John Jackson Joins Signal Snowboards

It’s sponsorship season!

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  1. 'Murica
    'Murica says:

    What is going on at Burton? The Burton team as it currently stands is the most uninteresting, uninspiring, and downright boring team they have ever had. I guess the theology is that it’s all about money and while profits are at all time lows it means Mcmorris’ face on a poster at every sporting goods store in the world doing quintuple corks. Danny D and Mikkel are the only two who I even care to watch snowboard. I even heard a Burton rep talk about the knowbuddy’s and asked why they don’t sell the boards. He said nobody would buy them. What is happening to snowboarding? I feel we have slid into a dark age in snowboarding history. May god have mercy on our souls.

    • Lucky Larry
      Lucky Larry says:

      What about Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Ben Ferguson, TERJE, Mark Sollors, and yeah Jeremy Jones is old but the dude still RIPS! And thats not mentioning the knowbuddy’s. Dude, Burton has a great team. I’m not a fan of Shaun White or McMorris either but the other guys have been putting out heavy parts. Everyone I know would buy a knowbuddy deck. Snowboarding is evolving, new companies are rising just like how it always goes. Some will survive some won’t, but people know who Burton are. The reason newer companies blow up is because they’re new. Burton is going to be around for a longgg time.

      • Rory Trife
        Rory Trife says:

        YYYAWN. Respect to Terje obviously but other than that, all of those are boring as fuck. And Knowbuddy kid Tommy Gesme is tight and Danny Davis rules but other than that, they’ve gotten rid of everyone that was interesting.

    • Klis
      Klis says:

      The reason why Burton is shrinking their team was the fact that they were losing more money than earning it. People weren’t buying enough gear in order to maintain the company, it’s hundreds of employees, and an expensive pro team. Because of that, they had to get rid of riders who the majority of snowboarders (People starting out snowboarding, Kids who only know Shaun White, People who don’t snowboard very frequently, etc.) wouldn’t know. People like Shaun White, Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, and Chloe Kim have enough exposure to not require as much marketing compared to other street and backcountry riders. This may hurt Burton’s reputation of having one of the greatest teams, but at the same time, it may help many other companies to chance snowboarding’s culture. Just like Skateboarding, one company doesn’t try grab all the good riders. I see this as beneficial to Snowboarding itself.

  2. Request
    Request says:

    Signal is a killer company, love all the experimental stuff they do. I just wish they made some wide boards, not 25.5cm wides but real wides in the 26.1 to 26.5cm waist wides. Maybe in the future?

  3. ab
    ab says:

    it makes perfect sense… jj got the boot from burton cause he did jack shit while being signed. signal scooped him for cheap when there were prob little offers. its good he found a home…. maybe pull signal away from the j oe era. its killing signal.

      • RaRa
        RaRa says:

        Who fucking cares about graphics? 13 yo boys and girls that’s who.

        It’s all about the specs

        I bet you buy boards that are not quite the right size for ya just to get one colorway over another.

        • upstatemike.
          upstatemike. says:

          Literally everyone cares about graphics. Remember when Burton came out with Mr. Nice Guy and it was had the amazing Alice in Wonderland graphics? Best seller that year. The next year it was the same board with shitty graphics…worst seller and the board was killed.

          95% of people care about graphics before anything else, unless they are some kook who honestly believes all the magical marketing mumbo jumbo that goes into the boards is true.

  4. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  5. Backsidefaceplant
    Backsidefaceplant says:

    Burton probably had either had a contractual or good will agreement to keep JJ on for a year after Forum folded, then he strolled.

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