Hump Day Goes Earthing with Bryden Bowley



He’s the stranger you pass on a far-out mountain road driving a purple Ford Ranger like a grandpa, with a feather in his hat and his hands gripped at 2 & 10. He’s the guy behind the counter at the shop who makes you slightly uncomfortable with his enthusiasm for pizza by the slice. He’s the dude in the lift line wearing a cotton-twill jacket and goggles with no hat on a 18″ powder day. Weird? Yes, but in the best way possible. Take a peek into the mind of your undiscovered favorite person, Bryden Bowley. – Chase Burch

Interview by Noah Vincent

So Bryden, tell where you’re from and where you’re living now.

I am from Warren, Pennsylvania, a super small town right in the Allegheny National Forest. Super awesome town. I have been living in Ogden for the past 4 years during the winter and I definitely don’t want to live in Salt Lake City. Ogden is way sicker.

What’s the deal with Ogden over Salt Lake?

I like Salt Lake and I have a lot of friends down there but I like Ogden so much more. It’s smaller, it’s got such a sicker scene, the mountains up there are never busy, and the best thing of all… There is the best pizza in the world. It’s called Lucky Slice pizza and you cannot get any better. I’ve been across the United States so many times and never had better pizza. Al Pal has driven from Salt Lake up to Ogden just to get Lucky Slice, which is really cool. There’s a Lucky Slice “Snowboard Team” and pretty much they just give us free pizza. They’re freakin awesome. The guy that makes the pizzas has been to culinary school and the dudes that run it are these guys in their lower 30s who are snowboarders who just wanted to start a pizza shop. It’s pretty much Spedelli’s… but way better.

Hahaha do you want to claim that?

Yeah, it’s definitely way better than Spedelli’s. Not saying I don’t like Spedelli’s, I think it’s cool, but I definitely like Lucky Slice way more. Lucky Slice makes Spedelli’s look like bagel bites.

Bryden Bowley 5-0 @thrashleyphoto

Pic: @thrashleyphoto

So let’s get down to it, what is Earthing?

Earthing is a top secret cult started in Windells Camp this summer. Basically what it all started with is at managers training Tucker Speer was saying something about how he loved the mountains and loved being in the woods and Chris Hargrave said to him, “You’re like one of those Earthers aren’t you?” I thought it was really funny and ever since then I’ve been saying it all the time. It’s just a funny way to say that word and it has caught on so much. Now a bunch of people have been saying it, just like yeah dude Earthing.

I remember I asked you whats up one night and you said Earthing real casual and I thought it was a super fun word. I didn’t know Chris said it first.

Yeah, that’s how it originally started. Oh and Chris was like you should ask Scotty Vine about it. So apparently Scotty Vine is an Earther. Last week was Arbor Week at Windells and he wasn’t here but I wanted to ask him about it.

We’ll make sure we put this in, so Scotty Vine if you’re reading this- Are you an Earther? The people want to know.

Yeah the people of Windells want to know! I wanted so bad to ask him but he just didn’t come. I’m an Earther for sure. We’re all Earthers.

BrydenBowley _Melon_@gill_monty_photo

Pic: @gill_monty_photo

I’m definitely down for Earthing. Speaking of Earthing, tell me about living in your truck last summer.

So last summer I came out here just wanting to sleep in my truck for the entire summer for a few different reasons. One being that I just like sleeping in my truck. I’ve travelled across the country a lot of times visiting like national parks and stuff like that and I really like traveling and staying in my truck. When I got the job at Windells last summer I came out here and I wanted to stay in my truck the entire summer. Every night I would drive a few miles down the road and sleep in this really cool spot with a swimming hole. My friends nicknamed it the “Bowley Hole.” So I pretty much did it, just to say that I did it and it was really fun.

So what’s the deal with Homewood? We’re kind of from the same area and I’ve started seeing Homewood stuff all over the place.

Yeah! So Homewood Snowboards is pretty much a small board company that started up in Pennsylvania three years ago. A lot of people have these snowboard companies and stuff that they want to start when they’re in high school or middle school and basically Homewood is these three guys who bought some board presses out of Vermont and just started experimenting and pressing boards. They’re awesome guys, they’re all kind of punk dudes, and they have punk shows at the factory sometimes, it’s just really sick. One of the owners, Ryan Williamson, I think is on a punk tour right now. He tours around in a punk band called BERNIES. They’re just touring around the east coast. They’re all really awesome guys and snowboarders though. But yeah they make really solid snowboards, they’re kind of impossible to break and I’ve been hitting rocks on hood all summer and my base still feels fresh. They’re just a really small board company that gaining a lot of momentum and I think it’s amazing that such a small brand has gained so much respect and attention in just 3 years. I’m really hyped on it.

You’re a part of some of this though, what exactly do you do for Homewood?

So I’m the team manager for Homewood. Two years ago Ryan came to me and told me he didn’t really know what to do about the team and I told him i’d see what I could do. So I’ve tried to hook boards up to people that really fit the image for Homewood and I’ve been pretty selective so far. So far we’ve been hooking up Trevor Eichelberger, Jack Cornell, and Al Pal. Those three have all been super sick.

Brydenbowley_shiftyto lipslide_@gillmontyphoto

pic: @gill_monty_photo

I’d like to shout out to @treichelberger that guy is on two.

Haha yeah Trevor is wild. I don’t even understand how that guy has a brain, it doesn’t seem like he actually has one. He’s insane, shoutout to Trevor Eichelberger. But yeah, I’ve just been trying to create something with the boards I give to people that people think is sick. So far, so good I think. I do a few other things at Homewood, Chase Burch and I work a lot on business ideas and where we think the brand should go. Chase, Ryan, and I are pretty much running the show at Homewood. Ryan is an awesome designer who does a lot of graphics, and really helped create Homewood’s image. What’s really cool about Ryan is that he’s building the boards as well. The owners of Homewood are the same guys pressing the boards at home in Pennsylvania, which is really cool.

That’s awesome, I don’t know if there’s many other brands that can say that. So tell me about this movie you’re starting soon.

So my friends and I have been talking about making a movie for a long time and this winter we’re going to film a movie all about snowboarding in Ogden. Be on the lookout it will be myself, Chase Burch, Cody Lee, Evan Wilcox, Tristan Sadler, KC Russel, and pretty much anyone from Ogden and anyone that wants to come film. It’s gonna be super sick, it’s kind of the Lucky Slice Pizza movie as well. We’re not set on a name for that movie yet. I bought a camera and would like to make my own movie called MotherEarth too because I think that’d be hilarious and I love Earth and Earthing.

Shoutout to Earth. Any other shoutouts Bryden?
Shoutout to Earthing, Chase Burch, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Evan Drage, Eduardo, Ryan and everyone at Homewood, Jason at Snowbasin, Kyle and Wallis at Airblaster, Pete Scheira, and everyone from home.

Thanks Bryden! #earththeearth


Pic: @erikhoffman_

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