32 Day at Brighton

I didn’t think it was possible to make 32 Day any better than it already was, but the 12″ of snow we accumulated over the course of the day made for an all-time event.  Unfortunately, the foot of fresh made the course condition less than idea, but nobody could complain because they were too busy getting pitted in the side country between their drops.  Im pretty sure the only people I actually heard bitch about the conditions were Grendy’s and Hobush, but they had $100 on the line so its understandable.  Due to some complications with the timing system, riders only got to hit the course once, which sucked for people like me who thought they could skip out of the course to get white-roomed and hop back in before finishing.  Either way, there were some pretty fast times put up despite the conditions.  The results for the banked slalom are as follows:


  1. First: Griffin Siebert – 40.68 seconds
  2. Second:  Seth Hout – 40.90 seconds
  3. Third: Everest Arnold – 41.48 seconds



  1. First: Stephanie Feld – 46.43 seconds
  2. Second: Gillian Montgomery – 47.82 seconds
  3. Third: JeJawn Allen – 47.85 seconds


Due to a combination of the weather and the timing system issues, the rail jam got off to a bit of a late start.  You know shits about to go down when you hear Matty Mo on the mic saying “YO YO YO BRIGHTON WHAT THE F*CK IS UP!!”  The snow was still puking during the rail jam but it didn’t stop some heavy stunts from going down.  Tristan did one of the smoothest cab threes on to a down bar I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure Everest Arnold is actually goofy because his switch stance riding abilities are quite impressive.  It’s a good thing the rail jam only lasted half an hour because there definitely would have been some carnage once kids started trying to gap from the jump to the DFD (which was easily 50 ft away).  The rail jam and Overall winners are were:

Men’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Tristan
  2. Second: Nick Kolkman
  3. Third: Dilly Guenthen


Women’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Hailee Mattingley
  2. Second: Jade Thurgood
  3. Third: Madison Blackley


Men’s overall:

  1. First: Nick Kolkman
  2. Second: Everest Arnold
  3. Third: Drew Elm


Women’s Overall:

  1. First: Madison Blackley
  2. Second: Hailee Mattingley
  3. Third: Stephanie Feld


Again, this event was a blast.  A huge shout out goes to Brian Cook at 32 for making the event happen, Jared Winkler at Brighton for organizing everything and Mouse and the rest of the Brighton Diggers for killing it on the course setup.  If you have the opportunity to make it out for 32 day next year, I would highly recommend attending (in case you were wondering, it’s going to be on March second next year, if you already haven’t figured that out).

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    Oh yea this happened last weekend… I missed it cause i was too busy shredding pow! blew my dick outta my asshole! Cool video though.

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    yobeat you need to resize the video window so we can fit the damn thing in our browser easier. its like a fuckin surgery trying to get it to fit in the chrome window.

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