Neff Beach Bash at Bear

Neff’s annual Beach Bash seems like So Cal’s must-attend event these days. Sounds like they had a blast at Bear Mountain, although we can’t promise you’ll be able to hear after listening to that song.

Last Saturday, March 21st, we made the trek up to Big Bear Mountain for our 4th Annual Beach Bash Snow Comp. 100 competitors were battling it out for their shot at the $3000 prize purse. The Bear Mountain Park Crew built a sick Beach-like setup with two water features and a variety of jibs for the Jam format. Wahoos Fish Tacos provided tacos for all, drinks were flowing, and good vibes were in full force. Check out the recap video to see the action. Until next year Bear!

1st Anthony Slater
2nd J.R. Hawks
3rd Jared Daylen
1st Melissa Evans
2nd Hannah Keller
3rd Cori Ziel
1st Stephen Deifer
2nd Buzz Hobrook
3rd Kody Williams

  • z

    Im not a racist but he probably won because he cant swim

  • Jim Lahey

    god awful music

    • Fuck off you drunk trailer park supervisor


  • satan

    told you this contest was way cooler at bear

  • bruh i been trappin

    ^maybe warmer

  • basshole

    god dammit, why are contest edits almost always so horrible? not only was it a terrible song, but there was no other sound! i want to get a feel of the energy and vibe of the contest, and these silent clips are not helping.


    how did mamba win, that kid in the shorts with the 686 jacket was killing

    • The

      Winner was not Mamba, Just another So Cal Brotha. They all look the same….. Oh shit!

    • not mamba ya dingus