The NewShow: 5/6/15

This Week’s Episode

Emoji Equality

Surf Style

Triple Cork



C session Camber


Samsung Commercial with Scotty Lago


  • timmy sullivans gap

    here’s another angle

    • Internet Man

      Eugene from da bean has the bottom angle. Timmy showed me dat shit. Maybe groom the backside of the wallride next year?

  • for real tho

    MFR fucked my bitch, I ain’t even mad.

  • hunks only

    timmy sullivan is the goat

  • terry

    pretend I put the full spectrum of hand clap emojis in every shade

  • Justin’s bong

    The regular guy still sucks

    • a man with a dream

      at least stan was nice enough to write regular guy’s segment for him this time.

  • Justin’s bong

    Between Eric Leon’s ” at least 10 other guys” comment and Stan’s bataleon stiffness joke this could be the best news show yet

  • Burton somebuddy

    That is a greasy mustache Stan

  • Taint Malone

    Really though, Scotty Lago should just figure it out and email Eggo Waffles, CMON SCOTTY It’s a fucking lay up!!

  • Yobeat

    Regular guy…blowing it.

  • Classic.

    Forrest Gump theme song. haha

  • Kirsten

    Is that animal crossing music at the end wtf

  • kefir

    hey kid, that lapel tape?!

  • 2chainz

    hahahaha! Erik is texting Dylan Ojo at the beginning

  • Jim O’Leary

    Did Leon grow his hair back, or did I just imagine that he cut his hair off in the first place?