John Silk’s Part That Almost Wasn’t

One day in the late spring, about a month after the mountains closed, John and myself looked over all urban footage from last year to John’s disappointment. He had looked at all his clips and was discouraged with the amount we were able to log. So, John in a very polite and humble way asked me not to use them.”We can probably film more next year.” he told me (paraphrasing). I felt terrible because John worked as hard as he could for this part and I’d be motivating him at spots with the promise of a dope part at the end of the season.

Last season, John was a full time student and also worked 6 days a week at a horse feed store. Meanwhile I was an hour and half away being a full time student at UConn. We were not prepared for filming a part and neither were we prepared for the amazing winter we had in CT this year. We had no money, a crew divided, and especially no drop-in ramp, plus with John’s absurd schedule we could only film on Sundays when his teacher didn’t shaft him with an essay. So, we’d ride around to film rails that “wouldn’t look THAT small on film” so we could shovel a drop in and get shots. Of course we were kicked out of more spots then we actually hit. Some nights were nothing but failures due to lack of resources. However, we learned a lot about the process and managed to come out with about 1:30 of urban clips, which I was more stoked on then John.

Being a snowboarder out of Western CT is hard when you not a wealthy, privileged kid for a lot of reasons. First there is not a single core snowboard (or even skateboard) shop in the area. There is no united snowboard scene. John and I are from a small town of about 1,500 people called Sherman where our little crew of riders is one of the only snowboard crews for miles. It doesn’t help that the parks in CT suck. Ski Sundown is overpriced and Southington is steep and tiny. That’s how we found ourselves at Butternut, MA where Rick Jennings and the boys build a proper park (just ask Stan — I know it’s his home mountain).

(last paragraph) If you do remember John Silk it was probably from the Butternut Volumes, you guys used to post on the site which is why I’m emailing Yobeat first. The fact you just posted those was huge for us in our senior year of high school, but college divided our crews in the winter and the kid that used to make them quit filming snowboarding, which was heartbreaking for me. So, John fell off people’s radar just as quickly as he got on. But I’m emailing you guys and girls hoping that you’d post this part. It really mean a lot to me but it would mean a lot more to John Silk, who may not be snowboarding next year for lack of funds. I thank you for your time and patience with this email and I hope you enjoyed the part. – Connor Lowe aka Lowe Quality

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  1. Bobby Labonte
    Bobby Labonte says:

    Pretty good, but I doubt Pat Duffy would approve of the song choice. Maybe he would though?

  2. GetWyld
    GetWyld says:

    remember sessioning that red rail at woodbury real early season with yall, this is dope. style is silky smooth

  3. fetty wop
    fetty wop says:

    Iv got beef with this edit and it has nothing to do with the riding. First, you totally ripped off think thank second, jerry was a racecar driver should never be used in anything skate/snow related cause THPS

    • Moles
      Moles says:

      Youre the type of person who yelps the shit out of a resturant because they forgot to give you the icecream included with your childrens menu meal. People have been writing words over video parts forever, watch something other than a think thank video :)..

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