Backyard Turf Boarding

It’s summer, but all you wanna do is snowboard. You can’t make it to somewhere with snow because you’re scared of air travel and that shit is expensive. You’re liable to hurt yourself skateboarding because you’re used to being strapped in and concrete is so unforgiving. You’ve considered mountain biking, rock climbing, fly fishing, motorcycles and all sorts of other popular summer past times and deemed all of them just not as good. And it’s just so damn hot out. Summer is stupid.

We feel your pain, and offer this super plausible solution as illustrated by our friend Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau from Quebec. Your own personal backyard astro-park. Before you write it off as too much work – watch the video, they make this shit look pretty damn awesome.


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  1. xXButtcheese69Xx
    xXButtcheese69Xx says:

    Don’t have a trust fund. My parents won’t give me money. Too much work. Carpet burn is for the Too Hard girl’s knees, not mine. Carpet is dumb unless you’re a skier trying to jib a PVC pipe then it’s super fucking dumb.

    I really just wish I had all the money in the world so I could build this.

    • col. forbin
      col. forbin says:

      seriously, even if you just learn to cruise around you will be a whole lot better on the snow next fall

  2. squares
    squares says:

    All kinds of cool ideas, still kinda wacky. Dude should slay on sticky rails in the winter though

  3. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    I dont understand why this motherfucker was wearing his bib snowpants on this set up

  4. lewd
    lewd says:

    clay hatzenbuler is the OG turf boarder. this edit was super fun, relax a little people.

  5. Carl
    Carl says:

    I dont care if its hot or not. I like it. Theyre total snowboard geeks and I think thats a good thing. My favorite skaters, surfers, snowboarders, musicians, moviemakers, whatever, are geeks. This kind of autism breeds creativity and fun times. Peace.

  6. A whales vagina
    A whales vagina says:

    Pretty ill. But for real why the mitts n bib…. Only thing wacker than that is a man bun… Wait

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