Slushy Sierras Spring Mixtape

Is mixtape what the kids are calling mini movies now? It’s too hard to keep up, but if you like watching other people snowboard in slushy parks, look no further!

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  1. final answer
    final answer says:

    second song made my ears bleed. what the fuq. but that back rodeo around 5:22 kind of made up for it. tyte zoo york deck too

  2. Austin
    Austin says:

    @yobeat you guys should post Stephon Deifers new edit Mixtape #6. Stuff is dope as dope can be when its forealz super dope. But forseriously it’s dope!

  3. a man with a dream
    a man with a dream says:

    if a park edit is really long, just call it a mixtape and people cant get mad at you.

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