Creek Kids: South Bound

Where’s Lauren Longfield doe?

Riders: Jon Koch, Matt Genovese, Kade Madsen, Justin Brzostowski, Tommy Magazeno, Travis Henderson, Chad Strother, Matt Bothfeld, Brett Stewart, Zach Matthes, Jake Bush, and Kevin Kaczynski

Filmed and edited by Chris Szczypala

  • Procrastinating at Work

    First shot is money, video is a lil long do. Or maybe that is just my a.d.d.?

  • My Hero

    @mrgenovese <3

  • aye

    that ender

  • Nick Jr.

    yea wtf!!! where is lauren longfield? she is on the creek park team hahahahahahahahaa.

  • Josh Robinson

    shes only on the team cuz shes best fiends with gina.

    • Jules

      gina banged the thunder cunts crew behind laurens back. so they are not friends anymore

  • yoo

    film more kade or im gunna stopwatching this shit

  • poopfrog

    Can we talk more about that ender?

  • JustinNorm

    nick nolan had sex with gina and lauren with his orange helmet on