
    I guess my complaints were less a reflection of the systems relative merits than they were a reflection of my own crippling fear of change.

  35. person
    person says:

    I want to thank yobeat for posting this, it surely makes up for the sometimes stupid shit that gets posted on this site, and I also want to thank all the companies out there, you know who are are, whom are keeping snowboarding fuking legit!!, if your reading this, i want you to know how grateful i am for you to actually care about this culture and shit like this is what will keep snowboarding alive, power to the riders, now we can collectively have input on the shit we care about so much, p.s I really hope the authentic burton makes a comeback lets get it

  36. Day off
    Day off says:

    I’m a former employee and can confirm every stated in the letter is true. I can also take it one step forward and tell you I know who wrote the letter.

  37. snowboard4love
    snowboard4love says:

    I’m not going to say anything about GD/AMD simply because I really don’t know. What I do know is – Jake Burton is the man who by himself (not Tom Simms or Chuck Barefoot with all due respect), through insanely hard work, determination and passion, opened up and got access to chairlifts worldwide for snowboarders, without Jake, we would still be riding backhills at the golf course. So for all you riders out there hating on burton and promoting other companies, just remember, there would be no other companies and no snowboarding on chairlifts in general if not for Jake. Real snowboarders with a knowledge of the history know this and have respect.

    • That's great and all...
      That's great and all... says:

      But this is actually not about hate for Burton at all, it’s actually about love and genuine concern for a great Brand that is quickly going downhill form 2 people.

    • you missed the point
      you missed the point says:

      You think the person who wrote this doesn’t know that? Seems to me that’s exactly why they wrote it … because of a concern for Burton’s legacy.

      If true, it would truly suck to see a couple douche bags slowly destroying an iconic brand like this.

    • BK
      BK says:

      You are out of your fucking mind and completely wrong. Do you know who the first instructors in the world were and who they rode for? Do you know who went on the road and spoke with ski resorts and showed them in person that boards could be controlled and should be allowed on the lifts? Sorry, Jake definitely helped facilitate some resort openings, but to give him credit when there were numerous people, namely Jeff Grell, Chris Karol, Jimmy Sechrest, David Alden and many others who wrote letters, showed up at resorts, poached, did everything for acceptance. Fuck you, you need to have some respect for the truth of that history.

    • Respectful Knowledge
      Respectful Knowledge says:

      Actually real riders with a love and respect for snowboarding and its history know how to spell SIMS and BARFOOT…

      • Not true
        Not true says:

        Lot’s of people contributed to snowboarding in the early days, Jakes the guy who continued when everyone else got beat down. Sure, more then one person tried to get us on the lifts, but there was only one champion!

    • Bob Abooey
      Bob Abooey says:

      Wrong!!! Wrong!!! You are rewriting history!

      You don’t think Tom Sims was an advocate and responsible for the development of our sport?

      Think again! In the west coast in the 80s and 90s Sims was everything! No one cared about Burton and in fact most hated the “alpine company”.

  38. KJAR
    KJAR says:

    My uncle actually met Greg last summer in downtown Burlington. He shared a cab with him as they both were heading to the same bar. On the ride there they became acquainted and went in a drank together. This led to a night of bar hopping, and he ended up spending a night on the mans moored along the Burlington waterfront. Greg paid for my uncle the whole night , which ended with a toll of something around 600 dollars, all out of his Burton expense account. I myself work in a ski shop, and meet with a Burton Sales Rep every fall. Some of the things he has told me that go on inside the company, along with the ridiculous markups the company has led me to stop buying so much of their product, and if it were not for me holding a proform with the company, I would not shop with them at all.

  39. Brian Moore
    Brian Moore says:

    All that I can say is that I worked alongside one of those who is the subject of this and very closely with the other. I can’t and wont speak to any of the specific, and lewd allegations thrown around here by many people who arguably have never met, or don’t really know either one.

    But I do know that two people, who I feel are fundamentally good people, and who have worked their asses off to do the best they can for the sport are being dragged through the mud unfairly.

