Afton FrFr

Check out these yung jibbers as they ride around and get retro-futuristic at Afton Alps in Minnesota. I’m picking up whatchu putting down boyz.

Featuring: Noah Driscol, Cody Rinkel, and Repolia Robinson

  • GetWyld

    making SD look even worse is just as bad as trying to make HD look SD. but do whatever you have to to cover up your sloppy riding i guess

  • Stans Dick

    If you didn’t grow up in the SD era, don’t film SD

  • 007

    Every one is trying to be the impaler… Stop. You can’t compare.

  • The Truth

    Skinny Stance Tight Pants lookin ass

  • Dos Cadenas

    Why is everyone still jumping on the SD trend? It was cool when Durham did it. It was cool when Warp Wave did it. It was cool when the Impaler did it. Its not cool when every random crew from every random mountain goes out and films an edit in SD. Can this please end so we can go back to seeing mediocre edits filmed with a T3i instead?

    • repolia

      This is the only camera i own and I’ve been using it to film skating since 2009. Please don’t act like you know me and my intentions.

  • I can’t believe people are hating on the fact that it’s SD when this edit is coming out of afton. afton hasn’t produced an edit this good since the last time your dad smanged your mom in the back of your family’s dodge caravan.

  • MidwestistheBest

    You think that edit was good? Really? I can get passed the over done effects and the fact that its SD but I cant get passed the fact that Aftons Park is garbage and the riding wasn’t even good. Nice try guys why don’t you just drive to Troll?

    • repolia

      i can’t wait for you to see our next episode, babe

      • MidwestistheBest

        It must suck to ride there all the time for real… Im sorry 🙁

  • sagesballsack