The NewShow: 6/17/15

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This Week’s Episode

Rabbit Avalanche

Turf Kids

Trash league

Chris Builing at Loon

Regular Guy on Turning

This Rotten Life

Never Summer Super Park

Stoner falls into earth

Origins Trailer

Olympic Big Air

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  • Nuggets

    Fucking awesome once again.

  • fuqqboiiii

    comical gold

  • cocaine

    Jp walker part was pure gold

  • final answer

    i do enjoy all the new a$ap for rotten marcus, but i see what youre really doing. youre doing this to prevent all these wonderful new a$ap songs from being the only songs used in summer edits by using them all up now!! even if it’s only a 5 second segment of the song!! I’M ON TO YOU STAN

  • rickyjulienbubs

    hang on a fuckin sec here. 1 months rent for that place is actually doable bud. team up with fuckin skateboards and skiers if you have to. son of a bitch if i could do the math but 12500/month would only require something like 4000 donations of $3 a pop or something. everyone in action sports hates this fuckin dick so that’d be no problem. you guarantee a new new show every week while you’re there and i’d pay well over $3. better than $7 a month for your stickers. kickstarter was born for this shit

  • GetWyld

    still haven’t watched the origins teaser



  • Ronnie

    You guys are the worst. You have nothing left but to click bait the 13 year old idiots that are barely keeping your shitty site afloat by talking shit about the best snowboarder that’s ever lived. You think you’re funny? You’re the opposite. You’re tmz with a hangover. Fucking hacks. Justin, you can even tell how checked out you really are now. You used to be funny, now the shit just feels forced. You’re well on your way to moving to Chicago to become Nick Liptons bottom bitch. Real talk. You guys need to hang it up already

    • jump jocks


  • sense

    I would donate to that