The Lenny Mazzotti Video Hump Day


I got the chance to host Academy global am and Bear Mountain-bred boarder Lenny Mazzotti in Portland last week. He, along with Jeremy “Cats of Anarchy” Estorga and their girlfriends Cheyenne and Cami showed showed up at my house in a (borrowed) Prius, for a little Portland-respite after a long winter of snowboarding and working at Bear Mountain.

It’s always exciting when I get to play tour guide, so I showed them all the sights – The rhododendron garden, Night Lite Happy Hour, Slappy Cakes, and my favorite, Devil’s Point! It was a blast! But it wasn’t all fun, I certainly couldn’t let them leave without creating some damn content.*

Since, Lenny has been on the Hump Day list for at least a year, we sat him down, and all four of us assaulted a very nervous guy with ridiculous questions to get the real dirt about all the hot topics. Including: Internet hate, the Midget Mafia, his minion army of squirrels, his criminal past, and all the other things you never knew you wanted to know about a kid who grew up in Big Bear.

*sorry about the audio and focus, I’ll use a mic and tripod next time.

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  1. cool and the gang
    cool and the gang says:

    what would make this better is if the question or topic was in text like how they do free lunch, hearing brookes voice In the background makes me mad

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hump day is garbage. Quit blowing hot air up these mediocre boarders buttholes. Last thing we need is Lenny mazzotti getting the idea that his nosepress is deserving of some recognition. Fuck. Outta. Here.

  3. Goldmine Dr.
    Goldmine Dr. says:

    This kid is a goof ball, and rides with proper style!, get a hump day with his brother Anthony.

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