Fan Mail: Lorenz Vyslozil’s Season Edit Breakdown

After yesterday’s how-to on getting your edit posted to this site, we received a swarm of submissions, most of which didn’t pass the 30 second test. But Austrian snowboarder Lorenz Vyslozil managed to crack the code, by breaking down his season edit pretty damn accurately. We laughed, maybe you will too.

opening the link – “not another edit out of Europe, those guys suck”
starting the video – “Of course he is using music which could be in one of 1000 Isenseven-style-edits”
watching the intro – “So much nature and lifestyle and OMG so many sponsors! What a cool dude.. not”
first tricks – “Opener could be landed cleaner and the rest is just basics… whaaaack”
some tricks later – “Ok, he wants everybody to know that he can do some tricks normal and switch.. such a poser”
backtail and sw backtail – “oh god when will those euro guys stop popping everything fakie or nollie?”
1:20 – “zeaching game on the bs-180-on-combos was on point”
1:55 – “wow overhead+nosegrab!!!!”
2:13 – “fs blunt combo was ugly as fuck”
2:17 – “those European guys cant build parks. like srsly?! This downrail is low as fuck”
2:32 – “I guess the sun is never shining in Austria….”
2:55 – “Ok, cool ender on the smallest rail we ever saw.”

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  1. Dos Cadenas
    Dos Cadenas says:

    The opener was really the only trick I thought was bad. Homie was locked into the sickest back feeble I ever seen.

    Other than that everything was pretty passable. Good job

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