Common Apparel’s Knife Island

It’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t go snowboarding. It’s too far, it’s too expensive, etc etc, but you can also just shut up and make a park in your backyard like the boys at Common Apparel. Relive the memories from the last season ever at Knife Island, and never fear, operations are moving to Duluth and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Filmed by:
Nate Blomquist
Jackson Brown
Sam Jorgensen

Edit by Nate Blomquist

Everyday- Asap Rocky
Our House- Crosby Stills Nash

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  1. jewsnowboarder
    jewsnowboarder says:

    anyone know of a common apparel part filmed near cleveland? past winter i went to a local spot to see a fresh inrun and a common apparel sticker slapped on the gazebo next to the rail but i haven’t seen the rail in an edit yet.

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