The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding (Trailer)

And people say Dangy is dumb…

  • shredtroll

    “being fake and being, like, successful isn’t worth it.”

    lol….fucking classic

  • snatch

    how about being fake an unsuccessful? …it that worth it?

    • al Gore


  • Woah

    How about just being super bad at snowboarding, but thinking you’re good, is that worth it?

  • GetWyld

    I thought this was a parody teaser the whole time I was watching it until the video ended and I realized it was actually coming from the Vice youtube channel…


    were not selling out sports illustrated totally wanted a interview but we went with vice instead, keeping it core……bro…?

  • al Gore

    wow, I hate everything about these lady clowns. Makes snowboarders look like a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • a man with a dream

    outta the kitchen thank you for not trying to be some fake LA ratchet hoodrat cool kid shit..and actually snowboarding instead of trying to be cool on camera.
    the suburban white kids trying to be gritty and ‘too hard’ is so played by now, youre the only ones doing it.

  • river

    This is the gayest thing ive ever seen that is filled entirely with shots of women.

  • blue gerard

    Danyale just let the Jatpack and outta the kitchen girls (except Britt) take over. Too hard is taking major L’s with this video

  • ok.


  • He$h

    Worse than Shaun White

  • Sman

    fuck you guys I am going to watch it

  • goonna go ahead and say this is the whackest shit to hit snowboarding since clip in bindings and scott stevens circus tricks; fuck these bitches the only thing they’re good at is getting really fucked up snowboarding which is realllllly entertaining

    • .

      Whhhhooooa there, Did you really just bag on Stevens?

      Get a clue

  • Sman

    Honestly.. gender aside, there isn’t enough of this type of shit in snowboarding. Vice is quality to boot. My money is on any one of these girls riding better than the “they are so wack” claimers on this thread.

    • meh

      yeah, they’re fuckign trying to be pro snowboarders, half of these commenters aren’t even high school graduates. By your logic, the only people who can talk shit are pro snowboarders, which is fucking lame. There is plenty of this shit in snowboarding already, and it’s all stupid. “the baddest girls in the game” fuck off with this high school musical shit and do some good snowboarding.

      • blue gerard

        You say that, but when you’re a teenager going to school full-time and you can do all the tricks these girls can when they are out of school and riding almost everyday,it suddenly seems a lot more lame

    • justin’s bong

      honestly GENDER ASIDE. These girls suck at snowboarding

  • Anus Pedro

    Now I see, being fake and unsuccesfull – that’s what it’s all about!

  • DorisPringle


    • DorisPringle


  • Too trill

    I just want to see TiTTiEs :8ball: 🙁

    • doubtful

      that chick isn’t even part of too hard 🙁

  • Sman

    Anus Pedro; without knowing a thing about you I will put $250 on any one of them riding better than you. Multiple ways to prove this if you are not too pussy. As long as you aren’t a needle dick claimer thugging it out on the net between bible study sessions, shouldn’t be a thing right? I know you need the money bitch.

    • meh

      shut up. this is the internet. people talk shit. you sound like you frequent planet fitness in between shifts as a shoe-sprayer in a bowling alley. If you want this guy to prove he can snowboard better than someone else, I want you to prove that you aren’t a total fucking chad.

    • $$$

      Sup jibgirl

  • justin’s bong

    Meanwhile The real snow videos dropped today, and those dudes are sending gaps larger then all of these girls egos

  • FML

    shame on vice for contributing to this gay shit. makes my brain hurt.

  • Bob

    Id watch it… Looks cool

  • Mike2cents

    “There’s a lot of girls who are better than us, but we’re definitely the baddest in the game”

    Danyale if you mean bad as in literally not being good at snowboarding than yes, you are the baddest in the game rn


    Whatever I got respect for em. Kids once you have real life shit to deal with like rent, food, insurance basically the standard shit none of you spoiled fucks think about then you will have respect for them. I think it’s fucking rad! They get to get fucked up and snowboard(for money) who doesn’t want to do that shit?

    • Paul John Balderston

      The snowboarding would be dope, but the way they portray themselves getting fucked up is just as dump if not stupider than Brooke’s acid trip at SIA.

  • thot

    as a girl im glad too hard broke the whole prissy phoney ass rich bitch senario of womens snowboarding by just doing the same shit i do and not pretending to be somthing else because the boys and sponsers will like it better … much love Too hard ! keep it up ????????