Bet You Can’t: Trollhaugen – Mike Skiba

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Jeffy Gabrick puts socks on the line to stretch Mike Skiba: Back 1 – Switch Back 1 – Back 3 on Troll’s Behemoth DFD

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  1. Whaun Shite
    Whaun Shite says:

    (180+360-450+540-270-90)+90 for difficulty = 360

    Ladies and gentlemen, if my calculations are correct we have a back 3 out.

    …I could be extremely wrong though, could just be 270.

  2. Dork-e-dork
    Dork-e-dork says:

    what up wit’ tucking those pant sleevsz inside yer boots you see dat shit evrywheir? Looks pretty duh 2 ma, fakki…

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