#Snowboarders of Instagram

In this edition of #Snowboarders of Instagram, we investigate #Snowboarding.  


Did you know that as of current, if you search #snowboarding, there are nearly 2,500,000 tags? After Brooke asked me to dig deeper into the depths of this hashtag than any woman has ever gone before, I began to make some grave realizations as to what #snowboarding is really about. There is little to no documentation here of any “actual” snowboarding, rather a collection of faces, outfits and poses of what going snowboarding means to people on a mass scale. All these people want to remember is what their outerwear looked like and/or the expression on their stupid faces after they just had “the best day ever.” Regardless of these depressing facts about the current counterculture that is snowboarding, some of these photos are reasonably entertaining, so we may as well make fun of them. Below I have hand selected 10 of my favorites to explain the message behind the imagery.



You have friends, and they are also stupid. 


burton nug

Red Gerard’s mom took this photo of him just a few years ago. 


couples who shred together stay together

This is a couple that shares a passion for snowboarding as well as their relationship. They believe that couples who shred together, stay together. After they get down from the mountain, they are going to have sex. 


guy in jeans squatting next to board

Here we have a textbook example of a man who has a wife and kids, a salary paying job, two car garage, and a 401K. But he wants everyone to know that he’s still got it. 


guy with back to us flow board

This is a strong, independent man that don’t need nobody to hold him down except for his Flow bindings. 


monster goggle selfie

This crazy son of a bitch stepped up this classic “selfie in the goggle” photo by throwing an open can of Monster Energy Drink in the mix. Not only does he sometimes snowboard on weekends, but he also is a fan of drinking battery acid.


strong guy brimmed beanie chairlift selfie

This is the guy that’s going to use the lips to rails as kickers and launch off the sides uncontrollably. When spotted riding down the mountain, he appears to be nearly catching an edge at any moment, as well as trying to ride way out of his ability level. 


tbar right in the nutz

I don’t even have anything to say about this man as a person other than he clearly lacks a fundamental understanding of how to use a T-Bar and that he is definitely playing it cool for this photo as it yanks his genitals into near castration. 


11 am drinker

This dad is excited because for the first time since college he can actually get shit canned before noon without Susan nagging him to do something while he’s trying to watch the game. 


girl in sports bra makeup belly button ring

This chick has a party body (i.e. a winter coat of weight from beer) and she is not afraid to show it off. Chances are you can find her on closing day getting sloppy drunk, possibly in a bikini. At one point her tits are going to dump. 

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  1. Justin Calderon
    Justin Calderon says:

    Women can’t snowboard, so who’s idea was it to let them post about snowboarding. #LessChicksMoreDicks

  2. lefrenchdude
    lefrenchdude says:

    To hate on cockhuntress you either have to be 1) an ugly chick that gets none or 2) a gay dude.

  3. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    LOL! This is what I think most people think of when they think of snowboarding so I’m glad YoBeat got the real scoop.

  4. westernboarder
    westernboarder says:

    This is great cause I was thinking about this, this weekend. people on instagram lie so hard. I got the fattest rant but nobody to rant to. ughhhhhhhh

  5. 0x4380
    0x4380 says:

    Hey, please add link to my profile on 5th photo. And ask for using my photographs on your website plz. ty

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