Will Anyone Buy Quiksilver?

Quiksilver – parent company of brands you used to care about like DC and Roxy – is not doing so well. The news has been all over the blogs sites for a minute, but we finally tuned in thanks toAngry Snowboarder, who really dug into this one and tried to figure out who would buy Quiksilver anyway?

In the same letter it was mentioned that Nike and VF Corp could be potential buyers of the brand. While not mentioned a third dark horse contender could potentially be Altamont Capital Partners as they previously bought Mervin Manufacturing in November of 2013 from Quiksilver.

He breaks down the value and likelyhood of each, and while we cannot vouch for the credibility of any of his theories, we’re pretty sure whoever wins this Internet vote at the bottom of the post will probably go for it.

Link: Angry Snowboarder

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  1. Teddy Pendergrass
    Teddy Pendergrass says:

    I love how the Angry Boarder pretends to be an “industry insider” knowing everything about the brands, the riders, and whatever else. Working in a shop is as close to “the industry” he’s gotten. It’s weird.

    His Buoloco interviews tell the tale of what this guy is all about.

  2. Steve the cat
    Steve the cat says:

    Hey guys if hate to break it to you but I’m a long time dc employee. It’s not going anywhere, downsizing yes but no one is taking the easy way out

  3. Steve the cat
    Steve the cat says:

    lol Ya I’ve got way too much time at work so I’m always lurking this site . Maybe I will go apply at sports authority really put my finance degree to good use

  4. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    0.2 GDP announced today. Who wants to buy anything right now?

    Civil unrest in Baltimore that’s more about lack of prosperity than anything else

    Weakest economic recovery ever

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