Quad Corks Officially Played Out

Max Parrot’s version, a quad 1620 underflip (not technically a cork but it’s just so catchy), made possible by Monster!

  • Trillbo Swaggins

    Awesome, he came off the lip sideways and did four backflips like a skiier… I hope this isnt the trend for quad corks theyre already ridiculous

  • Internet Man

    When will people realize this is essentially ski gymnastics with both feet strapped in? Won’t be long before we see Mr. Parrot and Mcmorris rocking poles with Spyder spandex suits.

  • fuckeuro

    At least billys didn’t have a stupid intro

  • upstatemike.

    damn, didn’t think this was possible, heading to Mighty mart to grab a Monster rn.

  • upmikestate

    i really don’t understand the 1620 part. that was 4 clean backflips in a row. where do they get the 1620?

    • howyadoin

      More skiing lingo. Skiers think every flip counts as a rotation. So 4 backflips plus .5 because he landed switch = 1620 degrees. Fucking stupid if you ask me.