Bet You Can’t: Trollhaugen – Mike Skiba

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Jeffy Gabrick puts socks on the line to stretch Mike Skiba: Back 1 – Switch Back 1 – Back 3 on Troll’s Behemoth DFD

  • Sedgyfergo

    Bish it’s private

    • broseph stalin

      did u block me on snapchat bae?

  • kittenpuncher

    the high level of professionalism that exists at yobeat never ceases to amaze me.

  • #turnskibapro


  • z

    270 out? But seriously guy should be wearing a blind skier bib cause he couldn’t see shit on that trick

  • duluthian

    that shit was tite! i see a cab 3- sw back 1 -3 out in near future?

  • Japan


  • basshole

    that was insane. just leave out the cheesy-ass staged intro next time

    • Tite


  • I have sex with skiba regularly

    • e

      wish i was you

    • DABramurphy

      You don’t know DABra, and I know you ain’t about that life.

  • Dane

    Skurbyskurrr is bitchmade

  • seb tuts

    I could have done it way sicker.

    tuts for president

  • dabz

    I smoked weed with that young man one time.

  • Wow

    That was fucked

  • he’s riding a 158 honalee

  • GetWyld

    just landing the back 1 sw back 1 back 1 like 5 times was impressive

  • Fat fingers

    My fat fingers accidently hit unlike on the previous comment. Oops. That was sick

  • scheff

    finally someone caught up to denis leoyukejhfs

  • lol

    the song is perfect, i wish i could be like mike skiba

  • Whaun Shite

    (180+360-450+540-270-90)+90 for difficulty = 360

    Ladies and gentlemen, if my calculations are correct we have a back 3 out.

    …I could be extremely wrong though, could just be 270.

  • Whaun Shite

    Do you get points for reverts if you roll your pants up?

  • Mid-E

    Alex Andrewwwwsss everyoneeee

  • Dork-e-dork

    what up wit’ tucking those pant sleevsz inside yer boots you see dat shit evrywheir? Looks pretty duh 2 ma, fakki…

  • Young stout

    Ahh can smell the jealousy. That was messed!