Mark Carter FULL PART

Few men can flip calves and ride horses as gracefully as they can flip tricks and ride mountains. Growing up on a cattle ranch in 10 Sleep, Wyoming, Mark Carter learned true grit from a young age and it shines through in his own personal brand of snowboarding. From big, sketchy lines to massive cheese wedges, Carter approaches the backcountry with an irreplaceable devil-may-care attitude that sets him apart from the herd.

The 2014-15 season brought plenty of snow to Carter’s winter home base of Jackson Hole, Wyoming allowing him to film the following full part almost entirely in his own backyard of the Teton Mountains. Carter is one hell of a snowboarder and we couldn’t be more stoked to welcome him to the Arbor Snowboards Pro Team.

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  1. Everyone's Dad
    Everyone's Dad says:

    Carter is the man, that was sick EXXXXCEPT for that insanely terrible song. Cmon Sean Black lock it up…

      • Slerm
        Slerm says:

        Sorry, what was good about that edit? The bad pow turns or the bad jumps? or maybe the bad song? that was the good part right?

        • NetCriticKilla
          NetCriticKilla says:

          Obviously you don’t spend much time in the backcountry and definitely haven’t been to any of those spots. If you did you’d have a little more respect for the riding.
          1. Carter rips
          2. Hank III is awesome
          3. You suck

          Beat it you internet critic kook!

        • Rara
          Rara says:

          Everything was good. You don’t know shit about snowboarding. or music for that matter.

          Go watch some park edits to dubstep…

    • hmm
      hmm says:

      @1:53 – in person you would not even think of throwing a 5 off… what you can’t see is the road that will break your legs if you come up short.

  2. nick borghi
    nick borghi says:

    …Where does one begin?
    This guy obviously has never skateboarded, not that you have to, it just helps.
    The lack of pop seemed deliberate? Some wack cowboy riding the coat tails of trices fame. The method if you could call it that made me wince. The ender should have been the opener, and the ender. And he should be am. Shameful of those brands to sponser. This dude grew up with a ranch, hes rich doesnt need backing.

    • nick borghi sucksssss
      nick borghi sucksssss says:

      Where does one begin? Let’s begin with saying you are a fucking idiot.

      Every single thing you typed is stupid. Turn your computer off and go find a life.

    • Kittenpuncher
      Kittenpuncher says:

      Cameras do no justice for big mountain, you woulda shit your pampers if you saw that last line in person you nerd.

    • aussie tourist
      aussie tourist says:

      Yeh, oi can do way more extroime stunts on my trevis roice prew model than this goi can do on his, whateva model. Oi bet he doesn’t even heve a prew model. I’m with this nick guy, anyone who isn’t trevis is a total wanker. Oi fucking lav trevis!

    • Reality101
      Reality101 says:

      Nick, I’m sure in your puddle dreams the sickest part you’ve amassed on your shred sled couldn’t match Carters part. So you ride Jackson a lot?

      When your Mom brings waffles down to the basement, does it bother you she wears Marks cowboy hat?

  3. Life's to short to longboard
    Life's to short to longboard says:

    This part is charging. Mr. Carter can ride the fuck out of his home mountains but the song choice proves that long boarders don’t follow skateboarding. Gravette had this song to his ender part in the Creature video less than two years ago. Plenty of outlaw country songs

  4. dude slays
    dude slays says:

    Statistics from The Harvard Journal of SnowSports say you dweebs would not hit 89.31% of Carters lines, due to lack of rope tow. 4.69%, bailed because they couldn’t see over the run-in. Dude rides like a viking

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