Snowboarding’s Dead: North Carolina

Do you think people are nice to Alex Andrews everywhere he goes cause he looks like Stewie Griffin? It’s either that or they think he can get them free Burton stuff. Either way, snowboarding lives!

  • howyadoin

    Or maybe people are nice to him because he’s nice back?

  • Obama

    I thought i cut all of the knowbuddys…

  • siskel & Ebert

    Yung Jed Anderson impersonator kills it.

  • tbt never forget

    austin leonard

    • Leonard

      including the fishing made it 10x better

  • ayy lmao

    You can’t just take on this Stewie thing without crediting your beloved Yobeat commenters..

    • Consider it a tribute.

  • utahnigga

    i first heard of Alex Andrews from motorcycles. Pangea Speed built him a pretty cool sportster. I saw him at the DicE party and he was a huge show off. He freaking rips everything tho. Stewie jumped his sporty so far he broke the foot peg mounts off his frame

    • Skatelinenbd

      Cool story

  • basshole

    makes me miss the south. i’d get the fuck out of mormonland and head back if the mountains and deserts weren’t so damn good out here

  • Brisse’s shovel guy

    Alex Andrew’s forehead is huge

  • That was killer!

    North Carolina has some huge talent, Surf, Skate, and Snow! this video was a good watch. Thanks!

  • satan

    that DIY spot is sick!

  • family guy

    alex andrews = stewie

    Great Video! The story of NC is pretty damn motivating!

  • ski bawl

    skating in boots was savage

  • blue gerard

    nothing is better than seeing a good community in snowboarding, love the series

  • kooks

    That would suck to live there. At least they are still shreddin!

    • basshole

      yea north carolina is the worst. the snowboarders are actually dedicated, the skate scene is thriving, the bbq is incredible, the craft beers are abundant, the people are friendly, and the scenery is gorgeous. what a tough life.

      • vermont

        I used to live there it sucks.

  • Bubbles

    Son of a Beech

  • Where is?

    Is Austin Leonard still snowboarding?

    • east

      Pretty sure I saw an edit from either beech or app from around christmas time that he was in

    • Yo

      he done got caught up sellin drugs

  • Austin Leonard

    Too busy rollin better and stealin yo gurl and yo fish to go boardin punk



  • Zach Zajac

    I’m Zach grinch Zajac and I started the Stevie griffin thing:)

  • Mid-E

    Word. I started this Alex Andrews – Stewie Griffen trend.