Justin Hostynek and the Current State of Snowboarding

Ed from Buoloco sits down Justin Hostynek for some real talk on the state of the snowboard industry. Warning, it’s kinda depressing.

Link: Buoloco.com

  • Dos Cadenas

    Truth. This is why biting other people’s shit is lame, even if its a good edit with respected riders.


    I bumped into an ex absinthe rider in Alaska a few years back who has since been working with Pirates. ARGH.
    He summed up his time spent with Absinthe as expensive. 10k just to shoot with them + heli time, lodging airfare etc. The DIY attitude in snowboarding is not attainable with this crew and is probably why the roster has changed so much over the years. Albeit Wolle the original. That said I love absinthe and was sad to hear they no longer shoot 16mm.

  • mdot

    that dude is miserable. what a fuck head

  • ive heard some stories about being in trips with this guy. Sorry you cant adapt to the times brother. Your upset your filmmaking doesnt standout against the sea of videos on the interweb. It was easier for you before the digital days when the only thing making yiur film look good was the look of film and the riders involved.

    Used to have respek for this guy

  • moles

    knucklehead is online and free and it gets me hyped to snowboard.. more so than the art of flight so smd

  • moles

    knucklehead is online and free and it gets me hyped to snowboard.. more so than the art of flight so smd

    • maxwell


  • Dude definitely needs to get with the times. I agree that full length, properly produced movies ares still the best and most successfully drive snowboarders to snowboard, but we live in a world where, not only have regular service providers, like Netflix become creators, but so has everyone else. Literally anyone with a phone and an internet connection; you know this. And in no way is this limiting the sport, even given a “newer” copycat culture. People try tricks and styles that make them feel good; why should Scott Stevens be the only person allowed to fingerflip his snowboard? This increase in viewers or “copycats” is currently impacting the sport; “soul carving” is cool again, loads of kids are trying to “get weird” by unstrapping their feet, and DIY boarding may be at an all time high. It is a good thing. LIGHTEN UP BUD, people who care will still buy your movies.

    • what huh

      Yeah, Hostynek seems….sad. Never would have guessed, maybe he was having a bad day or something?

  • maxwell

    this is hard pill…

    if anything kids having broader access to equipment and media outlets has helped spur more innovation than ever in the sport.

    exclusivity of these dinosaur production companies piggy backed snowboarding in the stylistic dead end we are finally breaking free from.

    let em eat cake~

  • c’mon

    He just seems to be really bitter that there is so much more content out there for free and he can’t get as big of budgets for his videos. There are groups of friends watching the newest Yawgoons edit with the same excitement that kids had watching the newest Mack Dawg or Standard Films videos in the 90s.