    If someone who worked at Burton and has a connection to the Carpenters has a point of view it should have been brought up directly with them. And anyone who has an issue with the people involved should have the courage to confront them directly. What is happening on this forum-no matter what side of the argument you come out on- is cowardly bullshit.

    • KidsTheseDays
      KidsTheseDays says:

      I left the company on my own accord after several years because those 2 (and their cronies) made me hate what I loved, snowboarding. I recall questioning many decisions and directions, saying” But what does that have to do with snowboarding?”only to be hastily scorned. I asked for an exit interview so that I could constructively share my concerns and experiences. I was denied an exit interview because they said they did not need any feedback. So, keep drinking the kool-aid and believe whatever makes you feel better about the company you keep.

        • KidsTheseDays
          KidsTheseDays says:

          True, BK. I stand corrected, however, I also liked “the industry” early on because it was full of brilliant creative folks with big hearts for actual snowboarding. Burton, along with most companies in the industry, are not home to those folks anymore. Things morph. That’s life…and business. Is it winter in NA yet?

  40. The Real Truth Is...
    The Real Truth Is... says:

    That everyone in Portland is a kook. And a hater. And snowboarding is a fun pastime for the few that can afford it BUT DOES NOT MEAN SHIT IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. The amount of hate you kooks have the time to spray through your keyboards is atrocious. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES TO THE REAL WORLD, there are far more important things you should be worrying about…

  41. Brian Less
    Brian Less says:

    Thanks Brian! You must work in the HR department. Everyone that has spoken up, or tried to take stand, has been dismissed. I know this because I am one of those people. The HR dept. reports directly to Donna and there job is to put out the flames before she see’s the smoke. People are terminated for no real reason other than the fact that they gave a shit about the brand and tried to change things for the better. Good, hard working, passionate people are swapped out for people who will simply do as they are told, without having an opinion. What you are left with is an incredible amount of incompetent leaders that march in line and get promoted for doing next to nothing. Right now, I bet Donna is running around the building yelling at HR, telling them to find out who is doing this. That is the wrong approach. Instead of worrying about who is saying shit, worry about why there is so much shit to say. The truth finds a way out one way or another. This is far from a witch hunt, it is karma.

    • YES
      YES says:

      This is 100% accurate. I have seen many a good person “laid off” from Burton because they spoke out, or even just disagreed with Greg D. It’s a known fact at ol’ 80 Industrial that if you speak out or go to HR, you’re done. It’s a terrible, terrible working enviroment they’ve created. Unless you have boobs and blond hair and like to do coke and bang team riders.

  42. Can't Knock the Hustle
    Can't Knock the Hustle says:

    It’s funny to think 2 folks could sink a ship as big and watertight as Burton. I’ve met Greg a few times and enjoyed his antics. It’s funny how pro’s with flair are lauded but folks with flair are in costumes… That interview ( paints a picture of someone who is dedicated, creative and admits he doesn’t have all the answers. Even if the letter holds a kernel of truth, is it from someone who works as hard as Greg and Mrs. Greg? I think too many kids hold their insight and ideas in too much regard, especially without a volume of work to base their opinions on. I don’t love the Burton brand direction but I can respect the effort to move the business forward into multiple seasons, profitability and being fashion forward. It’s way too easy to criticize anonymously while spewing venom from a keyboard. Are the haters the same folks jockeying for a pro form each winter? It’s easy to hate. Try building anything: a shed, a ramp, a brand, a business. Tearing shit down is easy. Build, then criticize. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re really just dogpiling on speculation. If you met these two folks under fire face to face, would you have the courage to share that same venom? At first I thought “Right on!” when this letter posted as I agree Burton seems a bit adrift. But after seeing the hate from folks who obviously share the same passion for snowboarding, it makes me feel like I’m watching an online “Lord of the Flies.” Grow up. Think you can do a better job than these two? Earn it. Otherwise, keep talking smack and wishing you had the courage/ability/work ethic to grab the reins anywhere. It’s lonely at the top. Do we really need to eat our own with this spitefulness?

