Aika Collective Print Giveaway


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a place where I could order high quality prints of my favorite snowboard photos.”

Well the Aika Collective is making your dreams a reality. Aika has partnered up with 20 of the most prestigious snowboard photographers around the world to create an insane online print shop. All photos will be available for sale in six different sizes, ranging from 8″ x 10″ (20.3cm x 25.4cm) to 30″ x 40″ (76.2cm x 101.6cm). Aika aims to make it easy for photographers to sell their photos online, and make it accessible for anyone around the world to buy these photo prints.

To help promote the launch of their site, we’re giving away a print to one lucky commentor.
To enter, comment which photo is your favorite in the slideshow above and why. Make sure to use your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

Winner will be chosen on Friday 2/20.

Check out the full collection of available prints at

54 replies
  1. Slick
    Slick says:

    You guys should hook me up with “Gigi, method on pillow gab – photo by Jérôme Tanon” print because i’m pretty sure i’m carrying Gigi’s baby.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I should most def receive Gigi’s method photo because I like trees and pillow and snow and all that kinda stuff.

  3. One Blood
    One Blood says:

    I should win the “Fox, Revelstoke – Photo by Mike Yoshida” because it reminds me of the endless search for powder. Plus I just spent all of my money on a house and don’t have any left over to decorate. Please and thanks Yobeat!

  4. marty mcfly
    marty mcfly says:

    Jordan Mendenhall Front 7, French Alps – photo by Blatt. Picture is captured at the most rad time. Perfect sunset, gnarly trick, and reminds me of golden hour riding with all my homies.

  5. nick
    nick says:

    Dustin Craven, frontside 540, Whistler – photo by Ashley Barker. You guys should hook me up with this print because whistler is one of the places I’ve been meaning to ride with my homies. It would be cool to have on my wall and just keep a reminder in my head of how gnarly that place is

  6. The ice cream on Bridges' stache
    The ice cream on Bridges' stache says:

    It’s an easy favorite: a timeless trick, a patdown lip. Jerome Tannon’s photo of Gigi makes me think of everything I love about snowboarding: style, making it happen, simplicity, landing in deep snow, sprocking out a grab, sessioning a feature with your homies. And the combo of Gigi and Jerome teamed up for this shot makes me (an American) stoked to think that snowboarding is a shared passion all around the world, and that inspiration can come from any location where there are riders and artists working to represent snowboarding as they see it. Not to mention the fact that you can spot a Gigi method from a mile away! Nice gallery, nice project. Thanks.

  7. justin's bong
    justin's bong says:

    Curtis Ciszek Interior B.C. – photo by E-stone
    Because I would be able to pull a lot more ass if that picture was hanging in my room

  8. Ninja
    Ninja says:

    I really like the mikey leblanc 5-0 photo. This video pretty much sums up why i love to watch mikey. His athleticism is unmatched, he was truly a god in his prime. Hoping to see him go fatty to flatty in the future when he replaces his legs with robo legs. Oh yah, and possum is equally as funny as well…

    This photo would fot perfectly on my wall.

  9. Drew
    Drew says:

    Leblanc at Rail gardens. Iconic spot with a true snowboard innovator, on one of the most iconic and innovative boards. these three components have completely influenced my life all in one image.

  10. Jake
    Jake says:

    hook it up with the mickey leblanc 5-0, dudes been killing the game since i can remember, id kill to have that picture to inspire me everyday

  11. Joey
    Joey says:

    fox, revelstoke by mike yoshida. that picture is what its all about, and yoshida knows how to show people how fun boarding is, guys an icon in the industry, id take any picture of his

  12. Deeez Nuts
    Deeez Nuts says:

    Jordan Mendenhall, Front 7. But is it art? In this piece, the artist challenges the viewer to question his or her own role as neutral-observer and image’s place within the bounds of Art. The very archetype of viewer-as-enthusiast is confronted by the inherent qualities of “Fine Art” found within the image as it expands beyond the conventional brackets of “Shred Pix”. An image usually reserved for the “Homies” without a need to acknowledge the traditional aesthetics of contemporary fine art photography, this piece breaks the rules, both within it’s community of origin and Kodak’s conventions of “Good Picturism”. By removing the position of the viewer/photographer from the nexus of the action, the traditional “extreme action sport” elements are downplayed to emphasize a deeper photographic consciousness. The use of the sun as a device for directly engaging the viewer subconsciously elicits preexisting memories of similar scenes from life, from squinting through a stunning sunset to sending it with the “Homies,” lending the image emotional charge. True depth is lent to the image in the artist’s use and balance of the three planes that places Mendenhall as the mythical Icarus, over the mountains and dangerously close to the reaches of the sun. The juxtaposition of a backside grab on a frontside spin further pulls on the viewers’ imagination and presents him or her with a new paradigm of “Style”. The setting references the images of eminent landscape photographer William Henry Jackson, presenting a duality of nature and gravity as forces to be feared and respected as well as representing these same forces as Romantic forms of beauty. In conclusion, damn skippy, it’s Art.

