If Ski Resorts Had Honest Slogans…

Ahh ski resorts. We obviously love them, because they enable us to snowboard without hiking, have figured out how to make boring old water into wonderful, wonderful snow, and provide us with hours of healthy entertainment. But that doesn’t mean that they’re also not full blown marketing machines, with a penchant for glossing over reality. Becky from Novel Nibble really outdid herself with these slightly-more-honest slogans, and we took the liberty of making them look official.

Big Sky, MT


Killington, Vermont


Jackson Hole, WY


Stratton, VT



Okemo, VT


Sugarloaf, ME


Mountain Creek, NJ


And we figured we’d add a few more.

Park City, UT


Mt. Hood Meadows, OR


Boreal, CA


Trollhaugen, WI


Vail, Co


Mt. Baker, WA


Summit at Snoqualmie, WA


Bear Mountain, CA


More slogans – Novel Nibble

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  1. Trollhaugen
    Trollhaugen says:

    Where everyone has at least 20 tricks on the quad kink and you are having a hard time board sliding it.

  2. eisen
    eisen says:

    Devil’s Head WI-Where Chicago goes to destroy the physical resort as much as it’s liver in one hazy weekend

  3. Ski Host of the Year
    Ski Host of the Year says:

    This is pretty rad.

    Here’s a few more off the top of my head

    Mt. Bachelor
    “No matter how good it is, the locals will still complain”

    Squaw Valley
    “A hot tub under every cliff”

    “A great place to get completely fu#@*ng lost”

    “It was cool when your dad was a kid”

  4. col. forbin
    col. forbin says:

    Brighton, “man these runs could be longer”
    Canyons ” Enjoy your lift ride”
    Jay Peak “Its gonna be cold”
    Park City “Hasn’t been fun since we got rid on Jonesy’s

  5. some more
    some more says:

    unless theres a foot of pow, everyone bitches
    park city
    wait you don’t have a GoPro?

  6. garbonzo
    garbonzo says:

    Northstar, Ca.: The best snowmaking in California, now if we only had a mountain to make it on.

  7. tony
    tony says:

    My years of working meadows has taught me you can put an entire metropolitan population on one hill. Also its slogan should be “tons of amazing side country access, that we’ll open tomorrow… ” or “Fresh tracks till 9:07” ive never seen a hill get tracked out quicker in my life

  8. Nic
    Nic says:

    Granted I worked the U.S. Open in Vail and talked to many pros about how they like and love the venue I doubt it’s going anywhere.

  9. GBSC
    GBSC says:

    Magic Mountain VT- If you know, you know, and don’t tell Joe(y)
    Plattekill- Magic’s Little Sister
    McCauley- Plattkill’s Little Sister
    Timber Ridge- No Lifts, No Lines, No Attitudes
    Stowe- Come with money or don’t come at all.

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