Factory Media Deems Print Officially Dead


Breaking news from across the pond… Just a few years after turning its websites into general snowboard and sort-of-snowboard-related spam factories, Factory Media (basically the Euro version of our beloved Grind Networks) has announced it will stop printing all its titles, switching them to online only. This includes Whitelines, Cooler, Snowboarder MBM and Onboard, among others. RIP, magazines.

We will update this post as we learn more.


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  1. David Zemens
    David Zemens says:

    It was only a matter of time.

    I’m wary that they’re just going to turn more and more into the “buzzfeed” of snowboarding and fuck that noise.

    Traditional print is dead or dying, online is in a weird, spam/viral infatuation bubble, which hopefully bursts reeeeeal soon.

    Media in general sucks. Both desperately need a new business model…

    • nah
      nah says:

      I’d agree on your take on the general state of online media. Factory Media websites really do their best to look like Buzzfeed. However, the whole “print is dead” thing is absolute bullshit. Print isn’t dead, online isn’t better as print, print isn’t better as online. Both are just two different things. It’s true that snowboard magazines have to change their style, but is that a bad thing? Don’t think so. If you play it smart, print and online can complement themselves in a way that is good for both.

  2. candle
    candle says:

    How long till same thing happens in NA? Or at least severely cut back on issues… Imagine what the companies could do with all that marketing $$ if they weren’t strong armed into print ads that less and less people see each year? I don’t think the magazines are helping snowboarding anymore.

    • themoreyouknow
      themoreyouknow says:

      if you knew that it cost $7000+ per page to put an ad in a major NA mag you probably wouldn’t say this.

      • JermIsMyHomeboy
        JermIsMyHomeboy says:

        No that’s exactly the point. Companies are spending major dough on print advertising, imagine what they could do with that money if they put it somewhere else.

  3. #soderzac quote of the day
    #soderzac quote of the day says:

    “Yeah I’m an alcoholic, you know what I’m gonna do about it? Jack fucking shit. I’m gonna drink about it.”

  4. soz online ed of WL but its true
    soz online ed of WL but its true says:

    whitelines’ website is already a joke as it is.

    The Reason is the best mag out there by a way in the UK

  5. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  6. wee
    wee says:

    the left cover is reason enough to stop the mag

    there is still plenty of print out there (like MethodMag) where a “halfcab” is not described as a “nollie switch backside 180” in the tricktip section

    I hope this cleaning process reaches all marketing departements as well until brands start building profiles again with whom people can identify. that’s what we need for snowboardings’ future

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