    • duh
      duh says:

      by your logic, only bank robbers can judge other bank robbers in a court of law. only woodcarvers can judge another woodcarver’s work, nobody else can ever have an opinion about anything unless they themselves have done that same thing. well obviously Jake Burton judges himself to be a pseudo-celebrity wallstreet insider who masterminded his own stocks.

  43. Sorry that's great and all
    Sorry that's great and all says:

    But 95% of this thread does not sound like love and genuine concern for a great brand. It sounds more like a bunch of disrespect and hate, after scrolling though, it’s clear that there are a few people here who know the sport and the sports history, but the majority here are a bunch of punks who think they are #1 and should be a world class pro snowboarder but got screwed, I’m sure they sent their video to Burton and got rejected, so now they have nothing better to do but slander them for life. Brooke Geery for one (founder of Yobeat), she’s a Vermont native who at the tender age of 14 didn’t get her Burton way and has spent every day since drinking beer and talking shit about Burton, everyone who knows Brooke know it’s her favorite pastime. For all we know brooke could have wrote that letter herself based on gossip just to hate some more while boosting her own agenda. Either way you look at it, Jake and Donna and their company is not the problem, the problem with the snowboarding industry is right here in this forum, after reading 95% of this crap, I can understand why snowboarding is dipping off, I wouldn’t wanna ride the chairlifts with over half you dipshits either! Have some respect and open your eyes.

  44. Shop Buyer
    Shop Buyer says:

    As a shop buyer, I chose to quit doing business with Burton a few years ago. Their product didn’t sell and the best softgoods were discontinued. After I broke the news to our sales rep, (who lived 6 miles away, yet I saw once a year) Burton scheduled a meeting with a few higher-ups at SIA to tell us how “core” they were and to have us reconsider. It backfired and they came off as arrogant assholes. They said we were making a terrible decision that we would regret. Best decision we made.

    • Shop Owner
      Shop Owner says:

      As a Shop Owner of a Core Snowboard only Shop……we dropped Burton more than 5+ years ago as well. Best Decision to date.

  45. DG
    DG says:

    Right or wrong, calling out someone anonymously like this is pretty puss. Especially when calling out their character and not just opinions on what they did to the brand. Surprised it went up without someone standing behind it.

  46. bleu gerard
    bleu gerard says:

    now I feel bad for milo. Looks like they just started picking up Burton gear again this season 🙁

  47. dan
    dan says:

    I am sure Jake would like to be concentrating on his health right now then all of this BS, Get well Jake!

  48. Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia says:

    I was going to write a long and thoughtful comment about the responsibility the consumers (snowboarders) and producers (companies) have to save the “industry”, but fuck it. As evidenced by the current situation at Burton – which, as the leading producer, is representative of the industry as a whole – our heads are so far up our own asses chasing what we feel is cool on an individual level, whether that’s some hippie bullshit, esoteric fashion collaborations or the never-ending search for core-ness.

    At the end of the day, all we’re doing is sliding down mountains on boards made of wood and plastic. What we do isn’t for everyone, and as active participants, we need to ensure that our “sport” is well represented to the masses. Burning money on bad marketing decisions and short-sighted collaborations will never be well received over the long run. Hopefully Jake can understand this as quickly as possible.

    • Jerry Garcia
      Jerry Garcia says:

      To expand on my own comment, “Burning money on bad marketing decisions and short-sighted collaborations will never be well received over the long run”, AND will make our whole industry look like it’s ran by a bunch of drug fueled idiots.

