Airblaster Board Games 2015

This winter was a great time for the snowboarders of Oregon get good at skateboarding, seeing as it barely snowed, and was 70 degrees and sunny, starting in February. Whether you wanna blame global warming, “the blob,” el nino or the high pressure ridge across the country, it was definitely a warm and dry one. That said, the set up for this year’s Airblaster board games could not have been much more appropriate.

The Timberline Park Crew, under strict supervision from Airblaster, basically constructed a skatepark out of snow. The mini-mini pipe was equipped with one-hitters, hips, rails and even a pump track, and though it looked low consequence because of its size, the possibilites for serious snow shrealping were real. As soon as the course was salted, the mayhem began and boarders including Nick Dirks, the Ride Global am team, local legend Shane Flood, Spring Breaker Maxwell Carl Scott and many, many more started ripping. I could attempt to explain further, but just check out the photos above and video below instead.

While Boardgames normally serves as a finale to the Oregon season, this year, it felt more like a kick off. And if every day for the rest of the 2014/2015 winter is as fun as Board Games, we’re in for a great month!


Best crash: Jackie Flanagan

Best tweak: Alex Trankerd

Kids award: Owen and chad

Best line: Conner turney

Most laps: Jacob Nelson

Most tech: Ian Sullivan

Best girl: Naima Antolin

Risky business award: Corey Caswell

Best snake: Andrew Bruce



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