Aunti Films: W†F Full Movie

Just when you thought everyone had already released their full-length flicks, Colorado’s Aunti Films releases their movie about, “good times had with misfits on snowboards, captured with cameras by other weird pals. Mixed with some neat music suggestions.”

Riders: Cody Potter, Ben Lynch, Greyson Clifford, Tom Semotuk, Eric Goldmann, Ryan Arrington, Mikey Lucido, Mike Branson, Jackson Fowler, Ben Berberich, Tucker Andrews, Brandon Dipprey, Seth Hill, Paul Weston, Bobby Monday, Scott Askins, Andy Harris, Pat Milbery, Christian Luque, Even Erickson, Avery, Erickson, Brandon VanDyke, Jeremy VanDyke, Matt Nighbert, Aj Wix, Garrett Mckenzie, Louie Arrigoni,  and Mitch Schmidt.

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  1. hoodsavage
    hoodsavage says:

    This was awesome until 3:27, and then got good again at 3:50

    Milbery’s so bad that they had to include shots of him running around town with a shovel just to give a break from his shitty snowboarding

  2. fuck you cockgobblers
    fuck you cockgobblers says:

    that garrett kid sucks, fuck kids that actually know how to ride, jealous asses! eat shit you internet addicts that sit behind a computer and cant actually snowboard

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