    • duh
      duh says:

      burning money on boatloads of coke isn’t good for the image of a “sport” either… it’s trying too hard to be something that snowboarding never was

  49. kelly jo legaz
    kelly jo legaz says:

    wow. it use to be if you had a problem such as this a person would personally mail a letter, not send it to some website. Jake can do what ever the fuck he wants. who cares if they sell tents or strive to be a 4 season sports company. if you are personally affected then talk to him about it. if he wont listen and youre buddies…keep bitchin. that’s what real friends are for. after 30 years he is gonna do whatever he wants. if my AK gear sucks, its up to me to tell him, and then go buy something eles that works. I admit I got caught up in the drama at the shop back in march when I was out there… when he decided to take a nap for 5 months, and I felt helpless and felt like blaming someone for his physical demise. and I did. and I regret it. influence is a personal decision. I have decided that between me and him and donna I will say what I feel personally and he can tell me to shove it if he wants, and in that case we will have strictly a NFL relationship. the internet is a deadly entity. I love my buddies. shit changes and nothing is really ever what it use to be butt personally I feel bad to have this letter forwarded to me and realize the world can read it…like this as well. there are still people involved with this company that really care and want what use to be…and I do as well, but mostly I want my buddy that has worked his ass off to be happy and I would prefer healthy. butt he is pretty much old balls and a stubborn asshole so good luck with that people.

  50. Neeko
    Neeko says:

    Kelly Joe Legaz is one of the most legit humans I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. That’s all I wanted to say. Hope your well KJ

  51. A
    A says:


    Capitol-S Snowboarding gets the bozack, as always.

    As for the letter’s author: this is such a dire situation, these meanies in Vermont?–PUT YER NAME ON IT!

    Also: Vermont LOL

  52. Franny No's
    Franny No's says:

    The TWS letter came in from Burlington if that even matters. I get the message and can assume that much of what you said is true but take a look at the rest of your consumption based life and the bullshit companies you support before you start chipping away at a fragile part of our industry due to your disgruntled ex-employee rant. “I got let go so I’m gonna get even with a letter.” Feel awesome right now? Great. Move on with your life and do something that actually matters. There’s always going to be a douche in charge unless you are the douche in charge and you will still think you aren’t a douche. Jesus Christ, when did snowboarding turn into a bunch of whiner fucks like all ya’ll on this comments section? Can’t wait to be raped with intelligent replies. A corporation can’t save snowboarding – only you can. teach a kid to ride – convert a skier friend. Smile and be nice on the lift. Get better Jake – you’ve paved a solid road for all of us and now we’re brats with great expectations. Sorry dude. Good night.

  53. Jacques
    Jacques says:

    Wow! I can comment and not use disquis or etc. Yobeat is back.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll just stay skiing.

    Anyone want to talk shit about Dynastar and the others that sell extruded base stuff at sintered prices?

    • BackScratcher
      BackScratcher says:

      Bigger question is why do we all grab our boards in the air, two planks or one, when we have bindings on? Shit makes no sense. So mad about this right now. Shifties for life!!!

  54. FourSquare_SpecialBlend
    FourSquare_SpecialBlend says:

    My local shop stopped selling Burton a few years back. The last board Burton board they had someone wanted to look at and asked to see how flexible it was. Before even putting a REASONABLE amount of pressure on it, it snapped in half, and Burton refused to cover it.

    Also, just because Santa and his crack whore live in snow, doesn’t mean they know snowboarding.

  55. MrHighHorse
    MrHighHorse says:

    Who gives a shit? honestly who gives a shit about a snowboarding magazine, gtf over it. Go play ping pong.

  56. SATAN
    SATAN says:

    i say we ditch hagrid and the 20000$ prostitute then let me be incharge. i can see it now, slayer x burton, gwar x burton, the satanic temple of detroit x burton, x burton, burton x burton and we change the burton logo to a pentagram. we must ditch all the stupid hippie shit. im positive simone chamberlan would drop his panties to ride for burton with these changes.

  57. Borgy
    Borgy says:

    BK, I really wish you would start a column here. I’ve talked to you before about it but someone needs to do a real interview with you. Youre a resource that people walk by everyday and never realize how much you know. You probably have more true industry knowledge, at least history-wise, without the rose colored glasses, than anyone.

    I have my own history with burton that nobody really cares about but as far as this letter goes, i’m glad you posted it. It gets the discussion started. The merits of anonymous criticism can be argued but somebody felt that drastic times called for drastic measures. There are plenty of secrets that everyone pretends they dont know about until they cant pretend anymore. These concerns are going to have to be addressed now. Perhaps they will decide to continue down the same path but they have been put on notice that everyone knows what’s happening. This letter, and publishing it publicly, are a catalyst for change.

