B Proddi Productions: The Full Length

Turns out the 21 editions of #BProddiProductions on Instagram were merely 15 second teasers for the full length movie, so to all you sad suckers that don’t follow Blake, here’s what you missed over the last year.

Hijinx by: blake paul, tommy gesme, spencer schubert, forest bailey, colin brophy, sam taxwood, forrest burki, butters, kyle martin, colton feldman, aaron blatt, mark “king” wilson, will smith, max warbington, nils mindnich, garret warnick, chris grenier, hans mindnich, rob balding, jon ray, jasper kahn, griffin siebert, jeff richards, dave marx, jon stark, gigi ruff, danny davis, jake shats, and a grasshopper.

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  1. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    hilarious I was laughing so hard at parts especially the iced bday move, I think the weed helped but shit this was awesome.

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