Shit Box Slalom 2015

As we all know right now, DIY events in snowboarding are just about the hottest thing around. As it happens, a DIY banked slalom went down at Bridger Bowl, Montana on April 25th called the Shit Box Slalom. This event was completely organized by the Bozeman snowboard community, led by Chad Cremers (who not only built the course but won the race as well), Kyle Cremers, Dan Darling, Willy McEaching, and Jay Moore. The course consisted of about 15 banked turns, one huge jump over some bushes, and one smaller hip jump. The event was a blast; fast snowboarding, big jumps, and copious amounts of beer was had by all.

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      • walter
        walter says:

        Yeah but all there songs were about bayous and riverboats. Also they wore flannel, cowboy boots and hats.

  1. Gonzo
    Gonzo says:

    It’s funny how last week, everyone and their dog was claiming “snowboarding’s dead.” Then you watch events like this where everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ and having the time of their life, and it makes you wonder if the people claiming snowboarding’s dead have ever even snowboarded a day in their life. Snowboarding will never die, because we all started just to have fun.

    • 420
      420 says:

      for real. like anyone who wants to keep snowboarding will keep snowboarding, and seeing as how there are those people, it can’t die.

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