This Just Happened – Chapter 4.2

Our favorite Euros get all creative in Klappen Snow Park. Creativity, man.

  • snowboarding would be gay without halldor

    • what huh

      haha buttstuff

  • eiki

    one of the best edits of the year. halldor slays

  • A couple things

    First, Nordic people are crazy fuckers. Second, I actually enjoyed watching them jump.

    • professor

      sooooooo much style on those jumps.

  • Jwhite

    Ulrik is the Nordic Russian Bradshaw

  • Gavin matsons pussy

    Halldor what the duck was that shit on that dumpster…how the hell do you 270 butter to Mollie front flipping shit wack stuff off like damn

  • nickyo

    its good to see ulrik back at it after his injury, sucks hes not on gnu