Real Snow 2015 Videos!

Here we have it boys and girls. ESPN’s premiere contest for snowboarders who film parts (and who do slopestyle contests as well apparently). Watch below as they compete for all the money, cars and the hoes any little urban rider could ever dream of. Check out the videos now, then vote for your fan faves here.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan’s parts are always mind blowing and this one is no different. Oh, you wanna talk shit on his style? Well I’d say it’s pretty damn good considering what he’s jumping off of most of the time. It would make any normal snowboarder black out mid air. One of the my personal favorites was the back one, cab 3 on that closeout. Or that Brighton dam drop, which, by the way, WAS SWITCH. You can’t say shit about that…except for, “Move over Girth Brooks, there’s a new sheriff in town.” I’ve always backed this dood because he picks out a wide array of unique, visually pleasing, larger than average spots and then tries a trick no one would even consider doing. Leaves you wanting more every time! If you are talking shit, you are probably a cry baby and further more, have probably never hit an urban spot in your life. GET BENT.

PREDICTIONS: I don’t think he will win best video part(sigh), but I’ll be dammed (get it, cuz of that dam clip) if he doesn’t win your respect. GREAT JOB OUT THERE PAL!

Seb Toots

Well, let us just start by saying that was the worst possible song you could have ever picked. So fucking epic and the slow mo’s way too dramatic. You are a snowboarder doing real snow, not an astronaut going to outer space. Secondly, Fuck you for putting that first shot in there. Like what did I just watch? We are basically just watching a contest kid hit street stuff, some of which is obviously huge, but it sucks because he has no style and probably has little to no previous knowledge about the standards expected out of people’s parts these days. I will give him props for the hardway back 2 through the DFD because you just don’t see that kind of shit. But kid need’s to get learnt before he decides to put something like this together for a contest that every snowboarder and people that aren’t even snowboarders, are going to watch.

PREDICTIONS: Not gonna win. I’m not saying that because he actually won’t win, but because if he does it will be a GOD DAMN TRAVESTY. If this kid wins any of the 4 categories, and it is likely that he will, it will be the devils work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dan Brisse

This heres whatcha call your classic Brisse part, chock full of big dick spots, tricks and a typical metal/minnesota influenced song choice. Either Dan truly loves the feeling of almost dying for his country every time he straps in or he has just heavily adopted the saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” As in, he ain’t broke, so he ain’t gonna fix it. Speaking for the rest of the snowboard community, I would say it would be refreshing if he mixed it up a bit. We get it, you’re a fucking mad man. However this isn’t the type of snowboarding most people are ever going to attempt and not the type of snowboarding I want people to be attempting. THE HOT TUB’S TOO HOT. Your country thanks you for your services Dan now just commes des fucks down and give the people what they really want, which is a part that makes them want to go out and snowboard.

PREDICTIONS: Dan may very well take the cake on this one. It’s not necessarily what you or I want, but it’s most likely what the majority of people that have no real understanding of our sport will want. I like Dan, he’s a nice guy, and I’m sure he could have died hitting all of these spots. I just don’t want this type of snowboarding to be rewarded.

Jeremy Jones

Oh Jeremy, we have seen better parts from you. I know you gave it your best and that this isn’t even a full season’s worth of clips but the monotony here is unbearable. I watched this part a few times now and I still don’t even remember what happened. It’s just too much of the same riding we’ve seen from him time and time again. To be even more critical, tree hits are not suitable for real snow. I’m sure he’s now realized this having seen the other parts. And one footers onto rails, even if you are gapping, should be left to Scott Stevens or anyone in Think Thank. I don’t even know. I’m bored writing.

PREDICTIONS: Better luck next year SAN!

Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier KEEPIN IT 100. From a snowboarders perspective, Grendies deserves the win. Fuck waiting for the prediction at the bottom, that’s just what it is. His spots were highly inventive, and if they were hit in the past, he made sure to do them better than anyone else ever has done before. This is some of the most impressive riding we’ve seen from him in a minute. Good spots, great riding, SWEG UNTOUCHABLE. And shout out to Pat Fenelon on the filming/editing side of things, it complimented chur boy’s riding and fit with his style better than anyone else’s filmer/editor was able to accomplish. You guys are what’s really <3

PREDICTIONS: I want so badly for Grendies to win. He clearly is the winner to all of us whether he wins or not. The fact of the matter is, the industry is confused right now. As in it doesn’t know whether it’s gay, straight, or Shaun White. 100 bucks says that if he doesn’t win, he will at least get laid. This kid is so hot right now.

