Oakley Trying to Take Dang Shades for All it’s Worth



Times must be really tough, or maybe the legal department at eyewear megacorp Oakley is just bored, as the brand is currently going after Dang Shades for its SH80 and Sleeper models, which are a little too close to a familiar Oakley design. According to research done by Boardistan, Oakley is claiming mega copyright infringement and they want full restituton from Dang, which is basically a brand Chris Beresford runs as a side project.

Among other things, Oakley seeks a finding of willful infringement, a preliminary and permanent injunction enjoining Dang Shades from directly or indirectly infringing U.S. D692,047, payment by Dang Shades of all damages suffered by Oakley and/or Dang Shades’ total profit from infringement, an order for treble damages and/or exemplary damages, an order adjudging the case as an exceptional case, an award of attorney fees, expenses and costs, and an award of pre-judgment and post-judgment interest and costs, as well as remedies specific to trade dress and unfair competition and false designation of origin.

We would not recommend buying a pair for $20, as the money may very well go to Oakley and well, fuck them.

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  1. Spiderman
    Spiderman says:

    I work at a snowboard shop and during PK season the Oakley rep was bragging about how many thousands of patents Oakley has. Like seriously the marketing team would think up anything and patent it just so nobody else could ever compete with them.
    F U C K O A K L E Y

  2. Poop
    Poop says:

    Oakley (along with a few other companies) is owned by Luxotica. I find it hard to believe that it’s Oakley doing this rather than Luxotica taking control.

    • actually...
      actually... says:

      nevermind. neffs actually look different than Oakleys but dangs are pretty much an
      exact copy. Shoulda seen that coming

  3. Lawshred
    Lawshred says:

    Eh…the font is very similar to Oakley’s and Oakley most likely had a design patent on the shades. Oakley also came out with this style and design of shades long before Dang. However, it is almost certain Oakley will not receive treble damages for this infringement or even close to the damages they are asking for. If Dang had a different font on the shade they would be in much better shape. No hate on pros starting their own company but do some research and know your legal obligations before you invest in a product line.

  4. Dangit
    Dangit says:

    Fuck oakley? Fuck dang for copying oakleys shit. Think of something original. Just because oakley is a huge brand doesn’t mean they should protect their rights.

  5. ojc4all
    ojc4all says:

    nice one beresford, you couldn’t just make another fucking ray ban knock off in neon purple with white lenses?

  6. Slaw
    Slaw says:

    when it comes down to it. This is still dangs fault. They broke the law by copying oakly and now they will pay the price. It sucks. But that’s how the world works and dang knew the risk all along

  7. too bad
    too bad says:

    For real, if you were ripping off Oakley and how could you not foresee them getting some corporate boners blatantly showing through their dress pants. Once they got that boner they gotta get their nut …dang will soon but dripping in corporate copyright infringement jizz

  8. gopro
    gopro says:

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  9. O-Fukyrself
    O-Fukyrself says:

    Yeah, and Oakley and every other Sunglasses company hasn’t completely ripped off the Ray Ban Wayfarers. I don’t think Oakley’s ever made an original frame that wasn’t completely hainus.Dang did a knock off of the Oakley Blades because they’re known for how ridiculous they are.

    Jim Jannard, the founder and chairman at Oakley, seems to be infringing on Mr. Lavey’s look.



    I feel that the Church of Satan has ample grounds for an injunction.

  10. fauxkley team manager
    fauxkley team manager says:

    aren’t these glasses just sourced in bulk from somewhere and dang just puts their name on the side?

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