Yobeat’s Guide to Summer Snowboard Steez Part 1: Head Gear

Do you prefer fashion or function while snowboarding? Whichever you choose, proper attire can make the difference between the best time ever and being uncomfortable and miserable all day long. We’ll start with head gear, because just like in the winter, keeping your head and face protected on the glacier snowfield is a must. In this day and age of snowboard fashion acceptance, there are many ways to look dope while staying cool and covered from the harsh UV rays.

Goggles and Backwards hat


Pro: You may be mistaken for Scott Stevens.

Con: Chances for regrettable tan lines are strong – we’re talking half burnt ears, halfmoon forehead tan and of course, the standard goggle tan.

Flat brim and glasses


Pro: Can easily transition between the glacier and off hill activities.

Con: Opening yourself up for major sun damage on your nose, face and neck.

Bucket hat


Pro: Optimum shade on the upper half of your face.

Con: You kind of look like you should be fishing.

The Face Tube


Pro: The top of your head is fully ventilated.

Con: You can’t actually breathe.

Sunglasses and Helmet


Pro: You’re safe and remain cool, temperature wise.

Con: You just look kinda kooky.

The Full Face Kit


Pros: No chance for sunburn or other harm to your head.

Cons: You’re sweating balls before you even get on the lift.

The Hood


Pros: Great sun protection, and easy adjustments to stay cool while staying covered.

Cons: Fleece is hot as fuck.

The Doo Rag


Pros: Everyone owns a t-shirt and anyone can do it.

Cons: You may be mistaken for a wigger or terrorist.

Stay tuned next week for the full kits of summer…







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