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    • Samuel Jackson
      Samuel Jackson says:

      Fuck ya! Probably grendys best part to date in my opinion, definitely better than his ender in the VG movie.. Didn’t think I would see a different transfer at the rail gardens, damn

  1. Attentive Citizen
    Attentive Citizen says:

    Jeremy should win only because of his unreal board sponsorship turmoil metaphoric imagery. FORUM FOREVER.

    • 'Murica
      'Murica says:

      Jeremy should have just re-edited his part from shakedown and released that instead. Then he would win. #lestweforget

  2. basshole
    basshole says:

    dan is taking #brissespots way, way too seriously. also, dylan’s back 1 nosepress on that closeout was so fucking savage

    STEVE THE CAT says:

    Brisse what the fuck was with that opener, grendys was g as fuck , seb was really really good but some def gnar zeaches, jeremy jones was bnetter than I expected maybe 3rd for him (maybe), dylan thompson with that back 1 nose press the close out cab 3!?!?!? fuck i cant decide , so im not going to vote

  4. Dr. Brule
    Dr. Brule says:

    3 rodeos onto rails is exactly what i expected from @sebtoots. Grenade’s rail gardens 5050 transfer was fucked and he had the best style hands down. A vote for this masshole is a vote for the USA, greatest country on earth baby

  5. Franks Chille Dogs
    Franks Chille Dogs says:

    defenitly a tough pick. Thompson does not get enough recognition!! for sure between him, brisse, and grenier.

  6. Juan White
    Juan White says:

    I feel bad for Jeremy’s crew because he’s the only one going to hit that shit, and the rest of the guys get to help him plow a 2 story landing from him. Just please send it to flat next time

    • Too trill
      Too trill says:

      ^You suck at life maybe you should watch blueprint salt lake session, everyone is boarding and moving snow

    • meh
      meh says:

      if you’re going to feel bad for anybody’s crew, feel bad for brisse’s…his homies aren’t even getting sloppy seconds on those spots

  7. Hash Singing Slasher
    Hash Singing Slasher says:

    1.(No cheating this time [unless it’s to make Grenier win], ok guys?)

    2. Who the fuck goes out and builds a backcountry booter in the streets? THESE STREETS AINT REAL

    3. Fuck seb toots

    4. Stairmasters>>>>>”Real” street

      • Yeah but...
        Yeah but... says:

        Louif’s was built going up a stairset, with natural speed, and a landing that simply exaggerated the set up that was already there.

  8. blue gerard
    blue gerard says:

    Dylan killed it until I saw that incredibly zeached front board pretzel, I know that’s a crazy fuckin spot but you can get it bud.

    Every video from toots to Jones looked exactly the same, huge roopf gaps, corks, and a fucking mountain of snow. Grenier deserves it

    • 463927
      463927 says:

      why does everyone hate on seb so hard? Fuckin Pat Moore kills and his spots look exactly like Seb’s…wtf?

        • Etah
          Etah says:

          It wouldn’t matter what Seb does, you dumb yanks would hate on him anyway. The dude kills it plain and simple, Seb FTW!!

          • IlikeTurtles
            IlikeTurtles says:

            You obviously dont get it kid. Noone could deny Seb tit´s skills (he´s a fucking contest kid, ofc he “kills it”). It´s just that he doesnt have a simple clue about how a streetpart should look like. As long as he uses whack ass songs, 100% slomoes, the most gay intro shot in snowboarding history, 100% spin/rodeotricks onto rails (aint hating spinning, but the way he does it is just gay. no shifting, just spinning plain onto it #gayyy) noone beside fan-hoes like you is ever gonna give a shit. This epic-pathetic editing is made for fat 12 year-old kids with Monster Caps and yellow DC t-shirts

  9. masturbate
    masturbate says:

    Real snow 2015? Does someone really care about that bullshit? Really? Real Snow?! I must go to rape myself.

  10. Todd Richard's Nut Hair
    Todd Richard's Nut Hair says:

    They need to do an amateur version of this with a lot more kids from around the country and that could get the scene more hyped on this shit not a bunch of people that already have it made jumping off buildings. Grendys still wins though

  11. broseph stalin
    broseph stalin says:

    New concept for xgames – no slopestyle spins past 540 and no built landings in “real” street and replace halfpipe with snowboarding biathlon

  12. "Real" snow.
    "Real" snow. says:

    Is it still snowboarding if in order to hit 90% of your spots you need a winch and a fucking bulldozer?

