Neff Headwear Shooting Star Contest

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to win the Neff Headwear Shooting Star Contest? We are still accepting submissions! Send in your best clips to be featured on our site for a chance to win. In the meanwhile, you can watch an entry from one of my favorites, Grace Mayernik.
Good luck everyone!


  • jerald

    The kids r stoked

  • lonely dad

    damn home girl rippin

  • Be wary, she’s sixteen.

  • Dr. Steve Brule

    My time to shine

  • meninism

    chicks shouldn’t be riding knowbuddys

    • meninism

      wow more girls come on yobeat than I thought #h8rz

  • DorisPringle

    I LOVE yOu STEVEN <3

  • @Meninism

    Ur just mad because ur mums a kno buddy and you R nat u frickin dringus

  • She doesn’t qualify for the contest she’s obvisiously older than 14

  • Grom

    Post the results already

  • vx1000

    i voted for that fire brule track

  • Zeeza

    Grace is good

  • cant kiss a beautiful girl and have a cool uncle