    • Big PAT
      Big PAT says:

      Jesus dude… how long does it take you to get through a photo annual? For the sake of your roommates, I hope there’s more than one shitter in your house. And hopefully you’re sharing your adderall with them too.

    • hoodsavage
      hoodsavage says:

      “balance of the three planes that places Mendenhall as the mythical Icarus”

      oh my god! you can’t be serious with this shit on yobeat, lol

  13. The real JP Walker
    The real JP Walker says:

    JP walker backside invert because I was the first one to do it and I’ll cry telling you about it when you give me my photo.

  14. Donn
    Donn says:

    Mads Jonsson because the photo captures the emotion and joy that snowboarding brings all of us. I think its sweet that you cant see anymore of his line because it lets you fill in with your imagination whatever the line that would bring you that same feeling of pure joy and excitement.

  15. Rosssssssssss
    Rosssssssssss says:

    All of these are great shots – no doubt. But only a few of them are “art”. Less about the rider & trick and more about the photographer & composition.

    That’s why I think you should hook me up with: Fredi at the GlacierBowl in Switzerland by Silvano. It’s use of negative and positive space is a true testament to great composition and a great photographer.

    So hook it the fuck up seeing as I finally put that master of fine arts degree to mildly good use.

  16. Some guy
    Some guy says:

    Holy shit, Curtis Ciszek by E-Stone. It’s like he’s fucking big wave surfing but on the snow, about to get hammered by a monster. Just imagine the snow is water. It’s pretty trendy nowadays to pretend like you’re “surfing the earth” while snowboarding, but this picture takes it to another level. So rad.

  17. Yobeat kid
    Yobeat kid says:

    Fredi Kalbermatten, GlacierBowl SaasFee, Switzerland – photo by Silvano

    Because gapping horizontal vaginas are hesh as fuck.

  18. hoodsavage
    hoodsavage says:

    Ciszek because its a rad pic, he is from my neck of the woods, and the only time I met him he was drunk as shit so he has my respect

  19. louis d
    louis d says:

    Mikey leblanc is the epitome of snowboarding to me. he flips out over bailing, goes huge and does tricks no one fucks with. please and thanks

  20. blaksheeper
    blaksheeper says:

    BJorn’s photo because holy hell that shit is hesh looking. the black and white reminds me death metal and my room doesn’t have enough heshness in it. thanks

  21. Mitch
    Mitch says:

    Curtis Ciszek Interior B.C. – photo by E-stone bc I’m from the west coast where it already feels like fuckin spring.

  22. jayadamsphotosarestillcooler
    jayadamsphotosarestillcooler says:

    Thar Mikey photo cause cloudy Utah winter park sessions are my favorite. And I just scored 9.8 out of 54 on my chemistry test & that Mikey photos really helpin me forget that… kinda like drugz

  23. Darren
    Darren says:

    Darcy’s example of photography masterclass in Valdez, Alaska with Bjorn Leines.
    An epic shot, an epic line and an epic location.
    I have a space on my wall that is begging for such an image.

  24. bear creek gangsta
    bear creek gangsta says:

    Jake Blauvet, Alaska because I need cool shit to hang in my room/dorm and I plan on moving up to Alaska once I’m done with this whole school thing. Thanks Yobeat!

  25. Your Moms workout buddy
    Your Moms workout buddy says:

    surprise me, but Mikes 5-0 is so weak so i kind of want it for my bathroom. but no joke it sounds like a bunch of 12 year olds trying to cop dime bags in idaho on here. y’all dumb.

  26. Billy
    Billy says:

    Gigi, method on pillow gab – photo by Jérôme Tanon

    What gets better than one steezy ass method?

    Well besides three midgets playing basketball in the rain…

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