  13. wtf
    wtf says:

    seb’s thought process: “i cant be the best robot, mark will always be the best robot. Except i’m still a fucking robot so I don’t have anything special to set myself apart from everyone else in the way sage does. Maybe i’ll try street. That sounds like a good idea. I have a wide stance, and everything i do is really smooth, so maybe I’ll be like the next Travis Kennedy or something”.

    I tell myself that he thinks things like this just so I can hate him even more. Hooooooly fuck I hate Seb Toots.

  14. lammchops
    lammchops says:

    grenier better fuckin win! fuck seb toots! find some new spots gotdamn and do something that hasnt been done!

  15. seymourkid
    seymourkid says:

    regardless of his trick selection, the notion that Seb needs to ‘get learnt’ or lacks ‘previous knowledge’ about putting together street shit is pretty off base. Dudes been hitting handrails for over 10 years; probably longer than everyone in the contest save old man Jones.

    • cascadia411
      cascadia411 says:

      Hey Seymour kid, Hows the “Real Snow” in Vancouver working out for you this year? Brisse has been hitting handrails for 10+ years. I bet Dylan was doing the same shit in Hood Rivers rowdy rails before he moved to SLC. That said Grendys wins.

  16. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    Jeremy Jones’ Real Snow has permanently cemented my distaste for wall rides.

    Dylan Thompson’s level of burliness on spots is directly inverse to the level of style he seems to have lost compared to his Arena part. What happened to this kid’s style??? He used to be the fuckin truth. I’m guessing it’s the energy drinks.

    Brisse deserves a nod for that 5 out of the sewer pipe. My favorite shot by far.

    Seb toots’ bs two would have been sick if he had actually slid the whole rail instead of gapping to the flat. I’m sorry buddy but those stunt antics have gotta go. Should have given Bode another shot at the title.

    If Grendys doesnt win, I’m giving up on snowboarding. Dude did it all with hella style ked. I mean he fuckin switch back 1 5050d the entire rail gardens gap set. That is just fucked. Of course they said the rodeo wallride was best trick….these guys don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to judging a street part.

    • basshole
      basshole says:

      i really liked the switch rodeo wallride because it shows grendy’s personal progression. a few seasons ago he talked about how many different spots he had been trying switch rodeo on and failing, and then he finally got one for his vg section on the last session of the year. and since then he’s stepped them up a little bit each season, including getting one in the backcountry in his mayday part. and now he’s taken them to wallrides. kinda cool in my opinion.

  17. everybody calm down
    everybody calm down says:

    lots of high school talk going on right now about this very high school contest. Let’s just all take a deep breath and acknowlege that some nice boarding went down, some wack style got out there, jeremy jones is not a quitter, brisse has a nice front 5, grendy is a rad dude, and whatever. let’s move on. None of this matters.

  18. Dominos Pizza
    Dominos Pizza says:

    Now offering the Grenisse – a 2-topping special available in medium or large featuring premium ham and seasoned burger.

  19. God damnit
    God damnit says:

    Everybody on this comment thread fucking sucks. You guys are why snowboarding is dying. Go fuck yourselves

    • Tz
      Tz says:

      Snowboarding is alive and well. The problem is that social media is now overrun by a bunch of dumb fucks posting terrible content and pointless opinions while the people keeping it alive are out doing their thing and not giving two shits about websites like yobeat.

    • dickfuckmagee
      dickfuckmagee says:


  20. Siskel & Ebert
    Siskel & Ebert says:

    Bring Lipton back. Also here’s what we think:

    Grendy’s was great, pure style, big features but not stunt snowboarding. Really good stuff. This could be the number one. A bit over edited, but we get it, Pat is bored and burnt out from all those PC edits.. Oh well.

    While Seb isn’t the one relating to the “core” audience, all of his tricks were spot on, very precise. Like, Louif precise. You have to give him credit for that. Not Louif trick selection, but then again, not many have that kind of trick selection.. We were expecting Seb’s to be the worst, like most of you, but wow it impressed us. This could be the winner. Timeless shots of handrails mixed in with a few bigger tricks. Could’ve done without the flipping. OBVIOUSLY.

    Jeremy Jones, we want the rail JJ back, and not the Dan Brisse JJ.. He is great on rails, and this just made us want to rematch his Shakedown parts. Great effort though. Love that he is still pushing himself.

    Dan Brisse is snowboarding on man made mountains, his was not a street part.

    Dylan Thompson is.. well, Dylan. Not much personality mixed with even more blandness that is Cole Taylor (Technine) “Hey Dylan, you should jump off that thing and do a spin.. ” ..”ok will it be cool?”..

    That’s our take. Sorry it’s late.

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