ETT: How to Make Your Own Snowboard for Under $100

With DIY being all the rage in snowboarding, it’s only appropriate that the crafty folks at Signal Snowboards are on it! This month, they’re showing you how to make your own board from scratch, for under $100. Now, if only we were still allowed to use powertools at Yobeat!

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  1. teamneversober
    teamneversober says:

    +150$ makita powerdrill +200$ makita planer +60$ in clamps +125$ makita mitersaw +75$ makita sander +too lazy

    • GBSC
      GBSC says:

      Plus a $32,000 truck that he drove to home depot (+gas money), the cost of the electricity to power all those tools, rent for the building they made it in, $100 lift ticket to brighton! This video is total bullshit! Whats the point!?

    • Idiot
      Idiot says:

      Most people already own tools but since you obviously dont I’d say this isn’t a project for you. For the rest of us that own tools, this is pretty rad!

    • Sk8er girl
      Sk8er girl says:

      That segcos shirt too, where the fuck can you even get that? Shit is rare #exclusive

  2. Bowflex home gym
    Bowflex home gym says:

    I’m still waiting on the video that will enlighten me on how to bang all of my friend’s moms for fee

  3. cool guys
    cool guys says:

    under $100 as long as you have access to thousands of dollars in power tools and a shop to work in

    • Idiot
      Idiot says:

      What did you see that costs thousands? and who needs a shop im sure your mom well let you do it in her garage

  4. Barack Obama
    Barack Obama says:

    Might be fun to build a pow deck with.

    No need for edges too.

    I’m going to rent some tools and see if I could build one when I have time.

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