DVP's Broken Circuit Teaser


DVP purports that snowboarding is not dead, just broken. Maybe this movie will fix it?

STARRING: Simon Gruber, Øivind Fykse, Jesse Augustinus, Jessi Blackwell, Nicolo’ Pezzato, Nicholas Bridgman, Kevin Kok, Max Vieider, Marco Donzelli and Friends

  • howyadoin

    Fuck off with the state of snowboarding shit. Movie looks killer.

    • nathan

      I completely agree with you. Stop worrying about how shitty you think it is and instead just go out there and have fun with friends and film cool shit you are hyped on.

      • nates daily words of wisdom

  • Crack Cocaine Salesmen

    Jesse Augustinus, Jessi Blackwell and Len Jorgensen are euro rippers that Americans should know

    • bruhh

      oivind fykse..

    • Speney Moaks

      Toni Kerkelä and Kas Lemmens..

  • Lepre

    No max zebe this year ?? 🙁