Jye Kearney FULL PART

According to the urban dictionary, “the name Jye refers to one who is perfect in every way. All that he does is greater than those around him and because of this it tends to make them either jealous or madly in love with him. His ability to look and smell amazing at any time of the day has been said to be a personal gift from God. Rumor has it he has access to more of his brain than most humans but chooses not to use it.”  And after watching this part, we may add really fun to watch snowboard, too.

Filmed on location in New York City, Boston and Montreal

Film/Edit: Marcus Skin

  • masshole

    My favorite part was the nice shot of the man ass

  • umm

    you forgot to not to do early out at 1:33 and in many other shots too

  • and

    Why the kicker is in the stairs in the ender?

    • are you stupid

      uhhh that was a triple set…

      • yea but

        that doesn’t make it any more acceptable

        • I dunno

          It was still super fucked up.

  • Silky Johnson

    can yobeat make a video ala Dave Chappelle’s “Player Haters Ball” where people just roast snowboarding videos.

  • I’m Adopted

    Jye is less committed to making it to the end of a rail then my parents are about looking after me.. so not at all

  • Sean

    This was fucked ! last two shots were so sick!

  • chet

    that was sick as fuck and the fact that he came all the way from Australia just to film it makes it even radder imo

  • what

    why the fuck haven’t i heard of Jye

    • poop

      probably cause hes from down under

      • poop

        down under deez nuts

        • fiend


  • bitchez

    That made us fucking wet