A Soulless Hump Day with Nate Haust

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P: Peter Cirilli

P: Peter Cirilli

Words by Jack Moore

Nate Haust is a rare human specimen – he’s a broad-shouldered ginger with feet as quick as Michael Jackson himself. Not only that, but he’s a fucking happy dude. In a subculture sometimes filled with petty drama and keyboard gangsters, it’s refreshing to meet someone who has nothing bad to say about anyone. Nate’s been killing it on a board, but he’s definitely come a long way from swiveling his way to victory at collegiate rail jams. This year, Nate’s been getting his in the streets and over at Sugarbush Parks. With clear influences from legends like Mikey Leblanc to the Gooner, it will be interesting to see where snowboarding takes Nate. Wherever that may be, I’m sure he’ll have a smile on his face.

Who’s your favorite ginger snowboarder?
Shaun White, plain and simple. I mean, what more could you want from a real homie backing the ginger squad. Haha nahh but, on the real, it’s probably Danimals. He’s got some of the illest styles in the game.

P: Drew Amato

P: Drew Amato

What, if any, are the benefits of being a ginger?
It’s a pretty rare dawg. I used to work as a busboy back in Mass when I was younger and all the old ladies would tip me out of the ass. Plus, I think the ladies like it.

Speaking of ladies, if you had to choose between never having sex again and never being able to do a front blunt variation again, which would you choose?
Well I love me my front blunts variations, but obviously I’m taking the cheeks. I mean, there’s always other tricks to be done, both on and off the mountain. You feel me?

P: Drew Amato

P: Drew Amato

True, where did you grow up riding?
Originally I started riding at this small mountain called Bousquet Ski Area, which realistically had like 6 trails, but claimed they had 35. Typical. Once I got to high school, I started shredding at this spot south of my house called Ski Butternut. That’s where I met Zach Duby, Rick Jennings and Brian Connoy. They were the OG’s over there. 

According to Catfish, commenters have claimed that, “you’re old enough to be their father.” How old are you?
I don’t know where that comes from. I’m only 22. I’m feeling young at heart though.

P: Bill Ding

P: Bill Ding

From your perspective, who’s the biggest character at Sugarbush?
Action Jackson, every time he shreds he seems to be going as big as possible. Plus, he always makes me laugh. I swear he’s got bionic knees. Or my roommate Darin, that dude thinks he’s invincible on a snowboard.  He’s ill on a skateboard, but the biggest goofball on a snowboard. 

What’s it like filming in the streets with Darin, aka Bill Ding? Do you guys have any set plans for this winter?
Oh you mean the tan man! It’s really been my first year putting in work to film a street part. It’s definitely a bit of a learning process for the both of us but we seem to manage as a team. It’s tough sometimes. Even though a lot of people snowboard in Burlington, it’s still sometimes a struggle to find a crew that’s willing to go out and hit shit.

P: Matt Guido

P: Matt Guido

Yeah, it’s easy to pile out in Burlington. What’s the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen happen up here?
Right after I moved up here, my homie Baker and I walk over to Church Street to check it out for the first time. When we got there, we saw a homeless dude casually walk into the fountain at the top of Church Street, sit down in the corner, crack a fresh bottle of laundry detergent and then drink it.

Also, I got beat up on Halloween by a dude in a dick costume while his chill homies egged it on. I was walking down to this party with a bunch of chicks and I was super hammered. I remember making some stupid comment to this dude standing on the side of the road. He got really defensive and in my face, then he punched me super hard. I was wearing these baggy pants for Halloween and they fell off when he hit me. I really don’t remember the details that well, but when I got up from the ground, half the girls were gone. 

Okay, enough about Vermont. You dipped out West last spring, tell me about your adventures out there.
Well I send it out there for Superpark, but it was raining super hard the second day. So I hopped in the Gremlinz bus and we sent it to Portland for the day to chill and hit Casa Diablo. That shit was next level fucked up.

P: Ashley Rosemeyer

P: Ashley Rosemeyer

What’s Casa Diablo?
Casa Diablo is this vegan strip club in the industrial part of Portland. It’s fully nude and it was actually the first strip club that I’ve ever been to. I was just blown away by how everything was functioning. So this is what happened, we went to the club and we were there till closing.  Late night, I go back to the bus super fucked up and passed out. Later, I woke up with one of the strippers giving me a lap dance on the bus and everyone was laughing. The next morning, we had lost track of some of the crew and had to wait for them. We ended up eating breakfast back at Casa Diablo. I ordered a vegan bean burger or some shit and sat down to eat it where these strippers were going in the night before. 

Damn, that’s one progressive strip club— the only one I’ve ever been to is in Hartford, CT, and I don’t think it would be sanitary to eat anything in there.

Yeah man, when everyone said we were going to eat breakfast there, I thought it was a joke.

P: Peter Cirilli

P: Peter Cirilli

What are your plans for the rest of the winter?
Originally, I was thinking of going out West, but with all the snow on the East, I see no reason to. I think I’m gonna play it by ear and follow the snow. 

Alright yo, sponsors and shout outs?
Gotta start out with the fam! My mom, dad and sister have backed me since the beginning. Gotta show love to all the homies at Shire Fit and the Garden, DC, Skullcandy, Electric Visual, Howl, Sugarbush Parks and the Dais fam. Really, shout out to any homies who are down to come out and shred.

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  1. Rara
    Rara says:

    So were the girls gone cause they ran away scared, or did dick guy pick em up?

    On another note; Yobeat, These “lets have the dudes buddy interview him, so the only question will be about partying and dumb shit” interviews are getting played.

    • agreed
      agreed says:

      makes it easy to believe that all snowboarders aged 17-23 are the exact same person…I know haust, and this hardly scratched the surface. he’s rad.

  2. Slut Hair
    Slut Hair says:

    10 out of 10 would let him front blunt my wall ride/ box combo.

    Always order the beef curtains well done kids….

  3. Jmo is Hanchecks brother
    Jmo is Hanchecks brother says:

    How to know if Jack Moore and his friends are cool, party hard, and do fucked shit?

    He tells you.

    Sound familiar?

    Stop talking, Nate’s riding far exceeds it.

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