Coming Attractions: Nicolas Muller on Fruition

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Photo: Silvano Zeitner

It’s that time of year again – when we start thinking about next year! So what better way to prebuild the hype than by catching up with top pro boarders who’ve been risking life and limb for your entertainment all season long. First in the studio chair, Nicolas Muller, who as usual is filming for multiple projects.

How has 2015 been treating you, Nico?

So far really nice. I was able to shred Laax for most of the time. In fact I haven’t really left the valley until a couple days ago. Been getting some clips for Gnu and just wrapped up the inauguration of the Sudden Rush Laax, a banked slalom Terje and I hosted together with Sudden Rush Guarana, Nixon and Swiss core shop, Doodah.

You have been working on your personal, 2-year film project, Fruition. You also have been putting time into the DCP project, The Balance Movie. Tell us about both.

My project is still called Fruition for sure but I have decided to give it another winter to make sure there’s lots of Gnu action in there! Balance the movie is DCP’s project and I took the guys around Laax for a couple of days after the Sudden Rush. Stoked to be part of this for sure. DCP is a long time friend and a huge inspiration.

Where have you been filming, where will you be going, what’s the damn vibe and when can we expect to see Fruition?

Yeah the vibe is rad and I have been filming locally only so far this winter. Also got my man Nathan Avila in the mix and he’s been filming me with his drone when ever we could. Shredding all day long as long as the stoke is there. That’s the vibe! It’s been fun. Also I had some of the raddest shreds come visit me naturally like Mark McMorris, Jake Blauvelt and Terje.

You told me in November, there are ski hills near Laax you have never ridden, yet, you’ve been to Alaska a dozen times. With the lack of snowfall elsewhere, have you been able to explore more of your backyard this season?

Yes it’s been a dream come true. The last couple of days we hit up the resorts across from Laax called Obersaxen and Vals. Chairlifts and T-Bars all day long. Good ol Europe has been a good one. I hope it snows lots all over the world, though. People need to shred!

You are known the world over as possessing the greatest method. Last week we collectively shit our pants with your butters. What’s the key zen master?

I don’t know. Changes are key. You gotta mix it up and try new things I guess and always focus on what feels right. I have been spreading lots of almond butter on my bread lately so maybe there was the initial spark for buttering differently

Who else will be appearing in Fruition?

So far Terje, Jake and Mark. But there will be more magicians in the mix for sure

It’s Mid March. Where do we go from here, Nico?

I am on my way to Terrace, BC right now to meet up with Mark and Mikkel. I am blessed. Afterwards maybe back to the alps…or maybe Norway in spring. I’d like to visit Jp and Mads farm and splitboard a bit.


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    Real pro snowboarder with real natural ability. Nico has one of the best methods however Jamie Lynn and Terje are of a similar rawness.

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