That Just Happened: Chapter 2

What isn’t sexual about snowboarding really? Well, other than all the clothes, and the fact you’ll freeze your balls off if you try to bang outside in the winter, pretty hot, I’d say. Or maybe that’s just how us ladies feel when these boys do their manuevers. Yeow.

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  1. Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson says:

    Damn, I don’t give a fuck what anyone says Halldor throws down some insane tricks! That front board attempt on the kinked chain was just fucked…

  2. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    People that hate on helgassons are probably the same people in terrain parks that only think ‘skate style’ snowboarding is cool and try to vibe out beginners even though they can only do like 5 rail tricks

  3. hurtin albertain
    hurtin albertain says:

    you can’t hate on this shit, next level stuff, creative spots, creative shots, left me wondering what just happened.

  4. nigel
    nigel says:

    Thank you Halldor. 5050 fs 3 out through the chains was the obvious trick, then to come back and try the fs brd. Bravo sir.

  5. ouh
    ouh says:

    best thing about helgasons, is that they dont look to anybody, they just do their own thing, own style and own way to snowboard. Its kind of borring if we all look the same and we do same kind of ridding… Helgasons are sick riders and also give more spicies to snowboarding…

  6. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    Halldor is just fucked up with what he’s able to do on a snowboard. He’s on track for one of the top 5 most fucked jib dudes ever in my book.

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