Wild Mountain Weekends #5

Not only can Benny Milam do every rail trick, but now he can double cork. Was this the first double cork ever filmed in SD?

Riders: Luke Zajac, Benny Milam, Gavin Matson, Sam Stillman and Garrett Mckenzie

  • earl

    yeah benny, the double underflip was doppppe

  • GeoTeacher

    Wild Mountain is in Taylor Falls, MN. Ya dinks.

    • Jerm’s Mom

      “SD” as in standard definition, not a state fool

  • Poop

    YoBeat just showing their fan boy side here. If this was anyone else doing a double off this jump, there would be hate.

  • MidwestistheBest

    1st #Mildmountain
    2ed please deinterlace your video.

    • MidwestistheBest

      2nd (*)(*)


    whsyever doubles are sick sorry you can’t do them

  • edit0r

    deinterlace your fucking footage. it looks like garbage with those linezzzz

  • Mid-E

    That down rail looks fun

    But what kind of potato was this filmed with?

  • bEEF

    Wasn’t the first dub cork JP did shot in SD? Or was it 16mm?

  • Chinatownpaul

    SD > HD