Burton Colorado – Keystone and Copper


Well maybe not everyone in Colorado is a kook…

Riders: Ben Elliott, Austin Julik-Heine, Sy Moran, Courtney Cox, Dillon Wilson, and Greg Kennagh

Shot / Edited by: Ryan Sheetz

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  1. breckLOC
    breckLOC says:

    wheres all the follow cams? I already stacked like 5 full runs at breck got my best friend following me around wit my hero 4 black edition

  2. I love kooks
    I love kooks says:

    There’s kooks everywhere

    Pacific NorthWET= check out my awesome jump shot I got at The resort that has been in every video since the 90’s

    Utah= hey let’s go buy ashbury goggles and tight Holden pants and ride Brighton

    Jackson hole= hey dude I just spent 3,000 dollars on gear and this lib tech board I’m the next Travis rice

    Tahoe= Hey we would shred but there’s no snow…..again

    Colorado= hey you see that awesome never summer decal I put on my windshield I got it at the dispensary

    Minnesota= yeah I switch boardslide that 30 stair down flat down whats carving? Riding powder sucks why would I ever move west

  3. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    I think I liked the dub step videos more. You guys all smoke weed and have to get tripped out on everything including a eating a turkey sandwich. Stop trying so hard

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