CAPiTA’s Mothership

Today, the CAPiTA Super Corporation announced that it is constructing The Mothership – the most progressive snowboard production facility in the world.

Located on 7 acres (28.000 m2) in Feistritz a.d. Gail, Austria, the 53,000 square foot (4.900 m2) facility will contain fully integrated production capabilities. Beyond the exclusive technologies and patented processes CAPiTA MFG is renowned for, the new facility will encompass all tooling, milling, printing, pressing, grinding, finishing, packaging and logistics in-house.

The advanced R&D lab will feature one of a kind capabilities such as a groomed, 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) long testing slope on-site, while more rigorous testing will be done nearby on Nassfeld resort’s 30 lifts, two snowboard parks and 4,600 vertical feet (1400 m).


Focused on responsible manufacturing, CAPiTA MFG will be a zero CO2 emission, 100 percent hydro and solar powered factory – fueled by a new hydropower station built in cooperation with the local community. Utilizing new production technology, less energy will be required due to reduced process temperatures and specialized water pumps regulating climate control.

The company’s philosophy promotes sustainable initiatives, such as the development and use of reforestation certified wood cores and advanced industrial material recycling. Healthier production techniques will also be utilized, like water-based inks, plant-based resin and solvent-less finishing.


All current employees will be retained when the new facility opens in the Fall of 2015, comprising a multi-generational workforce that takes great pride in Austrian Made snowboard production.

In addition to sustainable power sources and lower emissions, CAPiTA MFG President Blue Montgomery states, “In 2013 we acquired the largest snowboard factory in the world, but production on that scale wasn’t our goal. The strategic purchase allowed us to retain proprietary machinery essential to our products as well as valuable transition time to execute on all aspects of a custom design and build factory. Our focus has always been on The Mothership – an all new, state-of-the-art facility for the future. Moving forward, our goal is to make the best snowboards in the world, utilizing socially responsible manufacturing for a dynamic and demanding marketplace.”

  • privelaged white people

    i bet $1000 they go out of business within 5 years …….

    • uh

      Capita produces a large chunk of the worlds boards now. They move production to an eco friendly and sustainable factory and you bet money on them failing? Fuck you.

      • privelaged white people

        you think making snowboards has any real profit? such a small demographic and the world is getting progressively warmer, look at burton they sell more snowboards than anyone, and they are restructuring they’re company because they’ve been operating at a loss

        • privelaged white people

          one snowboard company has lasted more than 2 decades, im sure capita is so much different than every company ever…..

          • me


          • Dag

            Get the fuck outta here you privileged, blue balled, ski company supporting nazi

    • You probably should take some spelling and grammar lessons before you start making bets you cannot pay up on.

      Its “Privileged”, not Privelaged.


        You probably should jump off scott steven’s nuts and go buy a capita, to keep your favorite business going

      • hride

        “It’s”, not “Its”

        • Yobeatmymeat


  • yung cab 3

    this is the first step of capita’s world domination and i’m totally cool with that

  • do it

    put in a rope tow and get the yawgoons over there

  • chicken hawk

    this is bad ass. think about it. it’s private money, not a football bat company, run by snowboarders, who still believe in snowboarding, so much that they can ride them right outside their door. how much more dedicated and committed can you get to snowboarding that this, from a business perspective. yes, it’s risky, very risky. they’ve put all their chips down, on snowboarding, in this economy. f#$k yeah.

  • Not a fan boy

    Hats off to Capita! if it works it is high risk high reward. It will be cool to see this come along.

  • bomber

    Please, make some splitboards for us cheap bastards!

    • ^yup

      that’d, be sick. and they pretty much have to with a facility in austria, right?

      • slasher

        or you could buy the charlie slasher they already make ready to be split

  • col. forbin

    make a wide flat camber board and I’ll buy it

    • blue gerard

      Capita is doing wide Ultra’s, DOA’s and a “super macho” series I think of bigger boards for next season. start saving

    • uh

      Yes! And bring back the mid life! Outdoor just isn’t cutting it.

      • agreed, but if you’re gonna resurrect the midlife, at least make it cambered.

        • uh

          or the last generation of the stairmaster with the super low camber. My ideal snowboard right now and they don’t even make it anymore!

          • wtf

            the outsiders or the thunderstick mayne

  • Matthew

    Woah. Jason Brown’s head exploded today.

  • Chesty

    Capita is doing well. This is rad.

    Burton is having a hard time because they’re spending tons of money to make Alex Andrews look like Stewie Griffen

    • Paul John Balderston

      They already got Ethan Deiss to look like Seth Rogen

  • dude

    Hopefully Crapita doesn’t break within a month of riding again. Broke 3 boards in 2 months, not cool.

    • The fake dan

      wow holy shit 3 boards in 2 months? You must be the fucking man

      • Max

        He’s the dude

    • quit pretending you’re dylan gamache

    • uh

      Maybe you should stop riding nose first into rails. Capita are solid boards.

  • For real tho…

    So…capita is burton now?

    • asdf

      how does that even make sense?