  58. washyodewragson
    washyodewragson says:

    Former Employee here, Never had the pleasure/dis-pleasure of dealing with either of the 2 people in question. I will say that Marketing in general was it’s own subculture within a subculture company. I witnessed yearly unnecessary lay-offs and a hemorrhaging marketing department (that some how thought remodeling an entire building for their SIA presence was cheaper then just having a booth at the show) that made other areas of the company fight for scraps of funding to even stay afloat and not lay-off more people. Departments like Operations for instance a department that you don’t want to fail because if they do no one gets the product on time that was marketed in the first place. I cannot speak to AMD or GD directly just report what I observed while there. I would say that if a lot of former employees are validating it (which seems to be the case) there has to be at least some shread of truth to the letter. The key to the reply written was that it was an Internal response….Potential damage control if anything because people talk and panic pretty quickly around there. No matter what happened it was always swept under the rug but the people in the know knew what was really happening. The point about Jake’s health is also valid after all he’s been through this is the last thing the poor guy needs…The truth always comes out however and you can’t necessarily pick when that happens… I’m not even butt hurt about not being there anymore I loved working there, 99% of the people I met and the company culture minus the wannabe hipster hesh LA burnouts…….

  59. Frankie'sPonytail
    Frankie'sPonytail says:

    You want to know what is BS? The fact that “being apart of the culture” is part of the Burton employee review. Just sayin.
    Totally agree with the statement made about promotions not being made on merit. It’s all about who you’re homies with. So many employees busting their asses to make up for premadona leadership that don’t know what the f they’re doing. Those employees are the ones that make Burton such a great brand.

  60. come on...
    come on... says:

    Okay. So first of all, the Burton employee call outs in the name sections (Evan Rose hole, LaCours Labia, to name a few) are unnecessary and getting pretty old. These people have nothing to do with either of the articles, so you should leave them out of it. Second, it blows my mind that this is playing out in such a public forum. This isn’t Enron… and I am pretty sure AMD and Greg didn’t kill anyone. It is crazy that people are forming such strong opinions solely based off an annonymous letter posted on the internet. Is a public lynching really necessary with so many unconfirmed details? Let it go.

  61. Late to the game
    Late to the game says:

    They’re fucking up the snowboard cultrure BECAUSE THEY DONT FUCKIN SNOWBOARD. WHAT SNOWBOARDER YOU KNOW DRIVES A FUCKIN G WAGON? THIS AINT HATE THIS IS TRUTH. THE COMPANY IS BEING RUN BY A DRUG ADDICT – YOU THINK THIS IS THE VISION CRAIG WOULD HAVE HAD? How can you be this old and out of touch – you wouldn’t know style or passion if smacked you in the face. THIS SHITS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS. WENT FROM WO TO BLOW. Good luck – stay a float – keep treating people with disrespect – get your paper – and fuck off.

  62. VT802Felon
    VT802Felon says:

    Pay offs?? Glad I ran in to this post on FACEBOOK and read it all, where can I get paid off for being an EX drug dealer con with video of drunk Greg blowing lines with me?? Hooked him up, now I need some paper

  63. Someone
    Someone says:

    Brooke, why’d you get rid of asking former employees for stories at the end of these articles and also delete the Instagram post about it?

    RIP ANALOG says:

    This was pretty under the radar to me as i havnt really ridden much in the last four years due to a chronic injury (no pun intended) and havnt followed snowboarding near as close as i used to unfortunatly. This season i was really wanting to get back my lifestyle that i love and was looking to purchase a jacket. So i looked up my favourite outerwear company of all time, analog. Not surprised now to see they have no website, no online catalog and could only be found on the burton website. Took a look and there some of the ugliest jackets i have ever seen! Considering they used to have the best jackets in snowboarding this sucks! I knew something was up a few years back when they rebranded and dropped there skate and surf team. Got progressively shittier and now almost unrecognizable. Send the kooks to the moon!

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