Tow Rope Tuesday 11

On the plus side, this is one of the more well put together submissions i’ve had the pleasure of viewing from you people. You guys are clearly having fun, and it shows in your riding. On the negative side, the song’s been used, there’s a handful of butt shots and the ender is a trick involving 3 swivels on one rail.

Featuring Trent Bosak, Matt Nyberg, John Benz, Jake Devries, Garrett Super, John Rapanic, Dakotah Goor, Kevin Gillespie, Sumner Naes, and Nick Taylor

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    Just because its in the submission box, doesn’t mean it has to be featured on the site.

  2. 2 centz
    2 centz says:

    It was enjoyable to watch, but not memorable. I think these kids are headed in the right direction though, it was refreshing to watch something that wasn’t a run of the mill midwest park edit

  3. Steeze Police
    Steeze Police says:

    Just wondering when the hands go straight up above the head to get a spin who they’re waving hello to?

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